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  1. I agree Deathtroopers are slightly better, particularly with Krennic and without Iden. On the other hand, ISF is cheaper, particularly if you're adding heavy weapons. Depending on my build, there's a good chance I'd be willing to take the slight downgrade and go with ISF over Deathtroopers to open up points to spend elsewhere, or to go all-in on Infiltrate like Caimheul1313 suggested.
  2. I would have liked a mechanical explanation of the style master abilities. I suppose I'll have to wait until closer to November.
  3. I played non-Strike Team Scouts once! ... Once. ... Never again.
  4. Agreed. Assuming the Tactical Droids don't cost more than 75 points (and they'll likely cost less), you could field upwards of 65 models. Tactical Droid x2 for 2 models + B1s with extra trooper and E-5C x6 for 48 models + Full BX with Snipers x3 for 15 models = 65 models.
  5. Absolutely! The key thing to remember is that we're talking about potential future problems, not existing problems. We only know units which have been released or spoiled; FFG probably knows about units which won't see the light of day until 2022. A problem could swiftly come up if CIS receives both a cheaper Support and a relatively cheap Commander. Suppose CIS gets a support in line with the other factions, around 55 points. That'd drop their total in your calculations to 525, the lowest of any faction. Then suppose they also got a Commander at 100 points. Not the cheapest around, but close to it. Now you've got 13 activations spending 625 points. What to do with those remaining 175 points? You could switch the Saboteurs for Snipers, and give all six of your B1s both the extra trooper upgrade and an E-5C heavy upgrade and still have 25 points left over to devote to miscellaneous other upgrades. Even if that list didn't turn out absolutely busted, I really don't want to see (and I don't think FFG would want to see) a list with 13 activations, 9 of which have heavy weapons upgrades. Thus, I think FFG might be reluctant to create a low-point Commander option out of concerns that it could cause problems at some point. tl;dr Not problems now, maybe problems later.
  6. Snipers over Saboteurs. And if you aren’t happy with Dooku with just Force Reflexes, you could run the General to make room for upgrades. The point is, CIS can already bump up against the unit limits, even before getting equivalents to Mortar Troopers and E-webs. FFG might be reluctant to give them a cheap commander because doing so might allow them 15-16 activations at some point.
  7. Once the BX droids and STAP Riders come out, CIS will also be able to run 13 activations with Count Dooku. Give them a 50 point commander and they can go 14 activations with an AAT (by taking saboteurs instead of snipers in the BX units). Or a 90 point commander and they can go 14 with Cad Bane. Or give them a 100 point commander (or a non-unique 50!) and they can do 13 (or 14!) activations with all six B1s having an E-5C heavy, or a 70 point commander and those B1s can also have an extra trooper. And to be perfectly honest, the main limiter on these numbers is not the cost of the CIS units; it’s the number of units by rank allowed by game rules.
  8. Re: Electrobinoculars. I only ever use them to boost Veers’ existing Spotter. I don’t think Rebels have a great unit for them, much less one that can keep up with the Mandos. Re: Mandalorian Resistance. With a base cost of 24 points per model and only one hit point per model, this unit will need as much protection as it can get. Even with red surge defense saves and Impervious, I’m going to want to keep them in heavy cover with dodge tokens and Situational Awareness. I think they can be great, but depend on terrain too much to be top-tier. Re: Clan Wren. Each model in this unit can fire a different weapon, which means you can either focus fire so you only deal with cover once, or spread it out and give your opponent up to four suppression tokens. I think knowing when to split fire and when not to split fire will be key in using this unit properly.
  9. I find it hilarious that Fives can 'echo' (Coordinate) an order, but Echo cannot.
  10. I think AABAABAB would cause just as many issues as ABABABAA. Sometimes you'd prefer to go twice at the start of a round, rather than have extra activations at the end. Perhaps another solution would be to give the player with fewer activations a number of 'pass' activations equal to the difference. On that player's turn, they can choose to activate a unit with a face-up order token, pull from the order pile/bag/stack, or use a 'pass' - effectively giving them control over when the opponent gets to take back-to-back activations. The 'pass' activations could reset each round, so they could also act as a sort of 'catch-up' mechanic; the player who ends up down a lot of units gets 'pass' activations as consolation. Only have one unit left? At least you get to decide when in the round that unit activates.
  11. These rules are only intuitive to you because you've already memorized them. "Oldhammer" effectively had keywords; they were baked into the names of the weapons instead of listed separately. Granted, I probably have a similar bias towards Legion, both because I already know those rules and because the fact that I'm more invested in Star Wars characters than whatever GW produces makes it easier for me to associate various models with various rules. Still, I appreciate the fact that Legion uses symbols instead of numbers (especially in cases where Warhammer refers to a chart instead of actual math), and the fact that Legion doesn't have the extra "I hit the target but did I wound it" step. For me, even basic attacks in Warhammer boil down to me rolling a bunch of dice and asking my (admittedly more experienced) opponent which ones are successes, which ones are failures and how many times I need to keep rolling.
  12. Most, if not all, of your list could be accomplished in the game as-is with the addition of new keywords, upgrades, Command cards and/or Battle Plan cards. * Rules for building interiors, doorways * Building destruction / terrain morphing * Fires (burnable terrain) -These could be done with Battle Plan cards. Either they could be Condition cards that add the terrain and tell you what they do, or they could be Objective cards where you have to try to destroy/burn/morph the associated terrain. * Off-board artillery (see Leia’s command card) * Air-strikes -As you pointed out, these options can come in the form of Command cards. I could also see FFG creating a new type of card, similar to Plots in Destiny, which cost build points in exchange for some advantage (or disadvantage in exchange for extra points), which could include some off-the-board attacks. * More sophisticated grenade rules (scatter? different types of smoke?) -FFG could create new grenade upgrades with different keywords. * Spotter rules for forward observers (laser pointing) * Enhanced Camo / Invisibility / Force Projection (i.e. Luke’s trick in episode VIII, Imperial Spy/scout units from Imperial Assault) * Jump-Troopers (Mandalorian) * Impersonization (sp?), I.e. shape shifting units/spies -Spotter, Low Profile, Jump and Incognito all exist in the game already. Invisibility (preventing line of sight) would be difficult to balance, but would work mechanically in the current game. * Non-violent attacks (“there’s one, set for stun!”), non-violent scenarios/units (Corusant / Naboo police actions?) * Civilian rules * Prisoners, taken in game * Surrender rules (Episode IV, Episode VI) -Technically in this game you 'defeat' models, not kill them, so you could imagine your units are stunning the opponent's units. If you're looking for a more explicit scenario of dealing with police and civilians and/or taking prisoners, FFG could create a new Objective along those lines. * Customized armor rules (Mandolorian) -I believe the various armors are already represented by defensive keywords like Nimble, Impervious and Danger Sense. It might be cool to see some armor Tech upgrade options, though. * Half-squads. For extra activations, manning heavy or medium weapons (smaller versions of e-webs, with a spotter/loader and shooter for example, but not on a super-heavy frame) -That's essentially what Heavy Weapon Team Strike Teams represent. * Experience upgrades (for campaign play or multi-game play - units that survive gain minor upgrades or even downgrades) -A campaign game mode where units could earn build points to use on upgrades could be cool. It'd be a new game mode, not a new version of the game. * Hidden deployment -That would be a new Deployment Battle Plan card. * Hasty-barricades (engineers) -A personnel upgrade with an action that can add a barricade? That'd work in the current game. * Climbing/elevation rules that encourage vertical movement (right now this is rarely a good thing to do in Legion as it consumes precious actions) -This one is actually something I'd like to see if they make a second edition.
  13. I think Nute could make a good commander. He'd be more about boosting your Droid Troopers in exchange for low (or no, with the Noncombatant keyword) personal damage output. That said, I agree the Separatists have a ton of commander options based on the movie and animated series. Whorm Loathsome, Kraken, Rift Tamson, Wat Tambor, Admiral Trench, Kalani, Osi Sobeck, etc..
  14. In such a format, Chewbacca would weep bitter bitter tears.
  15. In my mind, Obi-Wan Kenobi should progress from a defensive unit to an offensive unit throughout any given match. To really get the most out of him you can't put him totally on defense or totally on offense. Early on (Round 1 or 2 depending on how close the armies deploy to each other), Knowledge and Defense allows him to use Soresu Mastery to deflect several times in one round. Obi-Wan needs to stay close to the rest of the army to provide this protection, so you'll likely activate him late in the round and let him advance towards the enemy once he's provided the protection. Mid-match, once Obi-Wan had advanced but before getting too close to the enemy, General Kenobi allows you to boost all your Clones. Obi-Wan doesn't need to be terribly close to them at this point. As long as he is within command range to give them the orders and close enough to each other, they can get a ton of surge tokens. Obi-Wan can hang back to Guardian or move up to press the attack, depending on how the game is unfolding. Late in the game, Obi-Wan can go on the offensive. Hello There allows him to collect up tokens, likely using the Standby to Charge into an enemy to get an additional attack on the round, plus Nimble Dodges to deflect incoming damage. Hello There might not be as straightforward as Son of Skywalker, but it does allow for some big turns.
  16. I was thinking Del Meeko on Snowtroopers because Steady on Range 5 seems awesome. I was thinking Gideon Hask on Shoretroopers because double Coordinate seems awesome.
  17. I don't think Jawas or Tusken Raiders belong in any faction. They have no loyalties to anyone or anything beyond themselves. Even Scum & Villainy wouldn't have a good use for them. I would rather see them as part of a Battle Plan Objective or Condition. Ewoks did actually support the Rebels, so I could see them as a possibility for a Rebel unit. I imagine they'd be Special Forces (Corp doesn't seem right and nothing else allows for squads) with a personnel or heavy upgrade that can be used to bring Wicket, Logray or some other distinctive Ewok. It might be a little to weird to have them showing up all over the galaxy, though.
  18. Makes sense. They'll probably have a rules update to that effect before the unit comes out.
  19. Okay, this upgrade raises a question. If I have Shortroopers with both Gideon Hask (Heavy Weapon slot) and Imperial Officer (personnel slot), who is the unit leader?
  20. I thought so at first as well. When FFG said you'd now have the ability to build battle plans with no cards from the core boxes, they were including the ones which came in Priority Supplies.
  21. You could promote any of those units to Commander if your last Commander is defeated. Or if you have Cassian as your sole Commander and use Covert Ops you could immediately promote one of the Special Forces units to Commander.
  22. My bet would be that they're similar to Arc Troopers. So that'd be... Four generic models. One unnamed heavy with alternate arms/weapon to match the generic models. Two named heavies (Ursa Wren and Tristan Wren). One unit card with unit size 4 and a heavy weapons slot. One "Strike Team" unit card with unit size 1, a heavy weapons slot and the Heavy Weapons Team ability (you are required to take a heavy who becomes the unit leader). That way you could have the four generic models and either Ursa or Tristan in one unit, and have the other unit use the unnamed heavy as the base unit (using the alternate arms/weapon - or just informing your opponent that this one is the one on the unit card) with the other named model as the upgrade.
  23. With model options for how much he has in the way of cybernetics!
  24. In Skirmish Corp units max out at 4. Leia, R2-D2 (with C-3PO) and four units of Fleet Troopers (with the extra trooper and Scatter Gun - an awesome weapon in Skirmish) comes out to 452 of your 500 points. Add in some additional upgrades to round them out, and you’ll have a decent Skirmish force. Darth Vader (appropriately) and other Force users will likely give you trouble with Immune: Pierce; in those cases remember to play to the scenario rather than just trying to kill the opponent’s units. After all, the Rebels won in the movie by sacrificing a ton of Fleet Troopers while R2 completed his Secret Mission!
  25. And yet far more rounding than if you didn’t round. The difference between 1.66 and 2 over the course of six rounds (assuming one attack per round) is the difference between defeating 10 models or 12. That difference might mean leaving two leaders who score points, compared to defeating two six-model units entirely.
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