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  1. That Falcon scene in 3D on the big screen may make people sick...believe I'll sit in the back.
  2. That's going to be so awesome in 3D.
  3. I really like that idea. Would be so cool. RED LEADER STANDING BY This way you could actually make it a unique point decrease for -2 points. You still cant quite take 5 xwings in a list, but now if you take one it costs two less! and maybe the Rogue leader does something else, not a point decrease. Yes the way I would do it the Red title cards grant better synergy between ships and the Rogue cards would be more for individual talents.You could do the same for Gold Squadron and the Y-wings. Would be a good way to get them some EPTs.
  4. I would like to see some X-wing title cards like Red Leader, Red 5, or Rogue Leader. Would be a neat thematic way to give them a bump.
  5. That would be really cool. I would like some regular Destroyers even more.
  6. I have a squad similar to this. 3 Greys identical to yours, and a Green Squadron A-wing with Outmaneuver and Adrenaline Rush. Its a lot of fun.
  7. I always liked Gavin Darklighter as a character. Everyone mentioned so far is good too.
  8. Had a great trade with MorganR. A+ from communication to shipping. Thanks.
  9. paladin72

    Missing parts :o

    My Imperial Aces didn't include the flight pegs. I contacted FFG and they sent me new ones quickly. Their customer service is great.
  10. Oh, man, I LOVED Black Sheep Squadron, way back when! However, while the name 'Rogue Squadron' fits the Black Sheep idea, I don't think of the Rogue Squadron members as really fitting that bill. The characters (thus far, for me) are a bit bland. I just finished reading Requiem For A Rogue. It feels like they pulled that storyline straight off a Black Sheep script. From the Bothan Girls to street brawls to the events searching for the lost cruiser. Just added X-wings and Ties for Corsairs and Zekes.
  11. I have an extra alternate Han and need an alternate Luke if anyone is interested. I live in Missouri.
  12. I enjoyed them all. I loved learning more about the different pilots. I wish they had made a couple of movies or even a TV show about the Rogues. Although it would probably been similar to Black Sheep Squadron. Of course that was one of my favorite shows.
  13. That's cool. I saw a '32 Ford painted very similar not long ago.
  14. Actually having Most Wanted in my hands will make me feel good inside. I think the Y-wing upgrades are just going to be icing on the cake.
  15. I can't abide those Jawas. Filthy creatures. Sand People are fine as long as they keep the Banthas down wind...
  16. I have too many X-wings 8 I believe. If not for my sons I would have more. I wish I had a Corvette. It's first on my Christmas list. Wouldn't mind a couple more Firesprays either.
  17. Love how people claiming they are all about diversity are amongst the most biased and prone to stereotype the ones they hate. Yep. Disagree with someone and you are automatically a racist or sexist.
  18. The issue is most Women and Girls have zero interest in playing a game with toy spaceships. I play to capture a good part of my childhood. Most girls were not Star Wars junkies when they were young. If a girl wants to play, I would say she wouldn't have any objections from the overwhelming majority of players. The way it is at my house my wife and daughter would much rather go shopping or read Facebook.
  19. There's probably a generational aspect to this. You're socializing your daughter into the game, teaching her that she doesn't need to be limited by a gendered role in society. Regarding your second point, I think you're on to something there. I do think that more narrative scenarios that create a closer tie to the SWU that women are attracted to in roughly equal numbers would be good. That's also something I want for its own sake. I'm a little tired of the 6a100pntDM. Yeah, but Sisters of Battle is kind of its own parody. Because it's just not that easy. 'What boys want' and 'what girls want' is not fixed. It's changing. I don't know why you can't accept that. If this is the case the this is a non issue. People are going to do the things that they want to. I have 4 kids of my own and coached, mentored, and cared for hundreds of other kids over the last 25 years. I'm sorry but boys and girls aren't that different now than when I was a kid. At least not as different as as some people would like to lead us or want people to believe.
  20. I think this is a non issue with this game. Boys and girls are different and like different things. I don't know why people can't accept that. There are a few exceptions and with ladies that do like this game I don't have a problem playing against. Unless they don't bathe but gender doesn't matter on that.AWWW
  21. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  22. Those look really cool. I had not seen any of the West End stuff painted. I never had the patience to paint on a large scale like that.
  23. X followed closely by a tie of Y B and A.
  24. I wouldn't mind a prequel game. The space battles in the prequels weren't bad there just wasn't enough of them. The opening of RotS was great. I really enjoyed the Clone Wars episodes with large space battles.
  25. I really think the collections we are seeing on ebay aren't really people bailing. I think it's just people cashing in on the outrageous prices being charged now. If I wasn't such a pack rat I might be tempted to get rid of some stuff myself. Years of sellers remorse have taken ideas like that away from me though.
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