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  1. mvonfrentz@yahoo.com. I would love these resources as well, thank you very much for the response.
  2. I agree with the players guide pdf. that will make everyone's lives much easier. the gathering storm is a great supplement for starters, we knew we wanted to play for a long time so we got the enemy within and loved it, but I can also see how it would be a little overwhelming for people still testing the waters. Good luck finding dice packs, unless you want to buy the GM kit that comes with one, I think it's the Vault. We used home made little circle stickers on other gaming dice until they came out with apps to do it for us, now we mostly use the apps when we come into a situation that our core set's can't cover. So I would reccomend getting a dice roller app also.
  3. We started with the core set and the adventurers toolkit. For the campaign, the enemy within is great with little modification needed. If you're gonna have alot of dwarfs, blackfire pass is good. I would reccomend both the winds of magic and signs of faith supplements also if you've got people wanting to play casters. I've got everything but lure of power, and 2 PoD's faith of morr and dreadfleet captains, so I can't comment on those, but most of the supplements are very useful; I found blackfire pass a little stale, but I don't play dwarfs alot.
  4. you can still purchase skills after you've reached your alloted career advancement skill mark, they just don't count towards career advancement. example: the gambler has guile, intuition, observation, skullduggery and stealth as career skills and 2 skill slots as open career advancements. Rubarb the gambler gains 2 xp over the course of an adventure smegma is running. rubarb decides he's not that good a gambler and needs to advance in guile and intuition, he spends the points, boom, gains the skills training, and uses up the 2 skill slots for the gambler career advancement. Over the next 2 adventures smegma runs, rubarb gets 5 xp, the adventures are long and rubarb is an important player in the casino gambling adventures smegma seems to like running. Rubarb then decides he needs the other 3 skills trained because he feels his character isn't good at observing, skullduggering, or stealthing around the place. Rubarb spends the 3 xp on the skills, but is still only advanced along his career path by the previous 2 advances. Rubarb spends his ermaining 2 xp or an action and a talent, increasing his career advancement to 4xp. even though he's 7xp deep into his character, only 4 of the xp counts towards career developement. At least, as far as I understand it anyway, I could be mistaken.
  5. I really like these ideas. I play warhammer fantasy battles so I already have miniatures and terrain all over the place. I'm a big big fan of the fortefied manor house, they get more expensive every day it seems though. I recommend buying them used or through online warehouses as GW's retail prices are getting further and further from reality all the time. Seriously, their business model is something like: oh, our sales are going down, time to release a new armybook or codex to boost sales and increase the price of a 12 dollar book to 50 dollars, that wont make more customers downloaf pdf's instead of buying the books for sure. something like those stands you see in restaurants holding up promotional cards should work fine for location cards also, a stand with a 3 sided frame and the card just slides in from the top. plus it'd be easy to make with popsicle sticks or something similar inexpensively. those terrain pictures are all beautiful btw, thanks for sharing them with us. mine are all still grey plastic :/ I have alot of the old cardstock terrain they'd print and put in white dwarf also, they seem to hold out pretty well for me.
  6. One won't always pull acolyte or watchman though. I really enjoy the character developement the system promotes. I feel much better about a character that I take from something like dockhand or commoner or barber-surgeon up through a few careers to get to the ones I feel he wants to advance through. Thats real advancement, the character learning to trudge his way through being a wretch to become a witch hunter, finding his faith and becoming a priest, or learning how to read and study properly to become a wizard. Thats one of my favorite things about any of the wfrp systems. Alot of people don't like random career/class but I think it's a really powerful character developement and storytelling tool
  7. how did the lizardmen get in touch with the arabyeans? and why is there a sleeping slaan mage priest in araby? The lizardmen are almost exclusively centered in south americ, er, lustria I mean, and the arabyians being a desert people don't really have the fleets to go stake a claim in their territory to steal their gold. The players simply getting to araby isn't a very easy task either, they have to go through friendly bretonnia, through the border princes, estalia and/or tilia to get all the way down to araby, which is all the way across the atlantic, er the great ocean. To put the scale into perspective. war hammer is based on a brittish game, which made britton into albion, the paradise lush and rich land of the giants; america is home to the dark elves (elfs;) south america is where the lizardmen live; france is bretonnia; estalia is spain; tilea is italy; araby is almost all of africa with the parts on the east beaing undead; the empire is pretty much the entirety of old school germany. Everything east of german is horrible wasteland. ya got yer chaos dwarf strongholds, ogre kingdom …. kingdoms, china, india, and japan, er I mean cathay, ind, and nippon; north of german you got chaos wastes and warpstone craters everywhere; skaven live under the entire old world pretty much; orcs and goblins are everywhere; beastmen are everywhere with dark, spooky forests; the wood elves live inside a forest in france so why they included them and not also bretonnia I don't know; dwarfs live in the moutains where they are constantly under attack from (lizardment in first edition warhammer,) greenskins and skaven. The high elves live on atlantis. The PC's would pretty much have to walk or ride a horse from germany to africa and make it back to german in time to save the empire from collapsing upon itself. kislev was right next door, in northeast germany in later editions, so a brief sojourn there didn't seem all that epic. going to araby and dealing with lizardmen is a massive endevour and I agree that it would detract from the 25 - 50 sessions the pc's are going to be in the enemy within campaign. Araby couldn't really march to war against the empire without conquering several allied countries, destroying the alliances, or going the other route and getting mummies, vampires, orcs and goblins, chaos dwarfs, and maybe the ogre kingdoms to all work together nicely. The empire has way more than enough to deal with in the constant harassment from chaos to the north, chaos beastment inside it's boundaries, skaven under it's cities, orcs and goblins in the mountains, and cultists being possibly anyone you can think of. You want someone to be researching some warpstone doomsday device, Skaven love warpstone and they're everywhere. Chaos sorcerers know about Chaos sorcereryous stuff, that might be some of it. Need a distraction? orcs and goblin or beastmen attack, BAM! the warpstone crater in Mordheim explodes and mutates nearby … everything, maybe even leaving some kind of clandestine warp gate, BAM! want exotic? Bretonnia, everyone knows the french have great manners …; albion home of the Giants; Kislev, everyone loves people who sound like russians but dont live in russia, the Tunnels below generic empire city 1423249 erupt with skaven and the kill, poison, disease, or enslave anything they can get there hands on, great way to make the PC's skavenslaves btw, work em till they die of starvation, then feed em to the rats. There's alot of stuff happening inside the empire which is where the campaign ends or progresses anyway, thats a big shift from the enemy within to lustria or araby. I wouldn't personally do it, but if you want to, awesome.
  8. I agree with alot of whats been said. I throw bugs in with the slow moving catagory of undead. slow and bloated, really decaying zombies probably have critters like beetles, worms, maggots, and rodents living in them. fresh or fast paced zombies dont have many of those things in my opinion, and they definately don't by the time they're pretty much skeleton and sinew. I have put rats in my animated skeletons before though, either nesting in rib cage, or mice nesting in the empty skull. Ghouls aren't undead in my opinion, but they do eat the things that live in the zombies as well as the more fresh zombies also. so you could have a ghoul eating the maggots and meat from off a zombie who is eating the brains from a freshly killed burgher
  9. We just had a discussion similar to this in my gaming group. One player is under the assumption that more is always better, I on the other hand think there are really only a few things that the game needs. 1. a malicious expantion, make it PoD or 60-75 bucks if you need to, I don't care. Everyone wants to play as the bad guys once in a while, so throwing in the bad guys would make the some ruples. Dark elf, Skaven, human Chaos followers, and orcs and goblins. Call it winds of chaos, or realm of chaos, rise of darkness, whatever. Bam, deposit money now. 2. an elf based supplement, dwarfs got theirs, some or the content is even really enjoyable. silver helms, glade guard, eternal guard, dragon princes. whatever else tickels their pickel 3. humans other than empire that can help the empire. the biggest of these : Brettonia. I love my knights of the grail supplement for 2'cd edition and it didn't take too much to convert those careers to something useable for 3'rd, but I would love an official supplements. These can easily be PoD, there no that different from empire. careers to include : peasant throwback cannon fodder # 1,2, and 3; knights errant and questing knight definately, if you're in brettonia as a setting, knights of the realm and grail knights; robin hood shooty career 1 and 2, shepherd career; throw in some fancy pants tiliean mercenary career or two, an estalian merchant career, and maybe even a cathayan fairy career, er samurai or ninja or something I meant. Make the border princes a campaign setting and easy justification there. 4. advanced careers for non human, easy PoD fix in my opinion. 1 or 2 dwarf, 10 elf waywatcher should have been an advanced career in my opinion, and much beefier than it is.
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