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  1. BGQtony

    The Adventurer series

    I love the Temple of Chac. I just wish there was a way to combine it wtih the Pyramid of Horus to make a longer dungeon delving game.
  2. BGQtony

    How bad is this game?

    I'd like to know as well. I love the theme, but would like to see some reviews.
  3. I'm loving the expansion too. I feel like it took forever to come out, but that could just be because we played the heck out of the main game.
  4. BGQtony

    Best Runner Faction

    Criminials are my favorite. I think they are easier to play. We have hard the hardest time with Shapers.
  5. BGQtony

    New Expansion(s)

    I agree. I'd like to see more than just some mission packs. Perhaps new terrain too, like overland areas. More Gears as well would be good.