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  1. Hmm... you're right. That is one place the extra 600 could come from. (Although that seems a tad odd). To me, having to use two crystals makes double-bladed lightsabers extremely expensive for essentially only giving you the Linked 1 quality. That is a powerful quality and should be more expensive, but 9,000 credits (for the most basic of crystal) seems a bit extreme.
  2. I'm trying to get the math to match up and I am falling short. Can anyone shed some light on what I am missing? The listed price in the Lightsaber table for a double-bladed lightsaber is 10,200. However, if I am reading this right, to build a double-bladed lightsaber it costs 18,600 (600 for the hilt, and two 9,000 credit gems). The other lighstabers listed in the table all match up with the cost to create them. What am I missing? (I apologize if this is answered somewhere else, but I have been unable to find it.)
  3. Of course, if your entire group is buying a Core Rule Book (not necessary but certainly much handier) and multiple sets of dice, your FLGS might cut you a bulk discount deal. Ours did...
  4. Of course change is afoot in the Disney/Star Wars world. Disney just laid off 150 people at LucasArts, all but essentially shutting it down. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disneys-lucasarts-lays-150-employees-432710 According to the article, they are looking to go to more of a licensing model. This may mean that FFG can now negotiate the pdf releases a bit easier. It may still not be worthwhile from their business bottom line, but I would think with this news might make the conversation happen again.
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