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  1. That whole section is hard to read because of the dark grey. You could just change it to the same grey as what is behind the Pilot and Ship names. As for the ship names going too long, maybe replace the ship names with the ship symbols located on the bottom left corner of the ship cards. Other than those two issues, it looks quite nice.
  2. You cannot reroll a die more than once per attack. So if you had some other effect that rerolled a single die you would not be able to use Han's ability to reroll that die again, thus you would reroll all but that 1 die when using his ability..
  3. In the EU (I realize that the EU has been turned into Star Wars Legends ), X-Wings continue being used up until at least 40 years after Episode 4. They are technically new versions (XJ series instead of T-65 series) but they look basically the same. Nothing an upgrade card can't fix similar to the B-Wing/E2 card in rebel aces.
  4. Even so, they are only at 20 ships including Wave 5.
  5. Why are you assuming that they are going to stop making things? FFG has already shown that they are more than comfortable going into the EU for ships and because of that there are still a couple dozen ships they could make. Once Star Wars: Rebels and Episode 7 come out I imagine there will be even more source material to draw from. Add to that more repaints ala Imperial/Rebel Aces. X-Wing is one of FFG's most profitable products and they sure show no signs of slowing down.
  6. I recently picked up 2 more B-wings during the Miniature Market safe and decided to paint my 4 B-wings up as Dagger Squadron as seen in Star Wars Rebellion 14: Small Victories, Part 4 (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars_Rebellion_14:_Small_Victories,_Part_4). The paintjobs are a bit sloppy, but I am reasonably happy with them. A few views of Blue Dagger (Nera Dantels): I also made custom cards for them:
  7. Not really. So in early game, everyone will be shooting at Biggs and any chance you can reduce the damage is good. The most direct way of doing this is increasing his agility, thus R2F2. Those hits that do get through have a pretty good chance of being critical hits which is where Draw Their Fire comes into play. Luke will draw their fire, and then just regenerate the shield next turn with R2D2 and not be in danger of being shot at directly as long as Biggs is still alive.
  8. Recommendations for the Imperial squad: - Looking the squad you will be flying against, you will notice that the lowest PS you will be flying against is 5. As a result, Obsidian Sq. pilots are essentially the same as academy pilots. So I would recommend changing Obsidian Sq. x3 to either Academy Pilotx3 to give 3 more points somewhere else or Academy Pilot x2, Night Beast (or if you can find another point somewhere Dark Curse). - Captain Jonus's ability does not work on himself, so it seems a bit wasted with only one bomber to use it on (especially since the other bomber will likely be target #1). Its not an awful choice since adv proton torpedoes+marksmanship can be pretty devastating, but cluster missiles will likely only be effective against the b-wing which you won't be hitting until mid game. Also keep in mind that Luke will likely be drawing any crits off of biggs from the adv proton torp which means that a focus could be better than marksmanship. Maybe take push the limit instead? Possible replacements: Major Rhymer w/ PtL, adv proton torpedo; - If you want to give even more towards a swarm you could do Academy pilot x4, scimitar bomberx2, +20 pts of ordinance (recommend concussion missiles, proton torpedoes, adv proton torpedoes, bombs of some kind) Recommendations for the Rebel squad: - Luke and Biggs are a pretty solid defensive powerhouse. If that is what you are looking for, I wouldn't change anything there. - Ibitsam really doesn't need a shield upgrade. She already has 5 shields and between Biggs's ability and Luke using DtF, it is unlikely that she is going to take any hits until midgame. She should also be your heavy hitter, so the ion cannon doesn't seem like a great choice either since it limits her damage output and a single ion cannon isn't that effective when facing 5-6 ships. Possible replacements: Ibitsam w/ PtL, ion cannon; Ibitsam w/ PtL, proton torpedo; Ibitsam w/ HLC, or my favorite blue squadron w/ HLC, FCS, and a proton torpedo for luke.
  9. If I recall correctly, mission 7 will be in the Imperial Aces pack and will involve the Empire protecting a prototype fighter. I believe it is called Cutting the Cord.
  10. I was able to run a pair of B-wings today in a couple different lists. List 1: Blue Squadron w/ HLC, FCS Blue Squadron w/ HLC, FCS Jan Ors w/ Ion turret, Chewie, Shield Upgrade LOSS: This didn't work as well as I was hoping although the dice seemed to be out to get me this game (somehow whiffed 6 HLC shots, half at 5 dice, in a row). The B-wings seemed to be able to keep pace with standard ties well enough. Jan was my most effective ship as she escorted a loaded up TIE bomber off the board. List 2: Blue Squadron w/ Autoblaster, FCS Ibitsam w/ Autoblaster, FCS, PTL Biggs w/ R2-D2, Shield upgrade WIN: This list worked quite well. Autoblasters with TL were able to pour damage on interceptors and regular TIEs. Ibitsam one shot Phennir pretty early in the game and never had trouble keeping pace with TIE advanced or TIE bombers. Biggs kept pace with Ibitsam for the first part of the match to absorb a few hits and then split off to recharge his shields. I was able to keep in range 1 for the autoblasters about half of the time. All in all, I enjoyed using the b-wings. They had a lot of staying power and were able to pump out damage (provided the dice didn't hate me). The limited maneuvers take a bit of practice but aren't as limiting as some have made them out to be. This is especially true with FCS providing target locks, leaving actions open for barrel rolls.
  11. I put this in another thread, but they could do a "Shadows of the Empire" wave: Rebels: Outrider, Dash Rendar's ship (http://starwars.wiki...m/wiki/Outrider) Mist Hunter, Zuckuss's ship (http://starwars.wiki...iki/Mist_Hunter) Empire: Virago, Xizor's ship (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Virago) IG-2000, IG-88's ship (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/IG-2000)
  12. Well, he didn't replace the Bacta Queen... Its a 16 year old book, I gotta go with open spoilers. The Rogue Squadron from the Bacta War only ever had 11 pilots in it at one time (Erisi Dlarit had already been revealed as a Spy in the Krytos Trap), when the Xuphra bacta convoy lead by Xuphra Alahazi was set upon by the Corrupter under Ait Convarion Riv Shiel was dead before the blast even cleared. It wasn't until later that Bror Jace rejoined the squadron bringing them back up to 11 for the conclusion of the conflict. Though they were helped by most of a Squadron of Chir'daki/Deathseeds commanded by Tal'dira (himself a later member of Rogue Squadron) and 3 gand starfighters (heavily modified TIE Bombers). Right, thanks for reminding me. Poor Riv Shiel, around for 3 and a half books and then poof, dead.
  13. You would only need 11 X-wings right? I also want to do this. Someone already has, in fact: http://ramblingsofawargamer.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/rogue-squadron-stand-by/ He likely used the paint schemes from here: http://swc.fs2downloads.com/sshot.php?subdir=Misc/Brand-X/&page=1&images=0&sort=ALPHA_ASC (unfortunately they don't have one for Gavin Darklighter) Technically you need 12... Bror Jace rejoined the squadron and also got his X-Wing painted up in Zaltin family corporate colors. I want that guy's set soooo bad, but its missing Bror. Ah right. You are correct, sir. When I saw the painted set with only 11 I thought it was missing one, but I couldn't remember who replaced the Bacta Queen. Clearly I need to read it again.
  14. You would only need 11 X-wings right? I also want to do this. Someone already has, in fact: http://ramblingsofawargamer.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/rogue-squadron-stand-by/ He likely used the paint schemes from here: http://swc.fs2downloads.com/sshot.php?subdir=Misc/Brand-X/&page=1&images=0&sort=ALPHA_ASC (unfortunately they don't have one for Gavin Darklighter)
  15. This is brilliant, but it would kinda screw up my hopes for a Bounty Hunters-only expansion with Mist Hunter, Bossk's Hound's Tooth, IG-2000, and Dengar's Punishing One. I would be up for that too. Although the Hound's Tooth seems a bit too big being twice the size of the Millennium Falcon. Mainly I just want to see the Virago and the Outrider. Regarding the Hound's Tooth all I can say is, I'd pay for it. For that matter they can make a Wayfarer so I can mock up the ship my Edge of the Empire RPG group is flying around in. I'd also want a Ghtroc 720 (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Class_720_freighter). I'm still a little sad that they removed it as a starting ship for Edge of the Empire.
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