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  1. Excellent write up. PS - the text for your link is right but the link itself is missing the ":" after "https" so its not working. It does if you copy paste tho.
  2. Scenario: Gates of Silverwood Manor Board Layout: It only happens when the Hall Entry tile form Beyond the Threshold is the starting tile and he attic is the first tile when the board is cleared. The option to help Officer Mori does not have the symbol showing it requires and action I also found that when the door with the arm handle unlocks it will highlight the wrong door. I have only experienced this with the same board layout above and the door with the arm handle leads to the bedroom.
  3. Sent email with how to recreate and the workaround.
  4. I believe I have found a way to recreate the issue. It only seems to crash the save file if you save and exit during the mission and then load that save file. If you launch the mission and complete without exiting out the issue doesn't appear to be happening. What I don't know is if it hoses the rest of the missions or just that one.
  5. I did, but I left it. I don't think it mattered. Hopefully when you start the next mission it will overwrite with the correct value. UPDATE I went ahead and started on of the next mission. I am not seeing any issues with it.
  6. When you repeat the first mission you don't need to do any activations. Just complete the objective to complete the mission(takes about 3 mins). You don't have to replicate the fame or anything since you will be using your previous save file and updating it. You only need to do this for the generated market items. If you need help I could generate them for you. You could also use my example to test it out. "StoreItemIds":[4,1,17,34,73,72]
  7. Ok! I found the fix You have to open up the Save folder and edit your saves and logs The basic LogA and LogB are for your campaign. Mine still had data from the existing campaign so I reset both to [1|1|0] The mission logs I believe are fine. I went ahead and copied everything from LogMissionA to LogMissionB. Now for the fix. You will want to make a back up of your all your saves(i just copied the entire SaveGames folder). To enable the encounter you will have to update the following item(the underlined item is the change) {"Id":31,"Priority":0,"IsActive":true,"IsEligible":true} To populate the market you will need to create a new campaign(and I would use the same characters) run through the first mission to complete it and use that campaign's save file to pull the market items ids. Update the 2 items below "StoreItemIds":[your item ids go are added here] "StoreItemsCycling":[true,false] for example mine looks like this - "StoreItemIds":[4,1,17,34,73,72] Update the following items to fix skill selection: {"Name":"Campaign/MaxSkillLevel","Value":1} {"Name":"Campaign/HasPendingSkills","Value":true}
  8. I tried that but had no luck. I have noticed when looking through the menus at the galaxy screen, the campaign log still has the previous campaign's log.
  9. Highly doubt FFG does this, but they are working on it for valkyrie.
  10. I would love to see side missions for the ally packs and for your heroes. These could be random just like it is in the original campaigns and you have 2 to choose from. This would give us an option of selecting campaign options of normal (5 missions) or extended (5 missions + 4 random missions). This would also allow us to have expansion based missions in a campaign that doesn't require that expansion.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/13/tyrants-of-lothal/ Looks like its here
  12. This isn't actually a bug, but an enhancement request. The current app only has one graphics quality option "Desktop". I have cheap windows tablet that performs much better when playing Mansions of Madness using the "Mobile" graphic setting than the "Desktop". I was just hoping the "mobile" graphic quality would be an option in future updates.
  13. I would play the app and do the first mission(not tutorial). They don't have to know how imperial activations work to play. You will control all of that and they will pick up on it as you go. Briefly explain interact and rest as you can better explain it when they are ready to use that action. Then focus on how attacks resolve, drawing line of sight, and using surges. For movement be sure they get the difference between a move action and movement points. You could add in taking strain when you talk movement. Finally explain their special actions. This will get them started and you can explain stuff as need as you play since you will all be on the same team.
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