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  1. I had a thorough flip through and couldn't find any, sadly =( I'll run it past the GM and see what he thinks, thanks =D
  2. God forbid an honest crook not want to get caught by the fuzz without paying 800 credits! We're not all made of money! Thanks, though. That clears up part of the puzzle
  3. Hey guys! My current EotE character is a Smuggler who also dabbles in forgery; documents and so on. He has changed his whole identity a number of times in his backstory. However! To my horror, the need has arisen for him to utilise these skills for the betterment of the group. I know Special Modifications allows for crafting of simple gadgets, but the GM and I are having trouble justifying the easy mechanics check to create them. He feels it should be harder depending on how detailed the FAKE ID is. Easy for something that's strictly a visual ID, harder for something that can actually pass a scanner So my question is, can anyone provide some insight to expand on our understanding of the crafting mechanics to help us out? Thanks =D
  4. Interesting for this thread to get revived over the last couple days as I plan on finishing the module tonight. =P
  5. Yeah, the first part went almost exactly the same. The Yiyar attacked in force, it took an entire session and they barely made it. Thankfully I now have a number of days before we finish to run this last part through properly. It does make sense for the Imps to show up since my party are at the top of the Empire's hit list. So they're gonna wanna get em and get em hard!
  6. I imagine there's a kind of keypad device on the bottom of the boarding ramp. My players have their datapads linked to the ship's security systems. So in essence it works like a portable keypad lock.
  7. Hey guys! Last session of Beyond the Rim tomorrow. I've been going over the book one last time and the final battle where you have to make all the repairs while at the same time the Imps start coming and you only have a certain amount of time before being overwhelmed. I truly find this section rather overwhelming as it seems like a lot of stuff to keep in mind, which I understand is standard for GM's but I'm still relatively new to larger scale events such as this. So I ask, how did you guys handle the final battle where the PCs have to help the Isotech crew repair their corvette while at the same time fending off Imps? As far as context goes, my party consists of three players. A disgraced ISB agent who is currently at the top of their hit list, a mechanic and a doctor. They managed to save Cratala, her staff, a number of miscellaneous survivors of whom are currently on a space-station a number of systems away after their cholganna escape, and lastly, Eyetee. Everyone else, including Harsol is dead as the result of a poorly planned assault on the Imps who arrived on Cholganna.
  8. Hah. Well. there's no one left alive to make them any enemies, either. They're burning as much sky as they can at the moment to hand over their paydata and put all this messy business behind them. Still, there are forces at work which will not forget.
  9. Currently going through the same, myself. My group is comprised entirely of friends but sadly that only amounts to three players. Not all of my other friends are willing to dedicate one day of their weekend, or are just flat out uninterested and I don't really want to invite strangers into the fold without at least meeting them outside of the game to get to know them. Cuz as Knasserll says, friends are just better to play with. My FLGS is pretty out of the way and is normally completely vacant when I go most times. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of alternative avenues that sort of thing around where I live.
  10. I apologise if this is a question that's been asked a million times before but when awarding xp, particularly using established guidelines from books like Beyond the Rim which form themselves along the lines of: Landed on the Wheel: 5xp Met Reom: 5xp Gathered information about (x) planet: 5-10xp Took a leak in Reom's cup of coffee: 1 bajillion xp Are these rewards meant to accumilate to a total value of xp for the party or are they to be awarded to each player individually? If it's on an accumulative basis then my party has been getting a heap more than intended. >_>
  11. Same thing happened to me, actually. The yiyar never followed the party to the planet, but as soon as the imps arrived, spontaneous despair on the charm check to try and coax him into believing the party meant no harm. -Choom- bleeeh...
  12. An update since we ran our session today. The PCs were sensible enough to not take on the ship directly so they weren't glassed on sight... However... they were lured into a kill zone by the 5 scouts + an NCO. three of them stepped into wire traps and over the space of a 3 and 1/2 hour combat encounter with over 18 turns in a round... They lost 17 people and the Scout Troopers lost 3 forcing a mutual retreat. ~ In the end the PCs were able to retake their own starship and use it to assault the scout ship to bring them to a pyrrhic victory. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  13. And starships are normally featured in space which limits their capacity to fire on infantry. You could, however, equate the power of a freighter's guns to, say... somewhere inbetween an AT-ST walker and an AT-AT. Who don't necessarily need to even target infantry. Just aim in their general direction and... boom.
  14. See the way I'm reading the scenario the scout craft isn't on patrol. Its serving as part of a very small outpost. There's no mention of any structures in the outpost. Just the ship, troops, some probe droids, and some weapons emplacements, which could be anything from E-Webs to full turrets. A base for patrolling scout ships would logically have enough ships to keep some on patrol while keeping others down for resupply, or repair rather than relaying on one ship, unless the force using the base is a lot more desperate for ships than the Empire should be at this point. A rebel outpost I could see in such condition that it only has one craft for patrol, because the rebels are almost always short on ships an Imperial outpost no. Unless there has been some major incident which drew any other ships deployed to the base away and the TC forgot to mention it. To clarify on the state of the Imps. The scout ship is a lone craft that was dispatched with the sole purpose of capturing the PCs. Their nemesis (actually a rival) is an ISB agent who pulled some strings in the stormtrooper corps and got a scout ship and a squad of scout troopers + some ordanance to go after them. The only 'base' in any respect is this little encampment they set up for themselves with the ship and some speeder bikes placed strategically around plus all I mentioned before.
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