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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. We got a box of Way of the Force and Legacies. Scored a Yoda and a Maul and some other stuff that looks like fun. We are going to keep our eyes out for other smoking deals or sales. Probably pick up the starter boxes at some point. I'd like to have some more of the core characters to play with (Luke, Han, Obi, Vader, Boba etc). Even if they aren't the best cards, there is value to me in playing with a team of characters that I actually care about. I'll be floating around here to keep an eye out for tips and deals. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Whoa! Thats a steal! Ordered one of each. Thanks for the tip. Do they go on sale like that often? I assume when new stuff comes out the old stuff goes on sale
  3. Hi all. So I got into Destiny a little bit after its initial release. I have Kylo and Rey starter sets, the Two player set, bought one booster box each of Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War. Also had some other cards i bought individually or got through other means. I am a very casual player. I play primarily with my brother who has roughly the same purchase history. Not looking to be super competitive or play in tournaments or anything. So my questions: Any suggestions on what I should by if i want to freshen up my decks? I'm not looking to complete a collection or anything (and my brother and I are generally ok with sharing stuff and using proxy dice to make Elite units). I see a few starter sets for Luke and Boba. Are those worth getting? If I get a booster box should I go for Spark of Hope, Convergence, Across the Galaxy, Way of the force, Legacies? (My goodness I've missed a lot). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  4. 1) I would agree with Rogue 4 that they don't interact. I couldn't cite a rule or anything but the idea of prized possession is that your opponent took you dice (opponent removed and put it on their side of the board), which is different from simply "removing" your dice as normal. You no longer have control of that dice to play endurance's effect. 2) I believe "paying its cost" is fulfilled by the replacing of the card. You paid the cost in the form of the trade. If you had some other card that allowed you to reduce the cost of the upgrade down to 0, would you say you haven't "paid the cost"? The point of the "paying its cost" language is to let you know that you don't get to play the upgrade for free.
  5. So let me see if I have the strategy right. 2 seekers in your deck. and a bunch of extra seeker die available. Feint with sister to get a seeker in the pool which doesn't have to be removed because its not a character or upgrade die. Do it again. 2 seekers in the pool. Leadership a unique red to activate her again (resolve character die and upgrade die but leave extra seekers in pool). Repeat. 4 seekers in pool. Price of failure to ready her again, roll in, resolve character/upgrade die only. Repeat. 6 seekers in the pool. Roll her in for a final time with 2 seekers attached. 9 seekers in pool. Assuming they all land on damage you get 45 damage. Plus all the other damage you did with all the other activations. Do I have that right? Of course problems are: impossible to set up, resource cost to play all of those events, need both seekers to come up early, can't have 6 cards in you hand without extra set up, don't have spare cards to reroll, mitigation will remove some of those die, etc. Still I can see how a baby version of this would be pretty cool. Probably wouldn't be too hard to get out 10 to 20 damage in a round with a much simpler setup. Seems like a fun "achievement" to aim for. How many seekers can you get in the pool. Challenge accepted.
  6. Thanks for the ideas. Yes im running ekanan. Don't know why I don't have Reys saber in there. I put it in all my blue decks but somehow missed it. I'll take out lightbow for that. I definitely want the redeploy on that. I dont have one with the force though. As for riposte I put it in there because I mostly play against my brother and he almoat always includes vibro. I figured It's a good card if vibro shows up, or even if I just need the extra damage. I like the option of turning the shields into damage. But close quarters sounds good too. I'll take a look though and see if I can make some room for that. I'm tempted to take out my ally is the force because in an all blue deck I'm not sure there will be many times that I have the resources to make use of it. Might be better to put in something like close quarters to take away mitigation options. Thanks again for the tips so far
  7. So I was trying to make elite Ben and Ackbar work. It was OK but was slow and relied on getting my launch Bay out. If I got launch bay early I won, if I didn't I lost, but just barely. I'm mixing it up to go more straight damage and play a little faster without the supports in the previous deck. Plus kanans ability should speed things up and allow for a free die resolve each turn. I want to get and keep the battlefield if possible. And I'm making Ben a support and damage sponge instead of the main damage dealer. kanan will get most of the weapons and try to go straight agro. I welcome suggestions on the deck below. I'm a casual player though so I'm not expecting to win any tournaments with it. And I don't have force speed or other fancy stuff. Id like to get destiny early and use it to stack some upgrades round 1. A two cost weapon, destiny a 3 cost weapon, another 2 cost weapon round two. Then start crushing stuff. Thanks in advance. BATTLEFIELD ----------- Obi-Wan's Hut (Two-Player Game #46) CHARACTER --------- 1x Kanan Jarrus (Empire at War #33) 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spirit of Rebellion #37) UPGRADE ------- 1x Shoto Lightsaber (Empire at War #51) 1x Ancient Lightsaber (Empire at War #49) 1x Vibroknife (Spirit of Rebellion #57) 1x Inner Strength (Two-Player Game #31) 1x Psychometry (Empire at War #50) 2x Lightsaber (Awakenings #59) 1x Force Throw (Awakenings #57) 2x Plastoid Armor (Empire at War #152) 1x Handcrafted Light Bow (Spirit of Rebellion #39) SUPPORT ------- 1x It Binds All Things (Awakenings #150) EVENT ----- 2x Destiny (Spirit of Rebellion #101) 2x Heroism (Awakenings #117) 2x Guard (Spirit of Rebellion #103) 1x Reaping The Crystal (Empire at War #101) 2x Lightsaber Pull (Empire at War #130) 1x Clash (Two-Player Game #17) 1x Willpower (Awakenings #122) 2x Lightsaber Training (Empire at War #131) 1x Distraction (Two-Player Game #40) 2x My Ally Is The Force (Spirit of Rebellion #105) 1x Decisive Blow (Spirit of Rebellion #127) 1x Riposte (Awakenings #121)
  8. No problem man. Im fairly new to the game myself andI'm far from an expert but I'd be Happy to take a look. And there are way more experiencedplayers here who have volunteered advice on my decks so post away and I'm sure you'll get lots of help. I use SWD builder on android. Takes a little getting used to but it works well. And if you create your deck in that you can export to email and then copy and paste to the forums. Makes sharing your deck easy. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Happy gaming bud
  9. Interesting. Im going to have to give Kanan a try. Need to get a second copy. I've been trying super hard to make a good Ben deck. Been running him as elite with ackbar but it just ain't working. Running Ben elite makes you not want to use the guardian ability. Maybe I should run a single Ben with a double kanan. My problem with my current deck is the lack of speed. I never claim the battlefield which has cost me the game twice. Simply because my opponent got to roll in and attack faster then I could. Instead maybe I'll use single die Ben to guardian kanan and stack kanan with the upgrades. Being able to resolve kanans die without using an action will definitely speed things up. He can focus to bens 3damage or maybe just deal that odd ranged side and then allow me to also resolve my melee in the same turn. Good possibilities there. And I need to find some seeker droids to give my seventh sister a try. Initially I was underwhelmed by her but it's worth a shot. As a side note I think the card destiny is going to be huge for blue hero decks. How many times do you have a crap roll and end up with a couple of disrupts when your opponent has no resources? Or a pay side you cant afford. And as you mentioned blue struggles to get resources as it is. Boom! Destiny card to pull in your crap die and play an upgrade or something like my ally is the force.
  10. I pretty much destroyed the plastic dice holders that came with starter when i tried to dig each die out with my big ole fingers. By the time I got all the dice out there were all sorts of dings, dents and bends in the plastic. Now they want me to pay money for the same experience? Pass. And that's a ton of wasted space for 44 die. It may be annoying but my plano adjustable plastic case fits all my die and some extra stuff and I just use a couple pieces of foam or the additional plastic inserts to fill in the little extra space around any compartment to keep the dice from moving during transport. A MM cardboard box that some singles were sent in holds almost all my cards. All in an old duffle bag i got for free. Total cost about $5
  11. I would think you would keep the 1/1 ratio of points to cards. 40 points=40 cards. Otherwise the potential to mill the opponent gets way better because games will last longer with the additional health. I don't think you need the additional resource or starting shield. The additional resources and shields come from playing additional turns and getting those each round or from the fact that you have an additional 10 points which means an extra character die or 2 each round. That's my 2 cents
  12. Yes. Why would you get rid of your own die? In general if a card effect doesn't specify a specific die it can be any die in play. You could select your own die and then leave it in play since the card says "may". But most often you will select an opponents die for the removal effect.
  13. My steps to build a deck 1) Do you want to be light or dark? How do you want to win (damage, discard [mill])? 2) Choose a character you want to use because he seems good, or you just like him? Another option to start the deck is do you want to use a particular card like Falcon or Launch bay. If so choose characters that allow you to use that card (same color) and that might synergize well with it. 3) Choose a character to pair with first character chosen. Try to get close to 30 points. If you are limited on cards since you are just starting out, make sure to choose a character of a different color as you probably don't have enough options to run a mono deck yet. 4) Start looking through and picking upgrades and supports that go well with your characters. Melee weapons for melee characters. Ranged for Ranged. Other upgrades and supports that might work well with your strategy. For example "It Binds all things" if you end up with lots of blue weapons, Vehicles or other damage dealing supports if you have high resource generating characters, etc. 5) Look through events and pick ones that might work well for your deck. Maybe make two stacks, cards that are a definite must and cards that are a maybe. Don't be afraid to pick more than you know you can actually use. Its easier to take cards out than to add them in later in my experience. Takes less time 6) Look through your completed cards and see how it feels. Is it too expensive (too many high cost cards)? Does it have too many weapons and not enough events? Is there a card that sounded good at first, but will be very situational and unlikely to be used? Weed out the cards you don't need and get it down to the 30. 7) Pick a battlefield. What type of deck do you have? is it likely that you will get to claim the battlefield often (lots of ambush and straight damage die)? Or will you be playing slower (lots of focus die, mixed damage or ability die, supports)? Try to pick a battlefield that will benefit you if you claim it, but may not be of much benefit to your opponent, unless you are confident you have a great chance of regularly claiming the battlefield. 8) Play a match or two with your new deck and make adjustments. Take out cards that aren't working for you and add whatever you feel you're missing. Consider using a deck builder app. Its a bit tedious to add all of your cards at first but it makes it so you can easily refine your decks and look through cards without needing to have the physical ones present or all over your kitchen table. Hope that helps
  14. I agree damage would almost always be preferred to shields on a die. But if you don't have the discard to reroll or don't want to for any reason the shield is a nice option. But with vibro it's a bit pointless. And as another point the very existence of vibro limits deck building options. When i think of building a ranged deck, I have to weigh the options and decide if it's worth it because it means I take the vibro out. The lack of shields means it's a rush to ko. If they have vibro and I don't they can out last me with even just a few shields unless I get some really great rolls. I would wager that 75%+ of decks are primarily melee decks as a result. Even new cards that could be pretty awesome like shoto lightsaber are not that exciting. Double shotos with ancient lightsaber could be an awesome thing to build for. Very doable with lightsaber pull to stack all those lightsabers for only six resource, and then get 2 shields each round when you activate. That would be a blast to play. Not really an option though with vibro out there. i hope they fix it soon
  15. That's what I figured. It's hard to believe they haven't fixed that with a faq yet. Pretty game breaking. Takes a whole dimension out of the game. I'm sure it's been discussed plenty already. I'm late to the game. Thanks for the opinions.
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