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  1. I always loved the Rogue Squadron games.
  2. I prefer WW1 and WW2 planes to jets. I would buy a full squadron of XCorsairs.
  3. I love everything Star Wars. I have endeavored to stay a kid though.
  4. Tarkin has some backstory in the Clone Wars show. He and Anakin seemed to agree on a lot of things.
  5. Rushing them through would be a bad thing IMO. As long as the prices stay affordable and the quality stays great I'm good with waiting a few months. Gives me more time to enjoy the ships I have.
  6. I'm going for two also. That will make 6 A's and 5 B's for me. I shouldn't need any more.
  7. I always put contact paper on my dials. It's a little time consuming, but seems to protect them very well.
  8. Absolutely not. The non random aspect is one of the best things about this game.
  9. I refuse to support anything Wizkids puts out. Plus this looks just a little silly...
  10. No doubt it's the X-wing for me. I still remember the day I bought my first toy one. I was 6 in '77. I carried it with me everywhere and played with it until the stickers wore off and the wings wouldn't lock. I still have my battle damaged one I got after RotJ I think.
  11. B&N is where I found A wings and Interceptors right after they were released, and couldn't find them anywhere else for less than 40 bucks.
  12. Rebel Aces and Boba are at the top of my list.
  13. +1 to this sentiment. FFG is a great company that seems to enjoy what they do and care about the fans of their games. I'm not going to comment on Wizkids because I have nothing nice to say about them. I have wished a 1000 times FFG had acquired the Clix license.
  14. Proud this thread popped up. I checked Miniature Market and they only had 6 B wings left. I ended up ordering 4x B wing and Bomber 2x HWK and 1 Lambda. $116.00 later I'm set for release day. I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas now.
  15. I'm ordering $100 worth so I can get free shipping. Not sure how its going to break down with each ship. Probably 3x B and Bomber 2x Hwk and 1x Lambda. Will probably end up with 4 each eventually though.
  16. F you glue the ships to the pegs and the pegs to the base you will not be able to change ship tokens out. I would imagine storage would be an issue too, unless you have a box they can stand up in. I just leave my pegs together and detatch them from ship and base. Hopefully FFG will offer replacement pegs for sell eventually.
  17. niceas said: What I'd love to participate in is a multi-player free-for all - one in which everyone brings say, 50 points of ships, starts on a different edge (or there's a minimum distance between deployment zones) and let Chaos reign. However, the main reason I tend to play 100 point games is that the games take ~1 hour, which means I can play more than one game a night if I am so inclined. I played in one of the large battles at the SW Experience last weekend. It was the most fun I have had playing X wing so far.If there are only two players 100 pt games seem to be about right.
  18. They had just restocked mini sleeves at the FF store this weekend. You should be able to order some. I haven't been able to find them anywhere else.
  19. Can anyone tell me what the admission fee at the door is? How are the highways up there? I'm thinking about taking a road trip…
  20. I just bought a fourth Y-wing for the same reason ziggy mentioned. 4 Y's may not have a lot of firepower but seems like a lot of fun trying to make it work.
  21. I'm with Eruletho. Battle Scribe works really good. Nice to see so many Realmsers migrating over to here.
  22. As long as I get some B wings and Tie bombers I'm good.
  23. I have my damage cards in a Heroclix single booster box. My upgrades I keep in a Heroclix 3 pack team box.
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