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  1. Thanks everyone, those are all great points, and have pushed me to purchase the core set, and all the expansions. Just needed a little more encouragement and this helped tremendously. Thanks again!
  2. Gang, I want to try this game, but am so hesistant. I need a solo/co-op game that I can bust out at home and play solo, or with my 12 year old son. I'm just worried I may not like it. The overwhelming majority of reviews I have seen, love the game and highly recommend it. If you could give me three to five bullet points on why I should make the plunge, I would appreciate it. Anybody else on the fence at first, but then tried it and loved it? Thanks for your time, and be safe everyone.
  3. Read the inflight report, a new expansion for Civilization is coming. Great news. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/7/1/ffg-live-in-july-1/
  4. By the way Vital Assets is already sold out at Asmodee and Miniature Market, and some of the other big online retailers. Selling out quick.
  5. Oh I see! Thank you so much for the quick response. So if I am playing my son, I should grab two, just so he can have the option for his battlefield deck also? Is that right. Much appreciated.
  6. Folks, How many Vital Assets Expansions are you buying? Why am I asking? For example, the expansion comes with two Field Scanners and Two Bacta Capsules cards. I know they are one time use cards, but how many can you include in an 800 point list? Is there a limit? I ask because is it possible to add six Bacta Capsules to your army? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I hope it makes sense. This one is selling out fast, and I got my hands on one. Considering buying another. Thanks for your time!
  7. Mesrob

    Rebel ships

    Since we are talking Rebel Ships, anybody want to share the Rebel list they were using before Covid shut down everything?
  8. Folks, Is there any reason for me to wait for an official 2.0 re-release of the Tie-Reaper or Saw's Renegades? Does the 1.0 versions, which come with 2.0 cards, fine enough? The reason I am asking is if there are going to be new cards and tokens with a 2.0 re-release. I believe they delayed these two re-releases. I know this question may be hard to answer, and I apologize if it sounds dumb. Thanks for your time, be safe everyone.
  9. How did you fix them? I put mine in a cup of water that had just been boiled and gently bent them back into shape. Wasn't 100% effective, but they were 90% better than before. Would love to know if you have a better technique. Thanks!
  10. Thanks again. Purchased one Core set, and one Tie Advanced (Nostalgia for Vader) and a T65 Xwing expansion. Also bought the Death Star Assault playmat (Yavin) from Asmodee's website. Played our first game, so much fun. I do have two questions though: 1. Wasn't the point list in 1.0 a 100 points. It's 200 points now, correct? 2. The Imperial Tie Fighters have serious quality control issues. Especially in the core. Bent and uneven panels, and the peg under the cockpit for one of mine was very uneven. Anybody else experience this?
  11. Thank you everyone for the advice! Going to stick with 2.0 for now. Gonna grab two core sets and one of each Imp and Rebel ship and see how that goes. Take care and be safe.
  12. Guys, my son and I are getting into X-Wing 2.0. We are going to play Imperials and Rebels. I'm also playing Legion and have the entire Star Wars RPG collection from FFG. So here is my question: can you provide me a 2.0 buyers guide for new a player, playing Imps and Rebels? For example, how many A-Wings would one realistically need? How may B-Wings, Tie-Defenders, etc.? Just don't want to go overboard and buy four Y-wings or three Tie-Interceptors, for example, when you would only ever run one or two of them. Is what I am saying making sense? Yes, we will be playing casual at home for a while, but eventually I'll want to play with the guys at the store. I've read that one Tie Defender is the most you'll ever need in an Imperial list. I've read that four T-65 Xwing fighters is more than enough. Again, I hope you all can help me. Thank you in advance!
  13. Okay I promise last question. You guys are incredibly helpful. I promise this is my last question. Rebel Pathfinders. Other than running one squad with Jyn Erso, I'm assuming there is no need to buy more than one? Thoughts? Thanks guys!
  14. Thanks guys for all the responses!! One last question. Based on what you know of Vital Assets, I am assuming one is enough? Or would you need multiple of those for the cards?
  15. Guys, I have one of each of the Rebel and Imperial Specialists expansions. Any need to double on either one? Wondering if two medical droids or two officers is in the current scene. Should I buy a second box of either? I'm asking as someone new to Legion. Thank you!
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