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  1. SheepDog

    Rogue One

    Now that's funny. Nice one
  2. SheepDog

    Rogue One

    You know, I get the feeling your name refers to the type of person enumerated in the works of Colonel Dave Grossman, whom I wholeheartedly respect. What Grossman preached, and what the term Sheepdog represents, is a watchful citizen who stands ready to be a guardian for the safety and liberty of him or herself and others. Consider, for a moment, that liberty can't always be defended with a gun. Sometimes it needs changes in worldview too. Completely agree. If you care about women and helping them in the world I would (honestly, truly) suggest that there are a ton of bigger issues affecting and hurting women than "under representation" in science fiction.I apologize if I seem course. Traveling as you have in Africa I think you have probably seen more REALLY bad stuff in regards to how women are treated. I have seen some as well and find the typical woe is me American undergrad speech terribly lacking. Nice pick up on the name reference. Sorry about my tone. Fly casual
  3. SheepDog

    Rogue One

    Oh and since I'm on a common sense rant there are a multitude of reasons women are not doing those jobs in the military. Some obvious, some not. Some understandable, some a little suspect. For example do you know what "hot bunking" is? If you find out you may understand why it's difficult to get women on subs. Women do serve on subs but only at the officer level. Have you ever served? Did you REALLY even consider serving or are you just ruffling your feathers in between your "Destroying the Patriarchy" and "How Communism really can work this time" survey courses.
  4. SheepDog

    Rogue One

    I don't know, maybe because other than Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica, there have been no female fighter pilot leads in any movies ever? Or how about because Star Wars hasn't had a single female combat pilot in any of the movies? How about because girls like me grew up having to watch boys do all the things we wanted to do on TV and in movies, with the knowledge that we weren't legally allowed to do it in real life either (women couldn't be fighter pilots legally in the USA till I was 13)? There is a freak load of horrible damage that needs to be undone pronto. And if none of those reasons is good enough, how about variety being the spice of life? And because I'm on a little bit of a hysterical feminist rant now, I have to add that to this day, I can't join the US military and serve in the infantry, in tanks, in submarines, in the special forces - the list goes on and on. Women are so clearly second-class citizens in this country it is frankly shocking considering how open-minded we all think we are. Take the "social justice warrior" pseudo intellectual crap else where night strike. Wow, you really have it soooo bad in America. Have you ever travelled anywhere? This is an x-wing forum. Not a casting call for next semesters production of the bijingo monologues. Save it for your "Gender studies" 72 hour workshop next week entitled " Genocide and Man-spreading: is there a difference?"
  5. Just thought I should mention for all those who don't want FFG to release spoilers and previews at the pace they have for the last couple of years there exisit a compromise that would satisfy both camps. If you don't like the spoiler and preview pace you can individually slow it down to whatever speed you desire. Its called not checking the FFG site and forums. Using this incredibled advanced prototype technique called "choice" you can "choose" to not pay attention to the previews and spoilers. FFG then could release said information at the same speed and you can remain completely oblivious. See, the really great thing about this "choice" option is that it achieves your desired goal without hampering the desired information pace of the community around you. Now I know the concept of not trying to "impose" yourselves on others will be strange and foreign to many of you. But just try and imagine a huge, dynamic, and restless community that carries on without you and may not appreciate your trying to influence the speed of information. I'm not saying you can't ask. I'm just wondering my you would when you have control over the speed that you accept that information at an individual level without conflicting with others around you.
  6. SheepDog

    X-Wing 4th Faction

    Good thing this is saved. I believe you are wrong TIE. Comparing this idea to card packs? We shall see.
  7. SheepDog

    X-Wing 4th Faction

    The smugglers and spies (pirates) will be the next faction. Probably won't happen for a year or so (Gencon 2016) but it will allow FFG to re-purpose and add variety to some current ships (YT-1300 / YT-2400 / Lamada) along with whatever new stuff they put out. This is going to happen. But don't say anything. People on the forums get their panties in a bunch and start foaming at the mouth over the idea that FFG would want to re-release with new pilot abilities and cards no name ships like the Falcon. Or that Chewey could be the pilot of a Lamada Shuttle. Crazy, wild stuff that would never happen. Also the idea that Smuggler Han going up againist Rebel Han in a fight in X-wing is totally something, something idoitic or something. I mean can you imagine how stupid you would have to be to think that like how scum is an underworld reflection of empire with an illict slot that Smugglers and spies could be an under world reflection of the Rebels with an illict slot. I personally was pleased they released Boba with a new badass ability and breathed new life, options, and variety into an awesome, iconic character from Star Wars. But the very idea that this might be done also for Han, Chewey, and Lando is so far outside the realm of possiblity for some people on this forum that it makes skipping across a sidewalk puddle into jumping the Grand Canyon. Bring on the rage nerds
  8. I don't see a problem with it being a fourth faction independent from the others. I view that as a feature, not a bug. More variability and options would be good. We just disagree.
  9. TIE Pilot: I think we just have a difference of opinion. I view Smug/Spies as the underworld reflection of the Rebels. Just as people consider Scum as the same for the empire. I don't want to get into Jedi/Sith argument. I don't believe I have to support the creation of those factions to state that I believe Smugglers and Spies is in the development pipeline on a whiteboard somewhere in MN. I believe that Smug/Spies will be a faction that use the illict upgrade (as scum does) and will be a home for ships on the rebel side of the aisle. I also think that the Shuttle would be a very acceptable ship for this faction. I think it would be great in fact. While Chewey is a rebel, I (and IHMO many Star Wars fans) would view him as a smuggler first and a rebel second. Just as I would view Boba Fett as Scum first and Imperial second. When I first started playing this game I was actually a little taken aback that Boba was on the imperial side. I get it, I do. Its an iconic ship and very popular. I was also a very early believer and supporter of Scum. I didn't know how they would do it and what Scum would bring to the game. Neither of us know what they are working on now. I don't know how exactly the new faction will work. I don't know what ships will be included. BUT, I really believe in the FFG team and everything they have been doing with X-wing strikes me as a company with a long term vision. I believe they will want to re-purpose and provide more variety for iconic ships. The Falcon being number one. Is that really such a crazy concept? For example, I love the new Boba pilot. I'm still trying to learn how to fly it, but I think it was a great game design move and breathed new life into an awesome character. While the meta right now is Han heavy that may not be the case 1.5 years from now (gencon 16). I really hope it isn't. I hope that the game has evolved and moved on by then. I envision this faction having iconic pilots . Han, Chewey, Lando, Dash, Jan, Kyle, Bothan spies, and a whole host of others. Slippery smugglers and devious spies who use awesome talents, modifications, and upgrades that the genius game developers at FFG will create and exhaustively test. If you disagree with this ok, cool, but I do believe that the basic concepts laid out in this post are reasonable and will probably end up coming true at some point.
  10. I contest all of these statements. Smugglers and Spies exists in the LCG because it's split into Light Side and Dark Side: Light Side aligned criminal elements are S&S and dark aligned ones are S&V. X-wing isn't polarised like that. Plus, all the S&S characters that have ships have already been incorporated into the Rebels. (See Outrider) What would S&S have that's it's own? To make parity with the current factions it'd need eight ships off the bat. Scum exists because it needs to: the barrel is getting a bit low on non-abominable Rebel and Imperial ships, and Scum contains a motherlode of good material. That, and it allows the designers to explore some more space with game design. It is, however, a child of necessity. What ships would S&S have? You've got the rebel pancake ships, but a faction made up entirely of Fat Falcons? The forum'd explode. The Lambda? That's an Imperial shuttle. You suggest new ships, what ships? Rebel ships the rebel have, Imperials the Imperials have, and mercenary ships Scum has. That covers pretty much everything. Saving ships for S&S? Saving which ships? The most S&S ship there could be (the Outrider) was released for Rebels. Smugglers and Spies is the light side split of Scum for the card game. It doesn't translate into a fourth X-wing faction, unless you're suggesting we'll also see Jedi and Sith factions appearing. You may be a little late to the party. We already have four different IG-88s. I doubt it. Hound's Tooth's in the new canon, the other two (Dengar and Zuckuss's ships) are fairly ugly and not in the new canon yet. That'd make Bossk the priority. Plus, for the Hound's Tooth it's easier to find other pilots given it's been around the canon and Legends. Pekt springs to mind. 1. An Imperial shuttle flown by non-imperial people on a clanestine mission. Your right that would never happen and its certainly not canon. I mean honestly, imagine Chewey flying a shuttle. Its just silly! Fly casual man. Fly casual. 2. Well slap my butt and call me sally! Thanks for letting me know that IG-88 is part of the game now. As a casual X-wing fan who checks these forums pretty much daily (and has been now for at least a year) for news regarding wave 6's status and upcoming releases it totally ran under my radar that one IG-88 (let alone 4!) was going to be released. Wow, hopefully I have time to update my pre order. Once again, thx dude, your my hero. 3. As far as the next faction. I believe FFG will have another faction. I "strongly suspect" that this faction will be Smuggler and Spies. As far as what ships will be in this faction. I named three and think those three will be included. Other ships, I have no idea. Just like I had no idea that they would invent the Raider to suit their purposes. I "think" that FFG is going to do this faction. There are crossover ships available. It will re-purpose exisiting ships, give FFG opportunities to add elements to gameplay, is highly thematic, etc. etc. "Scum Smuggler and Spies exists because it needs to: the barrel is getting a bit low on non-abominable Rebel, and Imperial ships, and Scum ships, and Smugglers and Spies contains a motherlode of good material. That, and it allows the designers to explore some more space with game design. It is, however, a child of necessity." FIFY
  11. We will definitely be gettting Hounds tooth for Scum. I am really hoping that they go with the Large option for it and package it with a Z-95 with a special paint job. Wouldn't be surprised if Hounds Tooth is in the next wave. I expect size and price around where the VT-49 was (maybe more). Jumpmaster and mist hunter won't be far behind. The bounty hunters are simply to important not to get into this faction and on the board. Outside of Boba Fett, Bossk and IG-88 are the best known and WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE GAME SOMEHOW. Wild Karrde is a Smuggler and Spies faction ship. That will be the next faction. It will allow the YT-1300 / YT-2400 / Lamada to be re-purposed (along with new and other ships) for smuggler and spies. Wild Karrde will probably be that factions huge ship (maybe large, idk). Honestly I don't think we will see the next faction for a long time (Gencon 2016?), but they are saving a bunch of ships for it.
  12. He has to be. Palpatine absolutely will be a card you can take in Standard. He's a totally iconic part of Star Wars and has to be on the table has much as possible.
  13. Title says it all. Is Wave 7 the next announcement or more Raider Info? Secondly, what date did Scum go on the boat? Shouldn't we be expectiing it to hit shops by mid Feb?
  14. I think IG-2000 would be nice. The holy grail would be Wave 7 or whatever was the next big annoucement. Really looking forward to IG-2000. It's not a big deal. Just was waiting all week for some news and when it doesn't come you get sad face.
  15. Won't lie people I was almost sure they would have put out some X-wing news today. Guess not. Heart broken.
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