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  1. No, they didn’t. R2P2 won a few regionals, but unlike FN-2199 it didn’t represent the vast majority of the top cuts. Just because a deck wins a few tournaments doesn’t automatically mean that deck needs a nerf.
  2. I would agree that if a character were so hideously unbalanced, it would constitute unhealthy design. I would not agree that Haughty Magistrate is so hideously unbalanced. You are playing a Clan which has as one of its defining traits low Glory. Sometimes thats a strength, and sometimes that’s a weakness. Against Haughty Magistrate it’s a big weakness (though not an “I win” button for your opponent). You might have to use some sub-optimal cards to cover this weakness. That’s good design, because no Clan should have all the answers.
  3. I like it. For added fun, if your opponent puts a little too much damage on one character 3PO can resolve Saw’s damage as Ranged or Melee.
  4. Greedo - Insane amount of damage for his point total, reigned in only by his low health pool. The sheer damage output forces your opponent to focus on him, which gives you other 19 points worth of characters room to breath. I’ll run him! Bib Fortuna - He can’t close games. Once your big guns go down he’ll falter faster than a three-legged horse at the Kentucky Derby. Four of his sides do nothing without other dice to help. Bib gets a thumbs down from me. Saw - He has the damage numbers of a character four points more expensive than himself. But it remains to be seen how much indirect proves a drawback. I may pair him with Ackbar, where his special may get its own damage and trigger the fish. Jar Jar - I’m not even sure how to evaluate this guy right now. His dice are so scattered you can’t count on a ‘safe’ side, but neither can your opponent. I’ll give him a try. Should be fun, at least. Hondo - One of my favorite characters from the Clone Wars cartoon! For heroes he could pair with Poe to chain into his special, or with Snap (and a Plot card) to force the opponent to choose between claiming and bribing Hondo. On the villain side, I’m not sure of his partner, but he can trigger Salvage Stand, to keep the opponent poor.
  5. Yes we do! Or at least more choices. More Chewbacca! Or Porgs. I could live with a Porg avatar.
  6. You would be playing with a house rule. Would you feel the need to ask about using more than 10 conflict characters, or including influence from more than one Clan? If so, why is the role house rule different? If not, then I wouldn’t want to play casual games with you. Granted, if you play against the same players all the time, it might be a standing house rule. You might not have to ask every time, but the conversation should come up at some point before you play.
  7. That’s my point. People talk about roles as though they are the only house rule players could possibly use, which I find funny because players can use whatever house rules they want outside of sanctioned play.
  8. I do think making Keeper/Seeker Clan-specific Dynasty cards is a mistake. But outside of Northern Wall Sensei, every single card in this cycle is legally playable - just not always in a given Clan. To put it another way, the vast majority of the cards in this cycle are Clan cards. Having a Clan creates innate restrictions in regards to which decks can run these cards. Should we complain that most cards aren’t neutral? EDIT: I also find it funny when people say the roles can be ignored in casual games. Everything can be ignored in casual games. Want to play Bayushi Shoju in your Crane deck? If you can get your opponent to agree to allowing it, go for it.
  9. I plan to try Chirrut/Luke once the new set releases. The mixed base damage dice should help Chirrut’s mixed modifiers. But I wish (again and again) that Finn cost 10/14 so I could get those dice with a wider card pool.
  10. Aayla looks undercosted to me. Yoda looks good, but I'm not ready to say he is unbalanced. I don't think any of the rest look particularly unbalanced. We don't know enough about Zeb or Greedo to say one way or another, especially since we don't know their costs.
  11. I usually start with 5 (and find my opponents usually bid 1 for a big honor swing, but I feel that’s a mistake on their part). That builds up my hand really quickly, allows me to use my Stronghold, and I can then adjust my bids to 1 for honor pressure. I do adjust this strategy against Dragon because their Clan Province negates the large hand advantage.
  12. For once, I'm much more impressed with the Heroes than the Villains. Maul will see play because he is Maul. But for one extra cost you can have 2P Kylo, so he has a pretty narrow band of potential partners. Palpatine's ability seems cool, but it depends on rolling mixed damage, and we've already found with Jyn that a 20 point character with no more than 2s doesn't generate enough damage. Maul's Lightsaber is the only Villain card revealed in this batch which really excites me, because it can deal a good amount of damage even without the Power Action. Meanwhile Heroes get some awesome characters. Yoda is a no-miss Swiss Army Knife. Aayla Secura has the same Melee damage sides as 2P Rey, Dooku and Ventress, PLUS 2 Indirect damage, for three less points. I'm a bit worried that they are over-correcting for the apparent Villain bias in the first sets.
  13. And if I were like lightning I wouldn't need no sneakers Well I'd come and go whenever I would please And I'd scare 'em by the shade tree And I'd scare 'em by the light pole But I would not scare my pony on my boat out on the sea
  14. I think you have unknowingly answered your question. He’s a visually awesome character, and a mystery (a phantom, if you will), and yet he got no development. So they brought him back in order to develop him.
  15. I could see that for a Yoda from the Clone Wars (or Episode II or III). I’m not surprised that Dagobah Yoda (who never saw touch a saber) is more support/mentor oriented.