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  1. Is there a limit to the number of squads you can build on the x-wing app?
  2. So I’ve been watching season 3 of Star Wars Rebels and noticed that by the show estimation that the Hammerhead frigate(?) seems to be close to the size of the CR-90.... Anyone think this might be a possible contender for a New ship for Epic?
  3. So 4 Tie/fo's are good? Ok!
  4. Docking clamps state Tie fighters, interceptors, bombers and advanced, no mention of FOs, unless they're counted among regular Ties.... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone here know where that X wing AI link is? Is it any good? Anyone know if it's good?
  6. This is great! Wish I had it when I started as well! Looking forward to your updates!
  7. They're here already... held the box in my hand on Friday. Not for sale till tomorrow.
  8. Not up to date what people are using in tournaments... Sorry, just a par time player
  9. Seems to me they've fallen off the radar. Feel like they're the forgotten ship around here...
  10. So, how would cloaking translate into Armada? Similar to the phantom in X wing?
  11. Just blue-skying here but do you folks think cloaking will show up in Armada.... As the quote states, large ships seem to have it.... And not YT-1300's... any thoughts?
  12. Hey there! Playing my first run through on Armada. My first snag: engagement While a squadron is at distance 1 of an enemy squadron, those squadrons are engaged. Our question: distance 1 on the distance side of the range ruler or distance 1 on the range side of the range ruler?
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