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  1. Touring performance is brutal! The mythos deck is quite unbalanced though, gate openings won't be your main source of danger. Acts and the terror level on the other hand... will be out of control. It's both fun and a good way to get smashed, fast.
  2. Patrice and Mandy are definitely core investigators, losing becomes a real challenge with them! (well, unless it's me playing, then a shan will come along and eat their faces) I'm surprised you left out the safety net, Jacqueline. She'd be my other choice aaand... assuming Innsmouth and Kingsport are both in play (or just Innsmouth), Silas is invaluable. His PS is basically a free seal, effectively reducing the victory threshold to 5. Norman would also be a strong candidate for the 4th slot, too bad he's a slowpoke.
  3. I had so many unlucky rolls - the ones where you have a decent dice pool and spend a dozen of clue tokens and still get no successes, that it's no longer even special. My biggest unlucky streak is tied to Ithaqua. He woke up more than not and after that, he always took all of our weapons, leaving us to fight him with our bare hands. Not to mention that the 2 times I choose another AO after drawing him, he jumped one of my investigators in a dual-colour gate encounter that very same game. It's very creepy to be honest... there is no denying the frozen god! ****, I was so tempted to tear the AO sheet apart and burn it ritually in a temple. Another spectacular failure that comes to mind happened not long ago. A servant of Glaaki appeared on Devil's Reef and most of the servants were on board already, so I really wanted to avoid the vortex scenario. Luckily (or not :-) ), Mandy had the Mi-Go Braincase, so I could swap her with the servant. Same turn, mythos opened up a devouring R'lyeh gate on top of her. It was a trap!
  4. 1 player game means (almost every time) final battle, and the most potent fighter out there in this scenario would be J.D. - but I would still choose to gamble a bit and run with Daisy. Her *book* offers amazing versatility. One little spell can possibly cleave the old one in two. ;-) Lily Chen is also very good at fighting the AO.
  5. I was lucky enough, my friends are RPG fanatics and my sudden passion for AH proved to be... contagious. Cthulhu fans were sucked into it instantly (I wasn't one until AH), but people in general, who like a bit of complexity and theme in a game also became fans. Now it's just the reputation that gets people turn up on gaming occasions - I can usually gather 6-8 cultist on a weekly basis (except during the summer, people are all scattered now). Honestly, I have no idea how Arkham can pull people in so easily.
  6. Once that poor kid was ambushed by the God of the Bloody tongue. Wasted the 5 clue tokens after failing a 5 dice roll and still she was brutalized and sent to LiTaS. I hate when that happens, ever since then I usually just take an injury/madness and keep my clues. It just likes to happen to me (clue drainage) for some reason... I'm completely on Avi's side in the 'debate'. This is Cthulhu RPG (in a board game format, but still), which is nearly worse than Game of Thrones. Investigators are supposed to go mad, suffer crippling injuries and ultimately - die a lot. You are facing eldritch creatures from beyond time and space after all! That is what keeps the horror in AH. :-)
  7. Tibs, I made a mistake in my latest submission. Two Glaaki games are registered, only the victory should be there (I thought the 5th servant automatically awakes the AO, but was corrected by Julia.). Could you remove the defeat entry please?
  8. Thanks for the quick answer! Great, then I actually won that one. :-) Time to alert Tibs to correct the stats!
  9. And another victory for Glaaki! Kate was eaten by Cthulhu as expected, a few bad mythos later, after losing my weapons to servants of Glaaki, right before sealing the final location - a devouring gate opened on Mandy. Which added the last 2 servants to the board. And I thought swapping with a servant on Devil's Reef (via the Mi-Go Braincase) to ensure I could put the final seal down without the terror level rising was a good idea. Nope, AH did not want me to win this time... Update: Did I play that right? Does Glaaki immediately awaken when the fifth servant enters play or only when it is required to but cannot place anymore?
  10. The card itself is pretty clear to me, my question is quite specialised: When the Lurker is the herald, can you make new pacts at the start of the battle? The question came up in a game that I'm playing right now and the outcome will pretty much make or break the game. What's in the rules: you cannot gain power tokens during final combat, this is not a final combat however. But it's not the start of your turn per say either. So how would you rule it?
  11. Big box: Dunwich and Innsmouth expand the gaming area, giving you new unstable locations where gates can open / clues can appear and introducing vortex mechanism (they swallow monsters when you ignore them and raise terror / activate the nastiness of the particular board). Difference is that Innsmouth is a lot harder. Kingsport is the odd one, it won't expand your effective gaming area (the lack of unstable locations), but gives you the constant threat of dimensinal rifts, making sure you cannot ignore the town for long, like when no gate opens in IH/DH. Small box: KiY and Pharaoh are amazing, first one has the best herald in the game, the other however, gives you a new 'location' and generally makes the streets more interesting. Plus it has some of the best encounters (both Arkham and OW) ever created, they're amazingly thematic. Lurker makes the game far easier, but if you're into the whole demonic atmosphere that dark pacts promise, go for it. It also gives you new gates and relationship cards for investigators. BGotW is one the most brutal heralds, the corruption mechanism is fun, but won't really appear unless you use some houserules for it, or play with the herald. MH: expansion of the expansions. I'd recommend getting it after you have at least half of the expansions. To sum it all up: definitely DH first, because it gives you plenty of good investigator cards and the much needed injury/madness system. Then the rest of the big box expansions imo, simply because they offer more than small box x-packs. All this coming from someone who left DH for last. It was a mistake. :-)
  12. Ah I've tested Inhabitant too, because it seemed very unorthodox. I probably had a lucky draw with Dexter though, plus I was in my right mind (unlike my investigators after a few seals), so the GOO wasn't Glaaki. From what I've seen, it can be either very brutal - for small teams (I was lucky enough with 3 characters), or just simply maddening (6+ players). Blessing can outperform most of the madnesses, for a while. It was a fun turnover of the basic game mechanics, Dexter is no longer the unlucky dude or Mary God's chosen one (she still is, just which one, I wonder :-) ) Against Glaaki, you can be stuck in a 'don't you dare seal that gate, or the whole team explodes and the terror level jumps to ten' situation, which is just crazy. :-D I'll try that someday, then write a review. Really, I don't know why noone would comment on your homemade stuff, the ones I've seen are great. And brutal, which alone gives one the urge to comment!
  13. I just finished testing two custom sheets: Aforgomon and some nasty houserules for corruption (written on a sheet like an institution with SE). I must say, this was my most brutal game, ever. Investigators died to Innsmouth Look (Amanda's PS), Vessel of the Mythos (poor Joe) and Legacy of Blood (Yorick and Vincent). The latter caused Glaaki to awaken at terror level 9, with 4 seals down after a gate burst. Some observations: Aforgomon: Lurker is not a joke anymore. I could literally feel the darkness taking hold of the investigators and for the first time in my gaming history, I was afraid to draw from the reckoning deck (getting devoured isn't just a nuisance with Glaaki around). The first few seals came easy, but the game got exponentially harder later on. Houserules: corruption for monsters (if you roll same or less as it's toughness), corruption for closing a gate (and not sealing) and of course, corruption for each dark pact you gain. In the end, I progressed well into the red phase. Joe was utterly consumed after closing a gate to R'lyeh, though he freed William from some nasty 'draw 2 more corruption cards' corruptions. To sum it all up, this was a particularly nasty combo. Afo is definitely a keeper and so are the corruption rules. Just not against Glaaki, I cannot take it again!
  14. It just dawned on me after playing an only base-board AH game. Seals got at least 5 openings, then I realized something: the normal threshold is perfect for the base game. When you add DH or IH however, the number of seal catches will decrease (most likely). The solution i came up with reduces the threshold by 1 for DH and KH, 2 when both are used. Still requires some testing though.
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