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  1. Hello all, I find myself at a difficult crossroad with my board gaming hobby I enjoy so much. Until recently I found LOTR LCG one of the most enjoyable experiences to play solo in the evening, or two player with my daughter. But since when I stared playing The Voice of Isengard a few weeks ago everything changed. At first I thought I just needed a better deck, and many helpful people offered some great builds they had success with. I built them and lost, so I tried easy mode, and lost. I built more decks, and lost again and again. I finally built a Dwarf swarm deck and ran To Catch an Orc for the 9th time and even in easy mode, and lost! It is going down in my books as the worst designed quest I have ever played with possibly the exception of that god awful Riddle quest with Gollum. So if I may ask some advice. I have not played the ring maker cycle and fear to even try it now. For the first time in two years I don’t even want to purchase a new pack or any more Deluxe Expansions. I have The Lost Realms sitting on the shelf because I fear if I play it I will feel the same way these Voice of Isengard quests make me feel, pissed off and down right discouraged. If Matt and Caleb continue to take the game on a course of brutality I am finding they are going in they will find this loyal player saying goodbye to one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences of my favorite hobby. I am already seeking options for another good solo game, but there isn’t much out there. Could you offer me any advice?
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrunner Raine! It really is a great game and the designers are doing a good job keeping it fresh with the various cycles. I started out a Shaper lover but have moved over Criminal and of late I am playing my MaXx deck because it is so totally insaine. Both sides are a great fun. Run hard and keep the Corp poor! It's fun to listen the Bladerunner soundtrack while you play
  3. I understand how you feel as I also play the LOTR LCG and though I love the monthly "fix" of a new pack I also find the card pool overwhelming. As for Netrunner I try avoid placing pressure on myself to immediately learn every combo and perfect card use and best strategy from the new cards but rather just enjoy the gaming and make decks that are fun for me to use. They may not be Tournament winning and I don't always crush my oppenent but I still have fun playing the game. A case in point would be my "splashing" a Gingerbread program in my recent Criminal deck just for fun even though its not that great I card. Enjoy the game and don't let the fun be taken away. Play as you like. Life has enough other pressures you can't change.
  4. Any suggestions on how to keep Bilbo alive? The most travel tokens I have been able to get on him before he fails 3 riddles and dies is 4 tokens. Without attachment or Treasure cards assigned to him he takes one damage token everytime Gollum attackes him. I drew a Bilbo treasure card but as far as I know I can't attach it to him. Drawing double the cards in the staging area during every quest phase is hard but managable.
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