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  1. Recently got Unbreakable Bonds and I made a play through:
  2. Ok, thanks for the replies, I get it now. So technically speaking what is the highest FR a character can achieve?
  3. Hello, How many force rating do you need to have to be considered a "Jedi Knight"? Also, how does one improve their force rating instead of just getting more talent trees? Or is that considered the only way. Thanks
  4. Hello, I purchased the beginner game when it first came out and noticed that on page 2 of Lawrick the pre-gen character has a 0 presence. Anyone else have that error? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I purchased the beginner game when it first came out and noticed that on page 2 of Lawrick the pre-gen character has a 0 presence. Anyone else have that error? Thanks!
  6. Never remove boost die. That being said, at least one setback die is assigned to my players dice pool 90% of the time. It encourages narrative and makes them annoying enough for players to want talents that remove them. Opposed rolls I typically use for piloting to determine ship positions and the like..
  7. I thought it was pretty straightforward that Finn was the favorite to become Luke's student, but it could also just as obviously have been Rey. It could be Rey now, since the concept art might have been done for an earlier version of the script. I am leaning to Rey or potentially both of them. Rey is generally rumored to be a Han-Leia child and has a very Padme-like appearance. For the lightsaber hand-off, I do think it's a younger hand giving to an older, I am thinking someone giving it to Leia but could be way off there. I think it is a new alien species who is selling the light sabre to her. Luke's lightsaber was obviously recovered by some random maintenance person/droid and it has passed a few hands for big space bucks..
  8. Core rulebook also discusses murder. No problem with that? ROTJ Jabbas palace - Jabba to Leia in her leech "in time you will learn to appreciate me" - SLURP . I think it was pretty clear what he meant. There you have it, the movies introduce to us that sex slavery is in a galaxy far away, and that was a kids movie. Maybe Monopoly is more your type of game friend. Happy gaming!
  9. It says there is a new one in the article. Come on Ewoks!
  10. In ROTJ Vader tells Luke "indeed you are powerful" right after commenting that Luke constructed a new light sabre. This tells us you have to have some strong proficiency in the force to create one. so that comment in Heir Seems like it is saying if one has a light sabre in their possession the empire would like to investigate how someone came into it to ensure that individual is not a Jefi or even knows one. The emperor wants All the Jedis dead remember..
  11. have the players write up their characters backstory using the obligation and motivation system provided as the backbone. This can help give the players focus and immersion. If that doesn't work, tell them you understand if they arn't into the game and get a new group of players. No point in playing if you are not enjoying it.
  12. Not necessarily. Biological sexual organs have ****-all to do with attraction. Hutts being a hermaphroditic species doesn't change what individual ones might find sexy; being hermaphrodites does not automatically make them bi- or pansexual. It is also mentioned in the EU that Hutts don't have female slaves for their own sexual attraction, as they aren't attracted to other species. They do it because they're a symbol of power, influence and wealth, and because most other species find those female dancers attractive. Yea, I`ll still have a few hutt gansgsters in my game, at least an exentric one, with male slaves as well or instead. I definitely think Jabba was an exception to this rule. When he wants his "pet" to come closer and starts rolling his tongue around Just for Show! Haha Feminine and masculine are not the same as male and female. On wookiepedia, Jabba is described as hemaphrodite(masculine personality), Gardulla is described as hemaphrodite(female personality) It becomes part of the game when Hutt Space, hutt society and culture is a focus of the campaign. And it is likely to becomes important to a player who wants to play a hutt character. Wookiepedia isn't necessarily Disneys present take on Canon. It sounds like something you could make up on the spot that works best for your campaign. You might be waiting awhile for an official statement from Disney to learn about Hutt breeding practices.
  13. By the sounds of it, the party wouldn't be able to afford the gas for a ship this size..
  14. In the Phantom Menace we saw a male Hutt and a Female Hutt side by side. There are male and female hutts, so it is safe to say they breed with each other. We all know Episode I was a hunk of junk but apparently it is canon.. Wait a minute...how did this even become an issue in anybody's campaign?!..too far people.
  15. I don't make my players buy anything. Anyhow, I fully intend on buying most of what this game has to offer anyway, because I thoroughly enjoy it. If someone in my group wants to use what I got, great! If they want to buy their own that's great too! Too me its all win win, especially if they want to keep on playing this great game.
  16. I purchased the beginner box because the pre gen characters are fantastically laid out for when I have people who want to try the system but don't want to yet invest the time in making a character. In my experience the pre gens have been incredibly helpful in getting a newb to dive right in and get comfortable with the system Very quickly. Anything that gets new players into this RPG with ease can never be a bad thing and this beginner box, in my experience, has done that wonderfully.
  17. What sort of splat books would you like to see in the future? I would like a module/splat book that involves a lot of information (maybe also takes place) on the Death Star.
  18. I would say anything clone wars would be "warfare" Anything force related would be Lore in my mind. think I would use Warefare for anything about the Clone Wars though, personally.
  19. During prep for a session I always consider placement of where a few knowledge checks (strange symbols, artifacts, people, historic facts of organization and groups) that the players can perform, because I always like to have some sort of opportunity for investigation For them. It's a great way to bring depth to story and when knowledge checks are passed it can give the players a better idea of why certain things are happening to them and maybe a better understanding of the consequences certain actions They may take can cause.
  20. Until the players steal the plans from the only imperial library in the galaxy that has the info on building one (if it wasn't destroyed) or building one..
  21. I have also been playing RPGs for nearly 30 years and these books have definitely set a new standard in quality and content. Not to mention the system is the most fun I have ever had with an RPG. Thank you for recapturing the magic of Star Wars.
  22. I notice the newer releases of the EotE core rulebook doesn't have the "Read This First" pamphlet. FFG has now incorporated it into the first chapter of the core rulebook. Anybody else notice this? I'm kind of curious why it was done like that in the first place. Any guesses? Nice little collectors item now.. I guess I should no longer let my new players put their grubby hands on it.. Happy gaming
  23. I am not sure it would be profitable. Most players would simply want the Red die, and they would be sitting on idle capital. Then provide the stores with a bulk supply of just the red die and force die, With a few black and blue dice for good measure. Sell them for a $1 or so each.
  24. Please consider having the dice sold individually. I would like to purchase more force dice and challenge dice but no longer need any more ability and skill dice. I am aware of the app but my group prefers to roll actual dice because it brings more of an organic feel. they simply find it fun to toss the dice themselves instead of letting someone else do it for them. Just a fan providing feedback. Thank you!
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