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  1. I just took care of some of this supposed OP bacon my wife prepared.
  2. I have never found any overpowered bacon. I deal with new bacon the same way I have dealt with the old bacon. Nothing stands up against my Chomping Jaws of Death.
  3. I have a gripe with having someone find a thread already started. If it's more than two weeks old you have the obligatory forum dinks come on and ***** about thread necromancey. We are not going to be able to have it both ways.
  4. Well you know some people can not make the events. Thus thier only option is to purchase the item. They also have the option not to buy them. Of course. If 40-80 bucks helps me avoid a few dinks, then I say it is cash well spent. Tournament scenes are not for me.
  5. Very nice...Yep just take my money. My suggestion: See if you can find a faster boat.
  6. I have X-wing Squad Builder for Android also. I have never had any problems. It's a great app.
  7. I usually use Outmaneuver and PTL. I really like that combo.
  8. It would really make me nervous to store my ships with the flight pegs attached.
  9. Lambda Lambda Lambda yeah Omicron Moo Does look like a fun list. I need to play Imperials more.
  10. I love my transport and new X-wings. Haven't got the Corvette yet, but I'm pretty sure there's one under our Christmas tree.
  11. If I had to pick one pilot it would be Wedge. Keyan, Tycho, and Horton would round out my pilots in each ship. Ship would have to be X-wing. A, B, and Y in that order. I love them all though.
  12. Just got a confirmation that my order had shipped. Can't wait to finally be able to use some acrylic.
  13. Anyone have any idea on the handling time before AP ships orders?
  14. I just see Terminator 2 in my mind when i hear (or read) that song It made me want to watch Sling Blade.
  15. Barnes and Noble say 1/28/15. Maybe they know something we don't.
  16. I had the haircut the clothes and both the toys. The 70s were great.
  17. I'm gonna definitely change out to Autothrusters as soon as they finally come out.
  18. I have a lot of fun with my "Straight A's" squad. Jake Outmaneuver Prockets Hull Upgrade Test Pilot Predator Tycho PTL Prockets Munitions Failsafe Test Pilot VI Gemmer Prockets Munitions Failsafe Test Pilot Opportunist
  19. paladin72

    Silly names

    Not sure about the new ships but I like giving my squads silly names like Garkey Farvander And Tycho Dreislander. Maybe Slippy and the Space Bully?
  20. Because 1000 heads are better than 10? I have seen a lot of suggestions on here that were great balanced thematic ideas. I have seen some that were awful. That's how ideas progress. I would think if a game designer doesn't listen to ideas from the people that play every day, then they aren't very good designers.
  21. Thanks. Got me some Focus, Shield and Evade tokens. The new ones look better than the FFG ones to me.
  22. If you get 2x starter and one of each X-wing and Tie boosters it would give you a pretty good selection. For around $100. You can print off the other upgrades that you will need for home games. Soon after you will have to get the rest, because this game is more addictive than drugs.
  23. I would go watch it again.
  24. paladin72

    ETahn's Boys

    Etahn w/ Swarm Tactics and 3 Bs Good squad. I usually put Swarm Tactics on Etahn for those pesky low PS Ties.
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