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  1. *wakes up and sees Road to Legend news update* *gets happy and excited reading the cool ideas in the news* "so awesome, so awesome!" *rushes on official forums to share the joy and enthusiasm* *reads the entirety of each lengthy forum post* "..." *slowly backs away and quietly closes the door*
  2. hey guys! just wanted to chime in about how excited I am for this app... it's so great to have an official coop expansion of sorts that finally uses the huge stack of stuff I already have for Descent!!
  3. Not at the moment, I'm busy with a game release on Steam/GOG, and will get back to Descent variant stuff afterwards!
  4. Sure, go ahead and make a French version! That would be awesome.
  5. That's really helpful and awesome. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share those pictures!
  6. The moves are not completely random: if you check out the file, you'll see that Quest-specific actions are added for the various monsters in different Quests, which enables this variant to be adapted to the different Quest objectives.
  7. Hey everyone! I'd just like to share a variant I made for those times when nobody wants to play the Overlord, but the Heroes still want to have a challenging experience.Basically, you replace the Overlord with a single D6, aided by some additional rules that I've compiled into a document. Whenever a monster figure is activated, roll a D6 and resolve the monster's actions using the chart below, triggering the first two actions you find from the top: That way, the Overlord is still able to use Overlord cards, go for Objectives, etc, but without the hassle of finding someone willing to be constantly beaten up by four buffed up Heroes. You can grab the file needed (or read more details on this variant!) from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n4fkxsxo5sdaqa/Nerdook%27s%20D6%20Overlord%20Variant%20v1.1.pdf or from BGG here: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/102760/nerdooks-d6-overlord-variant Enjoy!! Feedback welcome...
  8. Hey everyone! While waiting for the official cooperative module to be available, I've been working on my own variant to the game. It requires printing 45 additional cards, and has the following design goals: 1) A randomly generated Dungeon Generator, capable of creating a different layout each time with minimal set up time, while giving the players a sense of exploration. 2) Backwards and forwards compatibility with ALL expansions, in ANY combination, including the Conversion Kit, small/large Expansions, and Lt Packs. It should be fully playable even with just the Core Set. 3) A challenging, balanced AI system that also gives the players plenty of meaningful choices and risk/reward decisions. 4) A short 1-2 hour dungeon crawl that has plenty of character progression and item looting. You can view more details here, including download links! http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1144751/descent-solocoop-nerdooks-variant-2-0
  9. No problem! The quest generator idea I totally stole from Battlelore Second Edition's scenario generator: one card for the Hero objective, and one for the Overlord, and voila! Ideas/tweaks/errata suggestions are more than welcome. If FFG dudes ever read this and decide to make it into a solo expansion, then PLEASE SEND ME A FREE COPY... ahahahaha!! On a different note: I've got all the expansions so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting the Nerekhall one next year... might have some other cool stuff I can incorporate into the solo variant.
  10. Hey guys! I made a variant for Descent 2nd edition, replacing some Rumor cards and Overlord cards to make a random dungeon generator + Gears of War board game style AI system for the Overlord. Do check it out here on my post on BGG, together with the necessary custom card image files! http://boardgamegeek.com/article/14036253
  11. How about a dynamic campaign generator, similar to how Battlelore 2nd edition is doing it? Quest setup is summarized on individual cards, and you draw one for each quest, linked to some kind of map generation system. That way every campaign will be fresh and unexpected, and both OL and heroes have to constantly adapt to new situations.
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