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  1. I have seen this for pre-order on Amazon. 45€... ain't going to happen for me. Waiting it goes back to 30-35. Anyway... June 2015
  2. got loads of those: http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/dreadball/accessories/product/dreadball-dice-set-18.html 1£ / 18x12mm
  3. You just reminded me now I will have to buy more dice... ddddiiiiicccceeee....
  4. Good point, I think mine will just buy a pile of frozen pizzas and wait for the all thing to end on its own
  5. mine should arrive from germany this week. Wait- why Germany? Don't they have it in the Antwerp Outpost? I buy everything from amazon, and from germany to belgium is free shipping. I only buy green tea and coffee at Outpost.
  6. Doel.... jeez... we are in Antwerp... this can be a very short scenario.
  7. Zombies can be a good solution against ISIS
  8. 1) humans will all gonna die 2) at the end everybody will blame Obama, so, what's the difference?
  9. mine should arrive from germany this week.
  10. Belgium here, It cost me 32€ shipping included. Source: amazon.de.
  11. being a play-yourself game, what happen when you die?
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