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  1. No it isn't, you now have an easy way to introduce friends to the game. Give the decks to some friends who are interested, then they can join in since the decks are meant for new players and the random decks are meant to be known inside and out by the player.
  2. Decklists are checkable on the app.
  3. The Starter Decks are just to teach the game in a controlled environment. Since the decks are randomized if they gave you random decks for your first play experience it could be heavily influenced by the deck you ended up with. Since they have handpicked/handcrafted the starter decks they can better control the first impressions of the game.
  4. The only person acting immature is you. All someone did is correct a statement you made. It wasn't a personal attack. Read it, acknowledge or not, and move on.
  5. That's great and all but you're the one who said this: Then flipped out on @svelok when they pointed out the rules can change. They never said to ignore the current rules, just that you shouldn't say FFG wont do a thing ever just because the rules are currently written one way.
  6. Heroes Corner on East. We have a FB group named 530 SW:Legion. Im usually in on Thursdays or Saturdays.
  7. I went with metal roofing sheets and magnets. About 25 bucks to store them as the sheets fit in the core set boxes and I'm storing two armies like that. The only thing that doesnt fit is the ATST and Airspeeder but the Airspeeder has been demoted to a model that sits in on my desk.
  8. Or that an attack pool is all your hits flying at it at once, and the dice don't represent weapons anymore just odds of all your shots hitting something with all those shots.
  9. Played with 2 units in my army last night. They worked great. Only was able to fit them in with Environmental Gear on them, but they worked great. 8 white dice with surges on attack and defense and being able to hop over barricades at speed 2 for 47 points is really nice. Range was never really an issue as we were playing with a decent amount of terrain.
  10. Quick" Text Battle Report for my 1st League game with my Rival Nick - Armies - Me Commander: Leia w/ Esteemed Leader Corps: 2 Fleet Troopers w/ Environmental Gear & 2 Rebel Troopers Support: 1 ATST w/ Flamethrower Nick Commander: Vader w/ Force Reflexes & Saber Throw Corps: 2 Stormtroopers w/ Additional Stormtrooper upgrade - Round 1 - Both Nick and I used the first round to cover some ground towards the objectives. Everyone was either too far away or under full cover to be attacked. - Round 2 - We both play 2 pip cards. I played No Time for Sorrows and move two units out of range of Vader. Nick wins the roll for first activation. Nick takes the first move and imminently moves Vader in the direction I wasn't expecting and Saber Throws one of my Rebel Trooper squads. Luckily due to my positioning only one mini could be defeated. Vader uses Force Reflexes to gain a Dodge. Having never used Fleet Troopers yet I decide to get cocky and test them out. Moving them in and firing at Varder. 4 Crits! Ignoring all cover. Vader uses his dodge, it fails to cancel a crit so we go to rolling. Vader rolls 2 blocks and 2 surges... my great roll ends up with half of my unit dead. But luckily now Vaders dodge token is gone. Nick moves some stormtroopers around and adds supression to a Rebel Trooper Squad. His other stormtroopers activate a bit later, but basically hold position trying to hide from my ATRT. My Troopers and Leia all move in to take shots against vader. My goal was to get him down as far as possible in the 2nd round because I knew if I could get him down the game would be mostly won for me. Unfortunately I only deal 4 Damage to him. My ATRT spends both actions speeding towards the stormtroopers hiding on the other side of the map. - Round 3 - I play Somebody has to Save our Skins with Leia, 3 pips. Nick plays Master of Evil, also 3 pips. I win the rolls. I go right for Leia's activation. I take some more shots at vader, then I activate a fleet trooper group with my command card's effect. I think I get in 1 more damage bringing Vader to 5 damage on him. Nick Activates vader, flooding every single trooper unit I have, including leia with 3 suppression.. ouch. He then moves into melee range with one of my Rebel Trooper squads... and wipes them off the map with one blow. Due to Vaders new position, and my insane suppression amount i spend my other two trooper activations recovering and removing suppression. Nick moves one of his stormtrooper units into base contact with an objective but before he can activate his other squad my ATRT has fun... I move the ATRT in and blast them with the flame thrower. Since the weapon has spray I roll 10 black dice and roll 8 hits. Nick rollls.... 3 blocks, allowing me to kill his entire stormtropper squad. - Round 4 - I play coordinated bombardment, 1 pip. Nick plays implacable 1 pip. Nick wins the roll. Nick takes Vader and starts heading around the back of a destroyed building towards my ATRT. Having seen what it did to the first storm trooper squad he doesnt want it anywhere near his 2nd. He saberthrows and lands all 3 damage on my ATRT. He then uses implacable's ability to take 1 damage on Vader to be able to activate him later. Vader now has 2 health. I go for Leia, Luckily I am able to find a position on the map where I can hit Vader and the remaining stormtroopers with my command cards ability. I deal 1 damage to each. Vader is left with 1 health after spending his dodge token to block the damage that would have killed him, and the other stormtroopers are now suppressed. Nick puts down a dodge token on his troopers, attempting to just hold the point. i try and fail to damage Vader with a trooper unit. Vader activates and moves towards my ATRT, throws his saber... and misses. I attempt to turn and hit vader with my weapon, I need to use their weaker blaster for 2 white dice... and nothing. Nick declares we only have 30 seconds left. I take my last troopers and declare that Im moving them back to base contact with the objective they are next to. Forcing a victory point tie. In the end I had 2 squads of Fleet Troopers left, 1 with no missing minis, the other with only 2 left alive. 1 squad of Rebel Troopers left with 3 minis. Leia with full health, and an ATRT with 3 damage on it. Nick had Vader with 1 health and a stormtrooper squad with 4 minis. Very close game. Can't wait to see how it goes next time.
  11. TBH I believe it will be ruled to be horizontal measurement only as point to point becomes a bit harder with terrain blocking the range ruler and FFG seem to be leaning more towards quicker play with less ambiguity. On top of that the officially released mats you would have no reference for how to measure height since the whole thing is a flat surface. I sent in an email to Alex yesterday with this and a few other questions. I will update if I get an answer.
  12. That is incorrect. Yes they are always eligible for cover, but if it is decided pregame that a piece of terrain doesn't grant cover to a unit type it cannot gain cover from that type of terrain no matter what. So your example of it being absurd for taller walkers and speeders is irrelevant as pregame you would simply agree to not allow it to grant cover to those units.
  13. My favorite rule break so far from BoW is their made up counter attack during melee.
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