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  1. There is a tournament at a store called Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD on August 12th. Looks like 4 people are going. I hope that helps.
  2. Hey man, there is a facbook group called NOVA FireTeam for Imperial Assault. You can easily join. However, the group is pretty much dead. I have tried to get some folks to play Skirmish at the local game stores in NOVA, but I never receive a response. No one ever posts in there. There is the rare tournament during the year, but we are lucky to get two people to show up. I live in northern virginia. Where are you located? Do you play skirmish? I play with my son, but would like to play with other folks. Let me know.
  3. Guys, in the 800 point games you have played, how is the balance? Are Imperial's stomping Rebels? Are rebels holding their own? Just wondering which side is winning more games with just the wave 1 stuff.
  4. Very excited also. Decided to get two core sets because I was able to get two core sets at $65 USD each. Came out to $130 for two core. You guys think that was a good deal? I could not resist at that price for each.
  5. Guys, thanks for the advice! Can I add a few more to the list in determining if you need multiples for skirmish: Dewback Rider Bantha Rider Jawas How many mulitples of these? Thanks for your time!
  6. Guys, do you recommend buying multiples of any of the following for Skirmish? ISB Infiltrators Hired Guns Echo Base Troopers Alliance Ranger Troopers Wookie Warriors Rebel Saboteurs Rebel Troopers For Campaign, I bought one of each of the above, but for Skirmish, is it worth it to buy several expansions of each? Is there really any need in the current Meta for four hired guns expansions, or 3 ISB Infiltrators as examples? Thanks everyone.
  7. Whoa! The core set and the dice pack are sold out for pre-order at Miniature Market. The hype is real people, this game is going to be on fire.
  8. Guys, Will FFG provide replacement cards that are updated based on a new FAQ? For example, the Battlefield Leadership ability for Leia Organa's Campaign and Skirmish cards are wrong based on the new FAQ. Will FFG provide us with new updated cards if we write them, or are we out of luck? I know they replace damaged miniatures, but was not sure about various cards from IA that are updated via a new FAQ. Thanks for your time everyone.
  9. Warhammer 40k LCG tournament at Huzzah Hobbies January 11th in Ashburn, VA.
  10. Hey everyone, we are going to have a Diskwars Tournament this Saturday at the Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA. Here are the details taken off the page: On Saturday, November 22, Mike Isbell will be hosting a Diskwars tournament! Players will need to bring a tournament-legal army consisting of 2 regiments and 1 reserve regiment. There will be a $5 entry fee to the tournament. For more information, please contact the event organizer. Go to their November calendar on their website to find out more information - http://gameparlor.com/cnovember.html The tournament will be at 1 pm. We are all newbies, so no worries for everyone who is new to the game. You can PM also. Thanks!
  11. Uncle_Joe, I sent you a PM with some details about the NOVA diskwars players. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks and take care.
  12. Okay guys, here is an update. This was Fedex, not Fedex smart post, this was supposed to be delviered next day air, by Fedex, old school next day delivery, which made them famous. They let me know that my order is out for delivery today, (should have been here Saturday) and to make up for it, they extended my prime by a month, and they knocked off 25% my order. Here is the catch, someone else from Amazon customer service e-mailed this morning. They said they called Fedex, and Fedex said they lost the package! So to say sorry, they are shipping me another Warhammer Diskwars Core set, using same day delivery. I checked my original order and it still says Out for delivery. So based on what I see, I am going to receive two core sets instead of one. Sorry if this is confusing, but I am at a loss at this point. I am happy I will at least get something today. If I get a second, I have to do the honest thing and send it back to them. Wow, what a mess.
  13. They already did that once for me. I am wondering if they will do it a second time for this third screw-up. I did e-mail them, waiting to hear back.
  14. Guys, believe or not, the item was ordered directly from Amazon. They were the seller. Not some other party, with Amazon fulfillment. And guess what, the shipper was Fedex! Even Amazon customer service told me they were surprised with the delay. The guy in India told me that this is unlike Fedex to be late. I hope this helps.
  15. Guys, has anybody been having problems with Amazon Prime? I have placed two orders recently for FFG products, and they have both missed the guaranteed two day delivery dates, and they have actually taken about five days to deliver. I am currently experiencing another delivery problem with them now. I placed an order on Friday, 9/26/2014 for a Warhammer Diskwars core set, and picked next day delivery, 9/27/2014, and I paid the $3.99 for next day delivery. I was supposed to receive it on a Saturday, and it never came. Amazon was very quick to refund me the $3.99 for next day delivery, but said I should receive it by Monday, which is today. Still never got it, and now they are saying I should receive it tomorrow. I'm a little frustrated with this situation. I am beginning to wonder if Amazon is losing so much money on Amazon Prime shipping, that they are intentionally delaying orders to save money. What do you think? I was a Barnes and Noble member at one point, so I could get the 1-3 day express shipping. However, whenever I ordered any X-wing miniatures from them, two days after I would place an order with them, they would always tell me that my order was "delayed." I would not receive my X-wing minis until about seven days later. I complained about this, and B&N customer service refused to refund my $25 yearly membership. I am paying for express shipping, but not receiving that service. I had to go through my credit card company to get them to refund me my $25. Anyway, anybody experiencing this? I am not furious or angry, there are more important things in life to worry about. However, it is annoying. Thanks for your time everyone.
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