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  1. I also like to create gaming aids to enhance the gameplay. Stuff like this is pretty cool. They hacked an old R2 unit and found this SOS message from the Sa Nalaor https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukk7g8bc0uxsas4/Sa Nalaor message pod complete.mp3?dl=0 And here is a mission board I created in Powerpoint https://www.dropbox.com/s/m85dnqrns7jbfez/mission board 16-9.pptx?dl=0
  2. Hi all Im trying to get my hands on some of the Core rulebook but it's sold out everywhere. When will you print up new batches of the books? Cheers
  3. Hi all Im running a sandbox campaign and to get my players on to Beyond the Rim I planted a destroyed astromech droid in a derelict spacehip in the middle of a dangerous asteroid belt. The droid contained the message from the Sa Nalaor message pod, but it was heavily encrypted. There is no information on how the droid ended up with this message. I wanted to make something special out of it so I made these sound files. The idea is that a com officer on the Sa Nalaor managed to send this out in the pod 19 years ago. Sa Nalaor message pod complete message https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukk7g8bc0uxsas4/Sa%20Nalaor%20message%20pod%20complete.mp3?dl=0 After isolating all the data in the message you can play this for them Sa Nalaor data stream https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ktjv8vwiw4jzby/Sa%20Nalaor%20message%20pod%20data.mp3?dl=0 Sa Nalaor morse https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdy0x0ovdqsfptk/Sa%20Nalaor%20message%20pod%20morse.mp3?dl=0 Sa Nalaor voice message https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmqv09fg0mma4ht/Sa%20Nalaor%20message%20pod%20voice.mp3?dl=0 And here is the message in the datastream SHIP IN DISTRESS - ABANDONING SHIP Carrier: Hyperspace Message Pod G4X32-YV89-RN42 From: CIC Captain Rel Harsol CIS, Munificent Class Star Frigate, Sa Nalaor To: Ropok, IsoTech, The Wheel MESSAGE AS FOLLOWS Heavy structural damage and main sublight engines failure. We are trapped in the gravity well and cannot escape. Situation extreme. Requesting rescue and survival gear. Determined to follow the plan if we survive. DISTRESS SIGNAL COORDINATES System: Cholganna Region: Wild Space T5 - MSLUB 4511,6S04935,2W
  4. And who needs a distress signal from Sa Nalaor? Made this from a real mayday to the coast guard somewhere in the arctic Sa Nalaor distress signal https://clyp.it/rzqmvzdf Of course your players have to use Computer skills to clean up the signal
  5. Oh and I am also working on a Interactive Mission Board for my players in Powerpoint. When they come to a spacestation they can look up missions on it. I am going to use it with a HP Pavilion tablet PC with a touchscreen. Can't wait to try it out in my little Star Wars sandbox
  6. Its just to learn the players how ranges work. It's purely informational for the player and we are not using it in any way with models etc
  7. Here is my homemade Range Band print if anyone needs it. I made it in A3 format and use it during my sessions Download the PDF here: https://goo.gl/aGBrjn Cheers
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