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  1. the game will not be called netrunner and not use any of the personalities in their version of the license they have on "a game" my game is going to be a cyber punk hacker vs corporation game, and they have zero patent on it. so the can kiss the tip....just the tip.
  2. when thier games no longer appear at the top of top 10 game lists and they see their titles flagging....maybe then they will get the picture. but for them it will be too late....i am sure the legal department will get a revamp since the next business quarter will show a HUGE DECREASE in traffic and sales. someone is going to not be getting paid, and will loose a job because....FFG no longer has a cash cow title or any capital, cause they now have killed thier customer base. pro move.
  3. selling all of my FFG products over this and using the money for catalyst games....ill play shadowrun. much more fun then any POS game FFG has made (i mean re issued, because they dont make games, they re make other peoples games, cause they dont have a original thought it their heads.) thus far.
  4. i recall once you buy a product, its pretty much yours to do with as you please. create your own leauges. make third party playing pieces. create fan art alt art stuff for prizes....and do not depend on FFG for any support. this is a place called America, where once we buy something its OURS to do with as we please. you got your money you filthy greedy pathetic group of individuals. so eff you FFG. i am now going to make porn alt art cards... whatcha gonna do now FFG. so shut your face.
  5. i cannot believe how incredibly dumb this move is FFG. you must be coming out with your own POS card data base and deck builder, and you just cannot stand up to the competition. chances are you stole your ideas from other fan based sites. how about you leave good people alone, but no you cannot do that because there is not a buck in it for you. your pathetic, and quite frankly ...your game never matched up to the original anyways....maybe i should contact Games Workshop and let them know you stole all of their intellectual property and came up with Descent, which is a DIRECT rip off of Advanced Hero quest. this is why you reissue games that have already been made. because you dont have a original thought in your pea brain. what a suck a$$ company.... SIGNED!!!
  6. hey all Moses here. Okay i posted my first Corp build earlier...so i also did a runner build. this is my Anarch "Whizzard" deck. FACTION: Anarch "Whizzard" RESOURCES: 1x Joshuah B. (AN) 1x Kati Jones (GEN) 1x Xanadu (AN) 1x Ice Carver (AN) 1x Mr. Li (CRIM) = 2 influence 3x Daily Casts (GEN) 3x Liberated Accounts (AN) EVENTS: 2x Infiltration (GEN) 2x Vamp (AN) 1x Stimhack (AN) 2x Blackmail (GEN) 1x Demolition run (AN) 2x Deja Vu (AN) 2x Inside Job (CRIM) = 6 influence 1x Test Run (SHA) = 3 influence 3x Sure Gamble (GEN) PROGRAMS: 2x Datasucker (AN) 2x Coroder (AN) 1x Imp (AN) 2x Medium (AN) 2x Darwin (AN) 2x Mimic (AN) 2x Yog.0 (AN) HARDWARE: 2x Lemuria Codecracker (CRIM) = 2 influence 2x Plascrete Carapace (GEN) 1x the ToolBox (SHA) = 2 influence TOTAL = 45/12 any tweaks or suggestions are welcomed.
  7. Hello all, My name is Moses. i am a old school player from the CCG. i have purchased CORE, the C&C, and a lot of data packs. so i am almost up to date with my card base... missing some promos and such. so after looking over FFG rule sets for deck contruction, i would like some opinions on "My" Next Design 1.0 HB Next Design 45/12 AGENDAS: 1x Director Haas Pet Project 3/1 3x Accelerated Beta Test 3/2 1x Sentinel Defense Program 4/2 3x Priority Requisitions 5/3 1x Mandatory Upgrades 6/2 ICE: 1x Archer (W) = 2 influence 1x Toll Booth (NBN) =2 influence 2x Victor1.0 (HB) 2x Wall of Static (GEN) 2x Enigma (GEN) 2x Bastion (GEN) 2x Ichi 1.0 (HB) 1x Ichi 2.0 1x Heimdall 1.0 2x Heimdall 2.0 1x Wotan 1x Janus 1.0 OPERATIONS: 1x Subliminal Messaging (GEN) 2x Closed Accounts (NBN) = 2 influence 2x Blue Level Clearance (HB) 1x Scorched Earth (W) = 4 Infuence 3x Hedge Funds (GEN) 2x Restructure (GEN) ASSETS: 1x SNARE! (JIN) = 2 influence 2x Melange Mining Corp. (GEN) 2x Pad Campaign (GEN) 3x Adonis Campaign (HB) UPGRADES: 1x ASH 2X3ZB9CY (HB) 1x Strongbox (HB) 1x Tyr's Hand (HB) Total is 49 / 12 so the thought process behind this was to keep the agendas kinda risky and high adv... but to protect them with huge ice that is rezzed free through various means. i also wanted a lot of ice in this because if the special ability built into my faction... i must have 3-4 pieces of solid rezzable ice that has a end run routine on it. and they have to be there early. then i refill and get to clicking. any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism is appreciated. this is a very first corp build that is not net decked. this is exclusively build based of my past experience with this game and from what i have read in the rulebooks. thanks.
  8. it would not matter if we raised the points value to a bajillion.... the time for a round is still the same and the winner is determined by who sploded the most points out of thier opponents fleet. shoot thier most expensive ship first. get the most points off the table that you can....win. so who cares about points....
  9. 2 ships. 100 pts. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/91212-lando-dutch-target-lock-trade-100-pts-list/ get some.
  10. "well, take care of yourself Han.... i guess thats what your best at!"
  11. i posted this thread a while back... http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/91212-lando-dutch-target-lock-trade-100-pts-list/ enjoy!
  12. RedFive

    Imperial Snowflake

    i want a holiday TIE fighter with two wings shaped like these snowflakes... painted ICE blue pilots name: Iceman PS: 6 ATT:2 AGIL:3 HUL:3 SHI: 1 special ability is: if you every get a stress token, discard it and make one free primary weapon attack on any ship within your range / fire arc upgrades: Skill cost: 18 pts
  13. "the odds of successfully navigating a asteroid field are exactly 10, gazillion to one!" "never tell me the odds!"
  14. i like the idea of the sense of re enforcements arriving....so going with only three TIEs to start, and adding a second wave of three after the first wave is gone, this is a great idea. i do have Vassal and Skype. PM me. i also like the escape from Bespin aspect too. if i am correct R2 fixed the issue... so. R2 must be a upgrade on the falcon. LOL, how we gonna do that...there is no astromech upgrade for YT...HAHAHA. instead of having to forgo a action, at the start of each turn the rebel player must roll a hit die. on the score of a focus result, he repairs the ship. this must be done only once.... if you remember in the escape from bespin....all that was needed from R2 was the turn of a screw! LOL! very cool ideas guy. i am really glad that you are enjoying this. stay tuned. i will always be around with more fun and exciting stuff like this.
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