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  1. Hi, being an old warhammer player (played the enemy within campain back in the day of the first edition) and really like the world. Like Many old players I have been worried about the 3rd edition being too much of a boardgame and have let it be… untill recently, I have just bought the basic box and must say I like many of the new features. Anyhow, wanting to give the rules a spin I have started poking at a small campaign, I have the core outline of it and needing a suitable town to set it in I went to the web and found a very nice map of Grissenwald that suits my needs very well being a town with a dwarf "slum" and so on. The problem I have is that with such a good map there is definently information to go with it but I cant seem to find in what publication it can be found. I know of the stuff in Death on the Reik book but the map I have found is not from that publication and in any case the info on Grissenwald in there was not very exausting. The most indepth info I have found is from the "Sigmar's Heirs" book from second edition but the map is not from there and in all all the info I can get is from the Reiklander Gazetter giving a few basic points like that it is ruled by Count Pfeifraucher, it has a pop of 4500, its main source of income is boatbuilding and that there is a dwarf shantytown as well as a ferry there. Now I can make Grissenwald my own, put in my own wealthy Burgher class, my own seedy bars, my own points of interests, social structure and important persona but it would be both easier and better from a long time perspective if there is more indepth info on the town that I can use as a core, I would hate to have to readapt a purchased adventure there just because it is not based on my imagination What I am looking for is info as to in wich book, what adventure in wich edition I can find it. As is I have acess to most of the pre 3rd edition stuff all I need is a reference and if its in the 3rd eddition then great, what book is it in and Ill look into buying it. Thanx in advance.
  2. As I understand your question you are asking if a casting of the spell will allow me to look like Joe the dockworker wart on nose and all or just like a random dockworker. Personally I would allow you to tailor the spell to a greater degree, I would however put in additional strictures and challenge based on the situation, information and the like. If the casting character for example has had time to observe the target, the closer the better, takes his time molding the spell, has acess to a large mirror or similar reflective surface and so on it would allow an attempt, for each such aid missing I would increase the challenge very quickly reaching the point where a person knowing the target would not recognise the person as the person you want to mimic. The spell would still make you look like someone else, just not Joe. Similarly at the best of times it would not be all that hard to spot that this is not Joe at close range, say get past a guard who has a good view of you. From a distance it would be a different matter completely. So in short, I would allow you to specify what you wich to look like but have that require more time/higher difficulty, the more specific you wish to be the more time/difficult it becomes. As an example: Using a move action to move out of line of sight (ex into an ally) and using the spell to look like random bum noone cares about would be as the card states. Moving round the corner and changing to Fritz the cutthroat, face tatoo and all, friend of the guy following you would be if even possible before the following NPC turns the corner and spots you hard in the extreme.
  3. Going over the three insane careers in the core rules I noticed that they all had the Piety skill allowed but not Invocation… After going through the rules sections on Piety and faith I have found nothing to explain this oddity. The skill only seems to deal with curry favor and fuelling blessings and while initiates and clergy could advance through the insane careers I got to wonder about wether or not a character with Peity could invoke the basic blessing 'minor blessing'. Additionally each of the three faiths covered in the basic rules has a blessing that does not require any skillcheck, so would a Zealot dedicated to Sigmar be allowed to aquire and use the 'Gritted Teeth' blessing? The blessings require no check and thus invocation is not strictly needed and the piety skill would allow the zealot to curry any needed additional favor to fuel the blessing. The available blessings such a character could gain access to are usefull but to my mind would not in any way overpower such a character. Naturally Shallyan Flagellants and Witch Hunters seem like a very strange things as Shallya would do what is possible to cure such an individual rather than grant blessings however if such an individual was on a holy mission against Nurgle… Also the Sigmarite blessing 'Penitent Zeal' requires a Piety check to activate and not Invocation… typo or intentional? is it available for non invocation holders? In short is the Piety skill option there only for clergy class diversification or… ?
  4. The question I have is mainly about skill advancement through the careers. Ill try to be more specific and look back at the original and 2nd edition versions to try clarifying it. In first and second edition in order to complete a career you had to buy ALL the advancements from the career, this ment aquiering all the skills, buying all the stat advances and so on and thus if you entered a career such as a thief, wich in this version has the career skills: Coordination, Discipline, Guile, Skullduggery and Stealth you would have to ither already be trained in all of them or buy them all. In third edition while I not only only HAVE to train one of them I CAN'T get all five, one fixed and 3 optional skills meen I can only ever train four of my career skills before I complete the career. Yes I CAN take aditional skills as non career advances but that is not the same. Let me use the most extreme example I can find and one that has a natural basic to intermediate advancement scheme. The slayer. The trollslayer has a career advancement allowence of 1 wich meens in completing the career you will max gain two skills. Trollslayers may only have four available skills but to be honest, who would pick Athletics or Intimidate over Resilience or Weapon Skill… Most trollslayers will start with Str and To 5, it only makes sence and if I wish to upp say To to 6 I only get one skill advance before being able to move to giantslayer for 1xp (yes I know there is up to 4 xp involved in changing career). To make matters worse for the giantslayer has the exact same skill choises and again career advancement allowence 1… Yes he will be a monster in close combat as he should but even a first career thug will be able to out intimidate a giantslayer… Thus Im simply asking if I have missed some rule or if there are additional rules in the expansions (outside the core box) that deal with this? If yes then please tell me where and if allowed outline them for me and if no… I supose I will have to houserule career completion advances, dedication bonuses and limits on advancing to intermediate careers. I would probably go for something like you have to have all basic career skills trained and all advanced career skills aquired as well as having over average or fortuned primary characteristics in order to get the completion bonuses. If that is not completed then you can not get the completion bonuses and have to retake the career untill those requirements are met. Thus to advance to an intermediate career such as the acolyte you MAY have to go through apprentice wizard multiple times… wich ofcource is not really such a bad thing I would put in similar restrictions for advancing from intermediate to elite and elite to hero classes unless those turn out to have suitable restrictions already (like I said I only have the core rules as of yet).
  5. Thus far I only have the core rules and sadly the rule that apprentices get those skills for free is not in them (tho reading here I have found that they are) however this does not adress my overall point that passing through a career leaves you with only being able to train a few of the skills involved in the career. The fact that there are few non combat actions, the traits being general if more or less usefull to separate careers…. to me it just feels you can go through a career, get the completion bonus and move on without having aquired any aspects of the career you went through. I can see a player having to go throgh the same carreer multiple times to reach an intermediate career, slayer beeing a good example here, as I read the rules atm you simply have to rush through the trollslayer career as fast as you can, only obsticle I can see is to get the GM to give you an encounter with a troll or similar danger and poof you are a giantslayer. Thats simply 10 sessions of play, fewer if you get bonus xp… And the caster classes, 10 sessions and you advance to acolyte, 10 more and you are a wizard and 10 more and you are as powerfull as a wizard will ever become and its as easy as a thug advancing through watchman and mercenary to burgher. Yes I know there are a few more xp needed for the actual advancement stages but … Point is I just feel the career advancement effects feels … missing.
  6. As I grasp the rules atm you complete a career when you have taken 10 points of xp in career specific advancements be they career skills, stat increase or so on. Looking at the careers and mainly then at skills one quickly realizes one simple thing, you will never be able to train all the skills of a career before you leave it. Lets say I start out as a gambler, the career skills available are Guile, Intuition, Observation, Skulduggery and stealth, all good skills. The career advancements I am allowed for skills tell me I have to train one skill as one of the four fixed and then allowes me to train 2 more as open career advances, this would meen I can only train 3 skills as career advances. For most chars this is fine as A) the skills are basic and you are allowed to use them anyways and B) moving on to a similar career will give you access to many of those skills at a later point my gambler is a case in point if he moves on to become a thief. For the aprentice career its a bit different however. Without channeling you cant use the channeling power meening you have a very limited number of power to fuel spells and without spellcraft you cant cast spells, even if you create your character with 4 skills and 2 specializations you will be very limited… To me it seems you merely scratch the surface of the career before moving on, taking my gambler example from above I can easilly see me taking all my career advances as completely outside advancing my "gambler" say for example taking 1 reckless stance, advancing my agility to 5, a ranged action card, a talent a wound and the only real "gambler" advance beeing a skill from my list. It seems like Im missing something it seems like, in theory an apprentice wizard could advance to become an acolyte without being able to read&write, channel or cast spells…
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