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  1. I play. I only have the core set so far but I do enjoy the game. I have yet to play with another person and have only played solo. What part of Pittsburgh do you live in?
  2. We will be having a swiss event with the new tournament rules on August 18, 2013 starting a 1pm at Legions Games. Please join our Facebook group or follow to this thread to stay up to date on our events.
  3. It has been said before but I just thought I would add my 2 cents. I really thing 7th Sea you be resurrected as a LCG. I recently got the chance to play the game and loved it. I never played a CCG were your position was important. I also loved how thematic it was. You sail around leveling up your crew with adventures. Then when you are powerful you blow the other Captains out of the sea. So may stories are created each game. I would really love to see the game or even just the game mechanics come back.
  4. I know there is now an offical answer but they way I do it is. If I am the TO I will drop or play to make the numbers even. I have also played where everyone got the same number of byes. It added more rounds but it seemed more fair then giving someone 6 points.
  5. I have been having a monthly event (every third Sunday) at Legions in PIttsburgh for two months. All skill levels are welcome to come. I will even demo the game if you're just interested in checking it out before the event. WHEN: Sunday, April 21, 2013 (Every Third Sunday) Registration: 12:00 PM First Round: 1:00 PM WHERE: Legions Hobbies and Games 1130 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 COST: $5 PRIZES: Determined based on turnout. Mix of product and store credit. DESCRIPTION: Come out to our monthly Netrunner Tournament and see if you can take down those pesky runners or evil corporations. We will follow Fantasy Flight Games’ Official Tournament Rules. The tournament will be 3-4 rounds of Swiss. Each round will be 65 minutes. FACEBOOK GROUP LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/265325250271063/
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