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  1. based vallejo off white colored misc pannels Citadel codex grey and P3 bastion grey washed the whole thing secret weapon Concrete. cleaned up a lot of the citadel nuln oil re-airbrushed the engines Citadel Ice blue, then again with p3 white cleaned up the engines with a little more ice blue blending. Added grime on the vents with citadel Agrax Earthshade Painted all the glass thamar black sealed the mini. came back and hit the glass sections with Vallejo gloss varnish.
  2. I airbrushed mine on but had to go back and clean it up. it's kind of a small space to try to do a gradiaent in. I figured I'd post one next to a stock one to show the diffrences.
  3. Prevenge


    do you guys need any help with it?
  4. mostly I wanted a dirtly unkept smuggling feel, so I wnt with a bit of dirt and scorching on the hull. sorry about the crappy quality of my camera phone pics comments? critique?
  5. Prevenge


    I know of X-factor and occasionally Starwars miniverse or Mos Eisley Radio, but are there any others that I need to be aware of? If not should I be starting a new one, is there any intrest by anyone else?
  6. you might be a little better off swapping out your missiles for assault.
  7. My guess is that he's not playing to rebels' strength ; Synergy. Does he/she have any of the following: -Way to generate multiple actions per ship? (Dutch, lando, Gavin, push the limits) -A way to fix dice (beyond just one target lock or focus per ship a turn) -a way to mitigate damage(chewie, chewie, extra shields, biggs, draw their fire) If the answer to 2 or more of the above was No. That is definately why he's loosing. outside of that, sometimes matchups are just bad. The YT is the biggest model in the game, and potentially the most powerful, unfortunately it costs points to offset that fact. If they aren't trying to support that points investment, they'll loose every time.
  8. My Razr max doesn't have a mouse. that aside, here's an example in which I would like to view a card in battlescribe. I create an empire list. I tap tie-fighter. I tap "Backstabber". THIS IS WHERE I WOULD LIKE TO SEE CARD TEXT. then decided if I want to add him or not. Instead, "Backstabber" is now added to my list. Now I need to decide if I want to add more tie fighters (without reading their text), or exit back to my actual list. Now that I'm back at the main menu, I tap the top right icon and select "view roster" which allows me to see card text for my entire list in an uneditable format. I have to leave this if I want to edit the list or make changes. If I got the text on "Howlrunner" confused with "Backstaber" I have to go through the extra steps of removing him then going back and selecting her. Kind of convoluted, huh? I'm not bashing battlescribe in any way. It's a good modular tool for list construction across games. I'm a big fan of army builder for 40k and fantasy, but some games take more easily to that kind of list builder. I just feel a far better app could be built to fit X-wing.
  9. battlescribe was one of the ones I was talking about. Unfortunately, it doesn't list any kind of card text. Point totals aren't the only thing I usually need to build a list. I like to check card wording and whatnot. An app that could show you a card library, create lists, and have cards with updated erratta would really be all that I could ask for. Ship movement dial refrences(chart showing their available movements) , scenario listings, and possibly a dice roller would be sweet extras though. I'd easily pay as much for that(if not more than) as I did for warroom.
  10. I feel like astromechs are a good way to build a "custom character" that Empire just doesn't get. While a character may have a cool ability sometimes an astromech/elite pilot tallent + a Modification goes a long ways to offset that lack of ability. Granted I feel like "Options" is rebels' schtick.
  11. I've been fooling around with a couple of other Apps for android. despite having the "support" for X-wing, it drives me nuts trying to use them. So Fantasy Flight, do you want to take my money? Make an app where I can build a squad and look at/read cards. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.
  12. On rounding the falcon is the definition of ALPHA STRIKE. An Alpha strike is when you attack first to remove potential resources used in retaliation. If you don't kill the yt-1300(which was your alpha strike target), and it shoots back, you've failed the alpha. Not to pick fights or anything, but adding more and more options/upgrades on top of the 4 x-wings stated to validate the point, kind of makes the assumption that I don't put more points/upgrades into protecting my rather large points investment which is really silly. to farther compund this 8 point upgrade, wedge's reduction of one defence dice for one roll may equate to at most 1 extra hit, possibly a crit. FOr an 8 point investment of upgrades on my side, that's one shield upgrade(or chewbacca co-pilot),, 2 draw their fire, and an elusivness di9ffrence, which goes a long away to increase my survivability. Anywho, I appologize if it sounds like I'm trying to say that you can't win or are wrong. I'm not. I'm trying to say that you aren't at as huge of an advantage as you make it out to be. the game is fairly balanced, and for the mathamatical equivelent amount of work that 2 rounds of shooting does in a vaccum to take out an a falcon, is the same amount that I provide to take out 2 x-wings. it comes down to a bit of player skill and a game or rock-paper-scissors with list construction and upgrades.
  13. 4xwings firing 12 dice average 6 hits w/o focus or target lock. 9 hits with focus/target lock at range 2-3. 4x wings firing 16 dice averages 8 hits w/0 focus or target lock. 12 with focus/target lock at range 1. falcon dodging has a 3/8 chance w/o focus. that's 1.5 pts at ranged 1-2. 3 points dodged at range 3. Either of those alphas will not one round a falcon with average dice. they can spike either way. This also doesn't talk much about the ability to get out of fire arcs or park on other models to provent shooting.
  14. I agree about Han, I feel like there are cards for the around the same points diffrence(between chewie/han) that fix dice to offset Han's ability. So really your looking at Pilot skill vs added durability. I've played Han + lando +2 gunners before. I've seen the silly amount of dice fixing Han can get. At a certian point it gets redundant. I don't see much reason to stack Han farther with dice fixing cards, so he usually winds up getting assault missiles,engines or expose and that's it. To make him Chewie, all he needs is draw fire on something else. Chewie on the other hand can easily stack in pretty much all dirrections with cards. Now let's not discount pilot skiill. I've seen hon one-shot a lot of ties at the top of the round. That usually mitigates 1-2 points of damage, a turn. it kind of offsets chewie's ability. (sometimes, and then some) In my oppinion, chewie has the ability to upgrade to become Han+(or at least Han-like). Han does not have the option to downgrade to be Chewie. I guess it depends on where you want to spend your points at the end of the day. If you need that 4 points somewhere else badly, chewie's an option.
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