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  1. Problem : the small expansions concentrate on adding adventure cards and the Adventure deck is already HUGE so any new expansions added cards wont really be seen very often. Solution: add a new mechanic with future small expansions where the new cards aren't shuffled into the main adventure deck but instead are part of a new deck. But not just another adventure deck it would have to be something special or specific. What would this new deck be or do? Details… details…
  2. Here's my house rules. PART 2 -I have bought multiple copies of this game. I had the black industries board so when FF bought it i didnt want to deal with the board erratta so I just bought another copy. Since I did this it gave me an idea and I also bought a second copy of reaper, frostmarch and sacred pool. I then took all the cool items from these sets and the base game and added them to the dungeon rewards cards. Now when you beat LOD you can choose from this new larger pile. If you complete a warlocks quest you get a random draw from this pile if you dont choose to take a talisman (and of course you also get a quest reward).
  3. Here's my house rules. PART 1 Characters- characters have been split into three groups a) weak b) normal c) overpowered "cheese" The weak characters needed to be buffed and the "cheese" characters needed to be nerfed, however i didn't want to handicap them as that would make them less fun so instead I made the rule that if you aren't a cheese character you get to start the game with a quest reward thus the cheese characters get nerfed by omission. The weak characters get to start with a special item I made based on something they were holding in their picture (for example the priest starts with a priest staff). The dwarf was so bad after the dragon board effectively eliminated all his abilities that I just remade him. Rules changes- - Toad rules are the same but you dont drop your stuff so you get it back when you turn human again. - If you draw Dragon rage you may choose instead of suffering it to lose that turn. - There is no forward teleporting in the inner region (closer towards crown), however you may teleport backwards. - If you beat LOD by 8+ you dont teleport to crown of command you teleport to plain of peril. This way its always a race and fight in the final stages. - All instant death cards have been removed (for example angry mob or basilisk) ; that is to say a card which says you are killed. - In order to prevent bitching, Horrible black void is only added if unanimously voted yes. (For the record it has been added in all my games so far). - 2 copies of Livery stables were placed on boad one on city space one on castle and are treated as printed text so cant be removed. This was done before the city expansion came out to give gold a use. After city came out I decided to leave them on board but on castle and village instead. The prices are different than on the city expansion stables but decided that you pay based on where you are buying them from.
  4. disregard my last comment didnt realize you were refering to the far right picture
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