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  1. The recent preview described it as a 'standalone game'; is there any other possible meaning for this, other than that it'll just be this box and no expansions?
  2. In the absence of one by FFG, you might want to check out the recently published S Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors.
  3. Received mine from boardgameextras this morning. Looks really good. They still seem to have at least one more of the premium edition left. As far as I'm aware the standard (just book) edition has not yet made it here.
  4. Gameslore has the normal edition due in Feb. I ordered the special edition from boardgameextras; I still kind of expect the special edition before the normal, but hard to know.
  5. 'A slew of new investigators, characters, items, spells, and conditions await you in Beyond the Threshold.'
  6. Good catch, I missed that that preview specified one neutral level 0 card. The first preview said, 'Five new investigators arrive to offer their services, armed with fifty-nine new player cards (including a complete playset of each)'. That suggests that the investigator cards are outside the 59 player cards, I think. So we have: 40 class cards 10 investigator-specific cards (including 5 weaknesses) Then we have the neutral card - 2 or 4 copies, and in the last preview we also saw 3 basic weaknesses. My best guess at the last 9 cards is 4 copies of the neutral card (the appropriate number to having two copies per class card, compared to the core set), and 5 basic weaknesses cards, comprising between 3 and 5 different weaknesses. Having two copies of some and one copy of others would be in line with deck-building rules and the contents of the core set.
  7. Can't find a way to paste this in nicely, so plain text it is.
  8. Numbering & level of revealed Dunwich Legacy cards, combined with the total number of player cards in the expansion, strongly suggest that each class will get three level 0 cards (2 copies each) and one card of level 1 or higher (2 copies). For neutral, it's unclear how many non-weakness cards there will be, but it looks to be between zero and two. Given this, you could make full legal decks for 3 investigators using one core set and the Dunwich Legacy. You could have: Core set investigator #1 10 core set cards for class A 2 Dunwich Legacy cards for class A 10 core set cards for class B 2 Dunwich Legacy cards for class B 6 core set neutral cards Core set investigator #2 10 core set cards for class C 2 Dunwich Legacy cards for class C 10 core set cards for class D 2 Dunwich Legacy cards for class D 6 core set neutral cards Dunwich Legacy investigator #1 10 core set cards for class E 6 Dunwich Legacy cards for class E 5 Dunwich Legacy cards of classes A-D 9 core set neutral cards There's a little bit of flexibility there: The two core set investigators could have up to 6 more Dunwich Legacy class cards, dropping either core set class cards, or neutral cards. There's additional flexibility here if there are any Dunwich Legacy non-weakness neutral level 0 cards If the core set investigators did drop core set class cards for neutral cards, then the Dunwich Legacy investigator would be free to pick from those core set class cards for his up to 5 level 0 cards of any class The Dunwich Legacy investigator could drop core set or Dunwich Legacy class cards in favour of neutral cards, again if there are Dunwich Legacy non-weakness neutral level 0 cards, or if core set investigators had dropped neutral cards Obviously the whole thing is a moveable feast when describing what cards an investigator can be pick, based on what cards other investigators picked/did not pick, but those are the main flexibilities I think. In any case, the three investigators will have a minimum of 102 cards (if no level 0 neutral cards in Dunwich Legacy) and possibly up to 106 (if two different neutral cards in Dunwich Legacy) from which to pick their total of 90 cards, which doesn't leave a great deal of wiggle room. And, each Mythos pack appears to contain one card of level 0 and one of level 1 or above per class, plus neutrals (could be one level 0 and one level 1 or above as well, but not clear), so as those are released, choices increase. Hope this helps (I'm 95% sure it's correct).
  9. So you have the opportunity to play a new kind of roleplaying game. One mixed with a card game. Win win situation. Stuff he wrote wasting his time... Youre taking this to seriously... relax... try the game first and if you like keep playing if you dont... play something else. Weird thing to write, that was a complete non sequitur.
  10. I think when FFG mentioned 'roleplaying' they are largely meaning the character improvement aspects, rather than roleplaying in the arguably truer sense you're talking about.
  11. Well there's 2 out of 4 already, nice. Have the investigators from previous expansions been linked to the content of that expansion?
  12. for what it's worth, the question was about playmats in general (my bold below)
  13. There are other playmats which do make it out for sale though, for Game of Thrones, Netrunner, and Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, possibly others. I have a feeling this game will be successful enough to spawn a play mat, which might have the knock-on effect of causing a LotR one to be produced for sale as well.
  14. Cards 96-100 could all be Insanity type weaknesses (4 of them already known, Amnesia, Paranoia, Haunted, Hypochondria) with 2 copies each, and 101-103 could be more unique weaknesses like the Stubborn Detective, with 1 copy of each. With 2 copies of the neutral level 3 cards, that would bring the total to the stated 119.
  15. If all the encounter and location cards are in the deluxe set, then either cards are waiting unused in the core set, or adventures in Mythos packs contain nothing not already encountered in deluxe set adventures. Why is that good?
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