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  1. Yeah, you have a good chance to gain a curse. And than the 'boiling blood'-effect will do everything to make you feel like your welcome in Arkham. No, seriously, for me and my group the Exhibition Items are mostly avoided, because if we add an expansion to our game, we add every component. So there is always Exhibition items and the Dark Pharaoh. And this creates some difficulties. There were only few opportunities were one of us was actually happy to gain an Exhibition Item (mostly only if he/she was cursed already ). And some of them are really nice, but just like in the other Item Decks, there is always great disappointment there as well.
  2. In the german version the spell 'cloud memory' was translated with 'Verschwommene Erinnerungen', which means something like 'fuzzy memories' … So according to this I would go with your 'dim memory'-suggestion. As for 1): Cant help there right now, I have lent the HPL-book with the tale 'The Color Out of Space', so I can't check it right now. I think in this story is a description of Gardner's place... Regarding 2): Not sure what you want to hear about this one, but the meaning (for me) is something like 'Somewhere in the future or past of your own' or 'Another point on the linear axis of time'... So a simple english suggestion would be 'another period' … but I don't know if this helps for a translation into Korean.. Btw.: Nice project! Keep it up...
  3. Normally you would also lose half your clues, with Injuries or Madnesses you may keep them, I think. Thats the main advantage. For the expansion question: I would go for Innsmouth. Allthough it has no new items and other investigator cards, it has Personal Stories, which are little side quests for every investigator. Also it has a big deal of new investigators and ancient ones (16 Is and 8 AOs instead of 8 Is and 4 AOs) and the Deep Ones Rising - Mechanic makes every game, and by that I mean every game, much more difficult and exciting, because whatever you do to win the game, it never has only advantages for the Investigators (like placing elder signs). The investigators are mostly well designed and some of the AOs are **** hard. I like Innsmouth best, though it has to be said that they could have included at least a few new items or skills, which is a bit embarrassing… Still I would go for it.
  4. Thanks for all the responses so far. They are very helpful. Personally, I like the concept of the keeper. I imagine that this element does not allow the investigators to 'control the board', as we say it about AH. But Im not sure how my friends like it. Total-Cooperative games worked best in the past, but I will ask them what they think about it. By the way, can anyone estimate how long a round of MoM takes compared to AH (played with about 4 players). Its not uncommon that people won't play AH because it takes to much time for them. (Our rounds take around 4 hours most times) @Lilikin Do you think it is a good game to show new players the way into the 'AH-Universe'? @Amikezor That sounds quite good, though I'm not yet sure how much rpg my group wants. Some friends of mine are surely in for it, others may be not. I will have to try other rpg-like games with them first. @Julia a) Don't know if anyone can handle this properly, we would have to try. b) The impossible / illogical situations would not be a big deal for us, I guess. At least we loved Munchkin c) That seems a serious flaw. How often do you think this happens and for what reasons? d) Sounds like a good portion of Horror-feeling. Just like you watch a movie and you think all the times: 'Don't go in that villa alone, what are you doing?'
  5. Hello fellow Investigators. No, this topic is not in the wrong section. It is directed to all those who play Arkham Horror and know Mansions of Madness as well. The basic question of this topic is: If you love to play Arkham Horror and have most of the expansions, will you enjoy to play Mansions of Madness as well? I'am asking, because I would not want to buy the game just for reasons of collecting. I got myself a copy of Elder Sign recently (luckily it was a good offer of a used copy and not a new one) and was quite embarrassed of the game. Nothing new thematic and the mechanics were way to simple and boring for my friends and me. I had higher expectations. How do you think it would be with Mansions of Madness? Do you think the game is worth to buy it? (Its not exactly cheap around here at the moment)
  6. Nice, that would be something like half a game won out of 24… Didn't know there was something like a tie in AH
  7. Double blessing would also be useful, because you have a good chance to keep at least one for more than two rounds.Or am I the only one that rolls a 1 in the first upkeep-roll for blessings? But thats is all just hypothetical...
  8. I made a comment over at your site, Joe. But I also would like to have a comment function that does not require to login via google+ etc. Hope there is something useful for your team in my suggestions there
  9. With Dagon and Hydra you start with DOR at 2 and two Mythos cards for game setup. A gate and a surge could happen together at Devils Reef maybe, although you would need pretty much bad luck that 4 monsters from the surge would have to move in the very same turn.
  10. Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  11. And a happy new year. At least in my time zone
  12. We would not allow new players to reroll just because they had bad luck. We would allow them to add dices after their roll if they have forgotten about a specific skill they could have used or something like this. Also we allow new players to adjust their skill sliders if they have forgotten during upkeep (like: Uh, I wanted to fight that ugly monster but I forgot that I would need to pass a horrorcheck and now my will is way too low...) Allowing those things is okay in my opinion and I think the game will seem less complex for the new players with this method. On the other side, they would surely learn quicker if the were thrown in the cold water (?)...
  13. With the Dark Pharaoh as a Herald everytime you gain a Unique Item you lose one Sanity, as well as several other effects which don't matter that much regarding Monterey Jack. So with his starting equipment of 2 Unique Items and his maximum Sanity of 3 he starts out with only one Sanity. Even worse if Cthulhu is the AO: Monterey would go immediately insane and lose half of his starting equipment. Also with the Dark Pharaoh you would not try too hard to get Unique Items with Monterey (unless you have a Healing Stone or something alike) which makes his special a bit useless... So overall he is not totally useless but pretty much more crippled than other Investigators against the Dark Pharaoh.
  14. And ever it comes to the the Egyptian challenge with the Dark Pharaoh as the Herald he is so quite useless
  15. I like your part about rats. Always glad to see that I am not the only person who is not disgusted by this clever creatures, the secret and silent rulers of this world.
  16. Allthough the Nightgaunt may have moved in the Mythos phase, the combat between your investigator and the Nightgaunt takes not place immediately but in the next movement phase (if you choose not to evade). So if you fail this combat than you should be in the Other World before the phase 'Other World encounters' and therefore have an encounter in the first round you get there. So you will have a total of two encounters before you can leave it again.
  17. Though it has to be said that even with Miskatonic Horror, not every encounter is unique ...
  18. Though it has to be said that even with Miskatonic Horror, not every encounter is unique ... Edit: Thats does not belong to this thread, sorry
  19. That's funny. Regarding Arkham, most people that I invited to play with seemed very sceptic at first but really liked the game afterwards. Only thing is that it takes too much time for many of them. And thanks for the link, I played a few games against the bots. Much more interesting than I remembered, escpecially with random setup. Dominion gets a better place in the games-cupboard again Edit: By the way, do you know / like 'Carolus Magnus'? It's such a simple game and still such a good if played with 3 players..
  20. That's interesting. I already thought that this would not work every time. But I also thought my strategy wasn't that bad. Probably bought to many actions and started to late with point cards. Maybe I will give Dominion another try But for me, it will never beat games like Arkham, Junta or Diplomacy. I think, it just has not enough interaction (at least if you have no or only few offensive cards in play. And most people I played with did not like to have them).
  21. Huh? Dominion totally bores me. Though it must be said that I only played the base game without expansions. At first it was a nice game for in between, but after a friend of mine elaborated a tactic, where he only bought more money and every time he had 8 coins he bought this 6-point card (don't know the english name of it now) and he succeeded many times with it against us, the game sucked. Probably way better with expansions, but I never tried.
  22. Great News! I hope they wont forget when the time comes. And if there is organizing to be done by ourselves I would probably be willing to join in...
  23. You're quite welcome to join us over here
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