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  1. Togashi Tadakatsu reads: the defending player chooses the element (but not the type) during each conflict declared against him or her. This choice is made before conflict type, attacking characters, and the attacked province are chosen. What’s this mean?
  2. We were running little mini 20 card decks. Highlander format. One of every conflict & dynasty card of whichever team. My son, happened to be playing Scorpion splashed with crab. I was playing Unicorn splashed with Dragon. I attacked in at least 6 times into his province with fertile feilds and couldn’t break the province. Half the time, I couldn’t even win the ring. I had Shinjo Altansarnai out on turn two. My son, never got his champion out & only lost because he dishonored himself due to running out of his conflict deck. If, we had been playing normal decklist size I doubt I could win. Playing against Scorpion is maddening. He had these crappy guys out there & somehow managed to neutralize my attacks every time.
  3. Ah..... Ha! Sorry, I was playing against scorpion. He had 12 cards in hand. So I missed the joke...
  4. No, how many cards can you have in hand at the end of turn? Is there a limit. Sorry, I wasn’t clear.
  5. Any hand limit for cards in hand? If, so when do you discard down? thank you
  6. I don’t care for this either. I’m not going to quit. I hope they don’t do this again. id have preferred all 6 packs in one box... for $40.
  7. I would assume this works against your opponent then? Since it takes place “during” a political conflict. Meaning they choose a political conflict, you switch it. Then, how does that work? Does that mean you’ve used up your opponents military attack or your own? so border rider is super good.
  8. Captive audience says: action: during a political conflict, lose 1 honor-change the conflict to military. I assume this resets the political conflict so you still can make another one? Kinda of like If your sent home your character doesn’t bow... Border Rider says: action: ready this character. So you can’t use this action while bowed correct?
  9. Nope, I didn’t think that “while only a character”. No covert. Thank you. I misread tattooed wanderer... I thought it read: You may play this character “as though” it was an attachment with the text: Attached character gains covert. it reads differently: You may play this character as an attachment with the text: “Attached character gains covert.” Thank you. I’m glad there are so many folks here far more observant than I...
  10. Will do. Thank you. I thought stats wouldn’t transfer over... just the covert. The stats bar looked awfully close to regular attachments. I got confused. Thank you.
  11. So... while tattooed wanderer from dragon is an attachment on a character... 1) can it be assassinated? 2) does the attached character also gain the stats? Tattooed wanderer has 2M & 1P. So does the attached character gain those stats or only the covert. 3) can you use Daimyo’s favor to reduce the cost of Tattooed wanderer? If I have further questions where on here should I ask?
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