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  1. I get it FFG. You really want Legion to be a hit. Where is my next X-Wing fix?
  2. This is one I tried just for fun a while back. Zeta Squadron 100 points Zeta Squadron Pilot (16) x 3 Zeta Specialist (26) x 2 Special Forces TIE (23), Accuracy Corrector (3), Special Ops Training (0)
  3. Why didn't we get a 360 view in the article? I can't recall a ship that hasn't had one.
  4. I'd buy them too. Not sure if I would fly them, but I that is due to no time to play. Still buying though. Happy Friday all. I got my 2x Guns for Hire from MM this week. Nice to have them even if I don't know when I can try out the new stuff.
  5. Ok, I will jump on the bandwagon. This is how you say you don't like the Starwing. I don't care for this ship. I never played the video games it comes from. I personally don't like the design. FFG has done some wondrous things with some not so great designs, but this one just doesn't appeal to me. I think the paint job is boring and it appears to have a sphincter on the rear of the ship. EDIT. I will henceforth refer to this ship as the chocolate starfish. This is all just personal opinion and I will still buy one, but I don't think I will put it on the table. I also can't wait to see all the repaints.
  6. but no one mentioned the green and the clear bases packs. Green is so OP and at $4.39, how can you beat that. ;-)
  7. Wife just had a baby this past Sunday. I know you went through this recently. I am on cleaning, bottle, shopping, you name it duty since baby came via c-section and wife is still recovering a bit. I think I am earning a lot of points for at least some more plastic crack. If you did all that extra work when baby arrived and still do, then I think that should qualify. Happy Friday!
  8. For me the thing that is being overlooked is the design choice. U-Wing and Agressor got large bases to limit maneuverability. K-Wing and Punisher got small bases for increased maneuverability. Now the Silencer appears to be a large base ship, but the put it on a small base meaning the wanted it to have better maneuvering. I think it is an interesting choice.
  9. Tie Silencer is the same price as IG-2000 expac. I never understood why that was a large base ship. The silencer looks bigger than IG-2000, but gets the maneuverability of a small base. I am missing where the issue is. I plan to only buy one anyway. This is a repeat of wave 5 with two ships. That was the cheapest expansion for me. I only bought 1 of each, and will probably do the same for wave 13.
  10. Happy Friday Cubanboy. It isn't 12.5, it is actually 13. Your 1+1=3 got it right. From the article. "Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack and TIE Silencer Expansion Pack are scheduled for release as X-Wing Wave XIII!" I expected more people to comment on this. This is a repeat of wave 5. I just wonder if there are going to be any surprise adds to this wave later. I expected they would say they were squeezing them into Wave 12 and I was pleasantly surprised to see it is a new wave.
  11. So, they are their own wave and not part of wave 12. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Resistance Bomber Expansion Pack and TIE Silencer Expansion Pack are scheduled for release as X-Wing Wave XIII! They didn't let us get enough speculation on what would be in Wave 13. How dare they! ;-)
  12. I will give cog o two a shout out. I used them for my acrylic templates. http://www.cogotwo.com/x-wing-compatible/results,43-9042 I also think Curled Paw looks good. I think they have the best looking stress tokens out of everyone.
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