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  1. So in my campaign i plan on the party heading towards a feudal world that would be akin to the Pax Romana( Romes golden age) but how can i get my players to not just blast everything they see with the technological superioty they have over the native. I want them to immerse themselves in the culture of this planet so its not a cake walk. Any advice?
  2. Me and my group started a campaign the other day and so far only two "My god did that just happen?" Moments. The first was on monday when i was fighting a pirate captain as the last 'boss' encounter before we finished our session. This guy has two power fists and our GM is rolling in the teens. Me on the other hand. Am rolling single digits for dodge and counters. So im slowly cutting this guy up with a chainsword and all i can say is "i move to the left of the attack *roll*" eventually wittling him down enough that he runs into a cloaked Eldar sword. The other thing happened wednesday. I was trying to convince some Kroot mercenaries that i was a friendly when they start charging me. My buddy has a heavy bolter and starts throwing rounds down range. Two turns of shooting from him and theres eight dead kroot just meters from me and him holding a smoking heavy bolter. I owe him big still.
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