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  1. I'm pretty happy with my ships. I just want more new pilots. Tiree, Pops, Branon, Nett etc.
  2. Mine is on the way. I will have it tomorrow. Think I ordered on the 3rd of this month.
  3. Well congrats. Nothing like seeing a little person you helped create come into the world. I will tell you the older they get the more expensive they get. They go from being happy playing with boxes to wanting iPads and a car. Better get your minis while you can...
  4. Get that boat an engine upgrade.
  5. I saw it twice at the drive in when I was 6. Took the kids twice to see the anniversary edition at theater. With VHS DVD and Blu Ray I probably watched it twice a month for what? Nearly 30 years? So a lot.
  6. I only play at my house so I do drink a little. No food at game table though unless it's pretzels or something. I'm not a big fan of grease or cheetos on my minis.
  7. X-wings will always be my favorite but there is something about the B-wing that makes me want to fly one. I'm gonna have to get me the Lego. Problem is I have no room for it.
  8. All of the above and I'm also looking forward to the E2 upgrade for my Bs and trying the proton rockets out.
  9. No doubt I would go with a third X-wing.
  10. Hope he gets caught up soon. Two sets of these will be mine.
  11. paladin72

    Astromech List?

    Can anyone point me to a list that tells me which pilots and astromechs belong together thematically? I know R5D8 goes with Porkins and of course R2D2 with Luke but there are several I'm not sure about.
  12. That was pretty cool. Thanks for pointing it out.
  13. I will play from now on. This is my favorite tabletop game ever. I'm afraid I will be hooked on Star Wars until they take me to the crematorium.
  14. A 10! I give it a 10! Very nice. I wish I had more patience.
  15. paladin72

    Product timing?

    Some of you guys need to deal with Wizkids for a while. I promise you would appreciate FFG more. Imagine Rebel Aces and Wave 5 were available at GenCon but that is the only opportunity to purchase them. On top of that they only have a handful to sell at the con and a lot of people who go weren't able to purchase them. I'm not even going to go into the bloated rarity schemes or hard to get tournament only pieces.
  16. I will have to agree with others. Imperial Aces is one of my favorite FFG releases. I'm working on getting a couple more of them. The Imperial Guard Ties are really cool to play and look at.
  17. paladin72

    What order

    I would get the Thrawn Trilogy to read before Jedi Academy though.
  18. paladin72

    What order

    I'm fairly certain its the Rogue Squadron books then Jedi Academy and I Jedi is later.
  19. The biggest knock against AW is that its produced by Wizkids. Their name is synonymous with poor customer service, really bad quality control and making key parts of the game convention exclusives that are hard/expensive to get. They also have a reputation of making newer figures so OP the previous miniatures are almost obsolete. Not sure if they have done that with AW yet but they will. To be honest though I have went down the path of buying more than one miniatures game. They have taken over my house and kept my wallet empty much more often than it should be. My advice would be pick one and stick with it. X-wing is a far better overall experience IMO.
  20. N64 one was awesome as was two on the game cube but threes on foot sections were rubbish they should of stuck to the space missions they were great. I agree with that. I want to fly ships not run n gun.
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