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  1. K-Wing, TIE Punisher, T-70 X-Wing, and TIE/fo are all missing as well.
  2. I've noticed a lot of bugs with Mission Control. Somone already mentioned a Bold issue, when you try to publish and what you initually had in bold becomes normal text. I've noticed a few other bugs. It seems that any time you go above 120 points Previewing your mission no longer becomes an option (at least in my situations). Most often, when I write text and if the preview function is actually working then Text will be missing, often cut off when I publish. Most recently the space backdrop on the map seems to have dissapeared for a reason I can not determine the cause. Publishing seems to be impossible in my current mission. Can some dev tell me what I can do to fix some of these issues?
  3. They don't the iconography as well as graphic design on card fronts and backs were changed for the switch to Silverline.
  4. Let me start by saying I love this game. I find it's design to be simply briliant and its the only time a Knizia game felt like it's themed actually matters. I currently own the silverline edition and I use a real ring for the one rind and Games Workshop miniatures for the Hobbits and Sauron. I am curious if there are any plans for releasing the expansions in the silverline edition, or weather anyone else is interested in the expansion as much as I am? I am beginning to feel the lack of replay ability at this point and I desperately need an expansion to combat this.
  5. How likley or unlikely would it be for this to get a reprint? I am currently on a Reiner Knizia high and would love to try this yet sadly it isn't availible.
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