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  1. I've played about 4 games of Arkham Horror (Base Game) so far. The terror track had only risen above level 3 in one game (game we played last night in which we got creamed by repeated monster surges). Besides that it had little effect on my games. This just seem so to be how it is with the base game. Like Tibs wrote there are expansions that make more use of the terror track but besides that it should just be a minor annoyance.
  2. If this is still active add me as well. Scott Kostolni Levittown, New York 11756 Scott@iamhaen.com
  3. I know there's a bunch of threads on The Brig but I haven't found one that addresses this issue. I just finished up a 3 player game. I was put in the brig by the un-revealed cylon (who stole the presidency from me) and the other human player couldn't be convinced I wasn't the cylon. I spent an hour and half sitting in the brig while the other two continued playing and humanity slowly dwindled down. The cylon never revealed but prevented me from leaving the brig whenever I had the cards to attempt to leave. Eventually through attrition the galactica was blown up. I understand that's it's meant to be difficult to get out of the brig but it ended up making the remainder of the game zero fun. All I could do was sit there and shoot out executive orders at the human player hoping she'd win. Was there something I missed? Another way I could have tried to escape or can one players stubborness just keep a player out of the game permanently? Thanks!
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