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  1. Helicon

    Is this... an RPG or a tabletop game?

    The recent preview described it as a 'standalone game'; is there any other possible meaning for this, other than that it'll just be this box and no expansions?
  2. Helicon

    Video Overview

    In the absence of one by FFG, you might want to check out the recently published S Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors.
  3. Helicon

    International (UK) Shipments

    Received mine from boardgameextras this morning. Looks really good. They still seem to have at least one more of the premium edition left. As far as I'm aware the standard (just book) edition has not yet made it here.
  4. Helicon

    International (UK) Shipments

    Gameslore has the normal edition due in Feb. I ordered the special edition from boardgameextras; I still kind of expect the special edition before the normal, but hard to know.
  5. Helicon

    Gates of Silverwood Manor article

    'A slew of new investigators, characters, items, spells, and conditions await you in Beyond the Threshold.'