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  1. JasperIII

    Have you forgotten?!?

    Was recently at GenCon and spoke to a couple of the FF card game workers. Dearest Ktom, I did watch the other two. Still doesn't make me want to play LCG's more especially since that's where they started. Though, at Gencon, I had learned about the draft packs return. I loved those. That is a great way to come back into giving back to the community. I really don't like the LCG model. I already know what's in the pack. I can't trade with friends. That's was a lot of the fun of the game in the beginning. However, I do hear the rest of you about how the LCG model is more economical and potentially could have saved the game (though I am going on hearsay only for now). I'm not recanting what I said though. I adored the CCG model. And really just came to tell them that. I still play it. In fact, I introduce new players to it whenever I see one interested. But it's no longer an investment. If I could have as much fun buying them as playing them again, I would be all over it. For now, I keep my aging Lightbringer and Army of the Drowned handy until the next family/friend gathering or when I hear someone say, "Hey. What cards are those for?" And I always reply the same to them, "The stuff of legends, my friend. Come, let me show you a REAL card game!"
  2. Dearest Fantasy Flight Games, hello! I was one of your long time supporters of that whole Game of Thrones awesome card thinger. We had much fun, my friends and I. So much that we went to tournaments (Gen Con too!), met cool peoples like the Morgan lady, ktomeggedon, and that wacky Lucas dude; played in that really awesome guy's beer basement where all the greats came in the midwest; and nearly funded one of our local game stores for a few years with all of our card buying. And then, something terrible happened. You took away our Christmas! No longer did we have the joy in opening booster packs and salivating over what we might get. No more, "Gee, I hope this has a Massing at Twilight." No, we got, "Ah... another chapter pack that's mediocre... Hurrah.." We stopped buying new cards. Period. (though, I will tell you that I have kept all my cards and share the game with family members, kids, co workers, and random girlfriends). We loved that game. Now, all that said, and if the moderators would deem to keep this subject alive long enough that someone up in the company could read it, I urge you to watch this video by this lovely group that also loves games, Extra Credits. And after that, return Christmas, ya Scrooges! That is all . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGkpoYxSep8#t=309
  3. JasperIII

    Suggestion: LCG Core Complement Packs

    This is a great debate. And I'm more than glad to see it surface. My meta and I had played this game many a years ago when it was still a CCG. We had the same arguements when it switched to the LCG model: 1. Why aren't there enough cards in one chapter pack for a full deck? 2. What do you mean I have to buy 3 packs if there's a really cool single that I want? 3. Wait, we know EXACTLY what's in each pack? Dude… that takes away the surprise and Christmas aspect of opening each pack. 4. Etc, Etc. We actually didn't like the changes so much that the meta for Agot disappeared in our town. We all stopped competing, went on with our lives, and occasionally pull out an old deck or two to play with family. We loved this game and absolutely hated the new model. Sure, you would spend more money in the long run buying boosters. But that whole aspect of trading with friends and not knowing what you were getting was important to us. We tried playing with the "new" core packs; and it was just awful. I sincerely hope that they do something to add packs or boosters or something back in. It would be a real shame if FFG couldn't capitalize on this time period where the tv show is approaching a peak of popularity. I mean really, they could have had people that didn't ever think of card games go, "There's a Game of Thrones card game?! And it's not for kids?! Dude, I'm totally gonna try that!" They still can, but with our metas not being what they were, no one to get excited with them about it. Purely subjective, I know. Point though. Game seemed like it was more popular about 5 years ago… before the changes. Don't believe me? Where's Ktom? Where's that cool dude that ran AGOT in his basement and had walls of booze? Where's that red headed Morgan chick? Where's Lucas recruiting game stores across the midwest? And finally, where's Tzumainn? If these names and places mean nothing to you, you haven't played in the Golden Age of the game. Just my two cents. Good to see the game is at least alive still. Later, heroes.