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  1. Wow that's incredible. Any opinions on wave 7 performance? 7th fleet isds conquering?
  2. Ermagherd!! Post batreps pleeeease
  3. Thank you. I saw you made a similar explanation elsewhere, but I was having some trouble sorting out all the outliers. Thanks again!
  4. So the armor and weapon would not stack, even if the armor is Base Defense, and the weapon is Defensive/Reflective? Thank you on the double-bladed lightsaber. I think I misunderstood the way it was written and was thinking of it as two attached lightsabers, rather than one lightsaber with Linked 1. So then, wearing Armored Robes and Wielding the Single Lightsaber with Curved Hilt Modded (+1 Defensive) and fully upgraded Lorrdian crystal, would the defenses be: 4/3 or 3/2? I just want to get a confirmation on this. I've played EotE like, twice, and my GM has played like, 4 times. We have a lot of experience in Star Wars Saga Edition, but as DnD based systems go, it was kind of nuts. This system is great, but very...loosely worded?
  5. If these have already been answered, please post a link. I've been looking, and I found a number of similar threads, but they didn't answer the question, and were mainly in other areas. So here are the situations and my currently assumed outcomes: Single Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded --- --- Character Defense Melee 2 / Ranged 2 Single Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded Plus Armored Robes with 1 Defense Base --- --- Character Defense Melee 3 / Ranged 3 Single Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded with mod curved hilt +1 defense --- --- Character Defense Melee 3 / Ranged 2 Single Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded Plus Armored Robes with 1 Defense Base with mod curved hilt +1 defense --- --- Character Defense Melee 4 / Ranged 3 Now, does this work? Double Bladed Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded --- --- Character Defense Melee 4 / Ranged 4 Double Bladed Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded Plus Armored Robes with 1 Defense Base --- --- Character Defense Melee 5 / Ranged 5 Double Bladed Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded with mod curved hilt +1 defense --- --- Character Defense Melee 5 / Ranged 4 Double Bladed Lightsaber with Lorrdian Crystal, fully upgraded Plus Armored Robes with 1 Defense Base with mod curved hilt +1 defense --- --- Character Defense Melee 6 / Ranged 5 Do these numbers check out? There is a lot of stacking going on here, and it doesn't feel correct.
  6. A little late getting back. So there are two takes on these guys: 1. Campaign based villains - like for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - which it seems weisguy119 used. However, I feel that, at least in that case, it makes them very complicated to run, and makes them very difficult to balance if you want to use them in a standard format, or in a larger game. In Weisguy119's case, his new X Wing's are going to absolutely demolish those coral skippers, and having only the base skipper to work with leaves very little versatility, basically equating it to an awkward TIE Swarm. I think this could be usable in a campaign sense, but for any other kind of format, it wouldn't work out well. 2. A fourth faction for 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and epic style games. I went with the idea of them being similar to regular ships, using 'organic' versions of normal upgrades, and then having their own unique upgrade slot, and a set of unique normal upgrades, like cannons for the coral skippers. This allows them to use some of the 200 existing upgrade cards already in print and makes them similar to Scum in balance set, where they have a unique upgrade that gives them some flavor and different play style, but they aren't an entirely different monster altogether. In my playtesting, this has worked best. All of my attempts to use other written specialty rules, and to come up some of my own suffer from one of the following: 1. Too complicated - too many points to spread around. Like the 'energy' idea of one of the previous posts, with coral skippers, you now have 6 to 9 ships all with energy build up from moving and expenditures to track that slow the game down without really adding anything meaningful. 2. Too powerful - they give these ships too much versatility or too much durability, and it makes other players struggle too much in taking them down. 3. Too bland - it leaves you with very few options to customize the ships, leaving you with, essentially, a reskinned TIE Fighter swarm. So I guess it depends on your use. I was looking for a set of ships that could be used as a new faction and brought something new to the table without a complete redesign. This kept them relatively balanced against existing factions, gave them access to some unique upgrades and play styles, and allowed them to utilize the vast plethora of existing upgrades.
  7. I am a big fan of the Vong. They fill that hard to understand overwhelming threat that the Empire had been to the Rebellion before. Reminds me very much of the plot of the Halo game series. I'm a big fan of biotech and strange religions and warrior cultures, so the Vong kind of made sense to me. As with all things expanded universe, there were some good ideas and elements, and of course, some really really bad ones. With so many authors contributing, you have to expect things to get out of hand. I mean, the things they were writing Luke doing by the end of the expanded universe was getting pretty ridiculous. Kind of like the comic book escalation issue, where comic writers continue to try and one up each other with their stories, pushing things to the extreme. I did a write up of some of the ships a while ago, and purchased some from Mel. Haven't play tested a whole lot yet. I have a writeup of a lot of unique upgrades and elite pilots as well for them, including some that ended up becoming upgrades in the time since, such as the Atanni Mindlink and Tractor Beams. Pretty cool reallly. Here is the link to the ships: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/200002-yuuzhan-vong-ships-read-before-hating/
  8. I can see what you mean by too expensive, however they are the same price point as X wing T 70's, TIE FO's and Decimators. The Orbalisk is on par with a Starviper, only trading down the agility for a crew slot, and one more shield (Torpedo for Tech). I don't think they're low cost ships, but I think they are priced about right and each fill a role in the standard roster with the ability to customize to fit other roles. I left a lot of book interpretation out, such as the Dovin Basal shield interactions, in lew of better balance. I think they're pretty good. I also took note from FFG's often book and text adherence, in line with E wings, TIE Defenders, many pilots, and some of the EU ships (StarViper, IG-88/IG-2000, Boba Fett and Firespray). Could you give me some more specifics? Some lists could be: 3 Coralskippers with basic cannons and autothrusters + Orbalisk Ace with debuff crew (tactician) 15 + Fletchette Cannon (4) + authrusters 15 + Plasma Cannon (5) + autothrusters 15 30 Nom Anor - HLC + Tactician + Title (1) [40] + Lone Wolf 5 Coralskippers with 1 being an ace (FO swarm) 15 + 3 Ion Pulse Missiles 15 + 2 Autothruster 15 + 2 Autothruster 15 23 + 5 Plasma Cannon (2 for title, 3 for cannon) + 3 Predator (31) + 2 Autothrusters 1 Stoneclaw with Regen Orbalisk (fat han and regen x wing/e wing) Fly like a pancake in circles, let the Orbalisk tail and then shoot forward to strike. Can do a double regen Orbalisk if you want to make sure to hold the end game, using the 31 point Orbalisk (when you deal a dmg card, regen 1 shield), and the 4 point regen Tech Biot (move speed 1, regen 1 shield), and then take a healing crew (3 points, discard to remove 2 face down damage cards). Fatten up the Stoneclaw, and just use the PWT. Take the title to get evade tokens, and add the Reinforce action with a Tech Biot, to Reinforce/Evade each round. Only issue is naked red dice. 1 Stone claw PS 4 w Reinforce tech and Yammosk crew and HLC (60) and 2 Coralskippers with munitions (plasma torps) and autothrusters (alpha strike and fat turret) (40) Fly the Stoneclaw around the asteroids to give it +1 agility and reinforce, then use the PWT and HLC to chew stuff up. Let the Coralskippers engage the biggest thing they have and loose the 2 Plasma torps to drop shields and coup de grace with the Stoneclaw. Any stress or ion tokens can be moved around to keep the coralskippers alive, or a coralskipper can take evade and have it moved to the Stoneclaw (using the Yammosk) Yammosk - 2 crew - 6 points - once per round, you may assign any one token to any other friendly ship. (can have stress or ion assigned to other ships, or have one ship take an action and assign the token to a different ship). 1 Orbalisk w cannon/tactician (31), 2 Coralskippers with munitions (plasma torps --) 36 , Orbalisk Ace w Tech and FCS (33) They all have boost, but do not have access to turret upgrades, so they will fly similar to Imperials, however they are a little more forgiving with a tad more health on their bigger ships (orbalisk and Stoneclaw) but a little less Agility (well 1 more on Stoneclaw). Once I have the crew and named the upgrades, I'll make some lists and show you. They have a unique play style in my tests so far, as they can't get out of the scrum easily. They need to stick together and then knife fight, and try to get the advantage. They struggle against Imperial aces unless they have a well tuned Stoneclaw (unless Soontir..), but do very well against Scum, and do pretty well against Rebels depending on match up.
  9. Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the loss of the Project action is sad, as it had some viable faction flavor, but here are my thoughts: I playtested the Project action, and looked into the resources available, and it didn't play quite right. It also gave a lot of maneuverability to everything, as well as bumping up the point costs. A large ship that starts around 50 points is very hard to fit into a list. I've changed it to the boost action, and made all of the fast maneuvers red instead. I'm working on some other ideas for specific flavor for the group, but think the project action might have been too much. All of the ships have access to Cannons, one way or another, and I suspect a Coralskipper with a Tractor Beam to be an easy pickup for 18 points. On the Biot and Dovin Basal, I thought it might be excessive to add two unique upgrade types. As Biot is pulled from a source that shortened "Biotech", I chose to use the Tech upgrade to represent both. This let me put the two lists together, and not have different ships with different unique upgrades, as well as dip into the existing pool. All of the generic non faction upgrades are still available for the Vong (like Comm Relay), the Vong just use a Biotech analog. This made the builds much cleaner, and made them look less 'fan custom' that would be hard to fit into a casual game. It also let me balance them to the advanced ships currently in the game, namely the TIE FO and the T-70 X Wing. As to the idea of the Mary Sue in the room, ie. the Yuuzhan Vongs ability to ignore enemy fire and turn off their enemy's shields, the timeline assumes that the counters to these have already been found. For games before this has occurred, I have some scenarios for a campaign, but those kind of mechanics seem better left for special scenarios rather than ship abilities as balancing them would be very difficult. After I make the upgrade cards, I'll post some sample lists that work fairly well and are themed for any interested.
  10. Updated in original post: Cards and dials for initial pilots. In the works: Elite Pilots Upgrade Cards
  11. Probably something to do with the authors in EU going Jedi crazy and really getting carried away with Force powers. My big issue with the EU is that every author seems to have a need to make a mark, so there is this escalating 'one upping' as authors try out do one another on plot solutions or Force powers, and it starts to get ridiculous. I've read that Wolverine in the Marvel comics got his head punched off by the hulk and sent to the moon, where it grew a second Wolverine who came back to Earth to meet up with his body, which had regrown its head. Then the two Wolverines fought the Hulk. That kind of crap as comic book and novel writers get carried away and we end up with over the top Mary Sues, with Luke created black holes and Deus Ex Machina with the Force, and all kinds of things that should never have been allowed into the universe. Almost as bad as Midichlorians. Almost.
  12. Updated. Added Crew, Secondary Weapons (just 2, they don't really need more than that as the generics would work), and Pilots Adjusted the dials, actions and point costs based on feedback.
  13. I must have prefaced poorly. TL:DR Vong shouldn't ever be in the Star Wars canonized universe, but I like biotech ships so here are some example rules for Vong ships as a source of biotech villain/anti-hero aliens. Feel free to hate if you want, doesn't bother me. I want to try out the project, but I need to make the Coralskipper more fragile and cheaper, and add point cost to the title. The Akaga is too rediculous. I need to check the T 70 cost and reduce the hull. Some notes: The Project action has some downsides. 1. You can use a Tractor Beam during action phase, but the enemy may still get amove, negating much of the detriment while you still get Weapons Disabled Token. 2. It doesn't COUNT as boost or barrel roll, so you can't take Autothrusters or anything that requires either of those actions.
  14. I'd like to try the Project action out. It does give the three options, but doesn't allow multiple uses, and uses an action. The Tractor Beam at R1 only would have to be fielded, and I want to see how it works being used before the Combat phase, as it could essentially shoot a target before they have activated. The costs were increased to account for the Project action, but I think you're right in that the Coralskipper should be cheaper. i was originally putting it at 3 Hull 1 Shield and 14 points, with 1 point for a title to give it an upgrade. The slow speeds mean that if you don't boost with Project, you aren't going anywhere fast, so they have to knife fight, which makes sense thematically as their Dovin Basal's were used for shields and movement, and they'd have to 'reroute power' from 'engines' to protect themselves. I'm working on some crew, pilots and Vong plasma cannons, that are a variation on the mangler. Allows you to upgrade coralskippers to 3 damage, and puts a Plasma token on the target (if hit). At the end phase, you roll a red die for each plasma token, taking 1 damage for each BOOM (3/8 chance).
  15. Can't fault you for that. There aren't a lot of fans of the Vong.
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