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  1. Who has the battlefield? edit: By the way, that makes me want to play eGrevious/Kesuyo just so I can steal your weapon then play hot potato with it. It'd be terrible, but fun.
  2. According to page 16 of the rules reference says... When a player distributes damage “as they wish,” players cannot deal excess damage (damage above their health) to their characters.
  3. You can use the Ancient Lightsaber's action to bring the MagnaGuard down to 6 damage. It just won't stop the fact that MagnaGuard has scheduled himself to be defeated at the end of the round. Taking this action would still have benefits, though. It would put Ancient Lightsaber in the deck instead of the discard pile, and it would allow you to assign up to 2 damage to MagnaGuard (such as from Planetary Uprising).
  4. My most memorable play came at GenCon last year, in our very first demo of the game. My friend and I had watched the previous demo, so we had a pretty good idea of how to play when we sat down. We had a blast describing the action as we took our turns. The best part was when he described Rey reaching out with the Force I grab a Lightsaber when he played Use the Force, only to have me describe how that Lightsaber stayed stuck in the ground (on blank) as Kylo reached out with his own Use the Force. As for my most memorable moment involving EaW-legal tournaments, that had to be in Round 3 of our last Wednesday night tournament. I used eGeneral Grievous/Gamorrean Guard. In Round 1, I defeated Padme, who had a Vibro Ax, but I forgot about the General's ability to steal it. So I vowed to remember that ability the rest of the tournament. In Round 2 I faced an eHera/eMaz/Ezra deck using no upgrades, so I had nothing to steal. I finally got my chance in Round 3, when I defeated Snap! His only upgrade? Wingman. Useless! I stole it anyway.
  5. Technically, no. And that's your warning that I'm about to get really technical. :-) You cannot defeat a defeated character. But you are also not trying to defeat a defeated character. It's easy to think of MagnaGuard as merely delaying his defeat, but that's not technically what happens. Technically, he outright prevents his defeat, and schedules another, separate defeat at a later point in time. So when you use Price of Failure on a MagnaGuard who has suffered lethal damage earlier in the round, you are defeating a character who is not currently defeated, but who would be defeated at a later point. It's the same situation as if you used The Price of Failure on a character who had been targeted by Crime Lord. Using Noble Sacrifice on Obi-Wan using his own ability is a similar situation. Since Noble Sacrifice occurs "before" he is defeated, you are defeating a character who is not yet defeated - albeit for only a matter of moments.
  6. MagnaGuard schedules himself to be defeated via his card text (not damage) after the round ends. Once his text triggers, the damage doesn't matter. Even if you healed him, he will be defeated, and his text won't trigger on that defeat. tl;dr Option B.
  7. CBowser is correct. The text in italics on Cad is just a reminder that he doesn't reduce the cost via his own gametext.
  8. Hyperloops was a combo deck. The cards in that deck were meant solely to facilitate the combo. You either got the combo and won or didn't and lost. Sabine/Running Interference is a damage deck which happens to have a potential lock-out combo in it. You run Running Interference, Infamous, Thermal Paint and Ambush weapons - all of which are good for Sabine even without the combo. The lock-out is just icing on the cake. As for playing against the combo, that's the problem. I don't think the lock-out will by itself take down competitive players (Sabine may still win, just likely not by lock-out). But it will crush casual and new players who don't know they have to play a certain way against it. And it's not like Palpatine where you can look back and realize you could have done some things differently. Against the lock-out you either have the key to the lock or you don't. I'm not worried about high-level play; I'm worried about our weekly league tournaments.
  9. I for one enjoy the idea that Heroes have a potential tier 1 deck other than Poe/Maz. Running Interference should probably still change to avoid the potential NPE, but I don't want Sabine herself to change. Let heroes have something good for once!
  10. It depends on how much of the lockout you want to hit. With RI x2, Infamous and a Thermal Paint in the discard pile, you can activate Sabine, trigger RI on "activate a character or support," play TP from the discard pile giving it Ambush, do its damage and sacrifice it for a bonus damage, then play anything from your hand to trigger the other RI on "play a card from your hand." Then your opponent either claims and lets you have free reign over the rest of the round, or passes and hopes you don't have anything to play next round. I pulled that off in two of my four games last Saturday. Only Rend stopped me from getting together the combo in one game, and in the other game Sabine got burned down too quickly. And that was with a deck which was not built specifically for the combo. The full lockout, where you also claim and retrieve an upgrade with Starship Graveyard, requires quite a bit more set-up. But Ambush weapons and RI are good anyway, so you don't really have to build a "hit the combo or lose" deck.
  11. This combo is a bit like Hyperloops. It requires enough set up and is easily enough countered by experienced players that it won't win big tournaments. But it's abusive enough to make inexperienced and casual players rethink whether they really want to show up to next week's tournament. I am seriously considering including it in my own personal "Wheaton's Law" list.
  12. Running Interference needs to be changed. This past weekend I was using it to force players to claim as their first action (or pass, in which case I also passed and put them in the same spot next round). One of my opponents already announced it, and The Hyperloops has improved upon it to make a total lockout if your opponent doesn't have a card with an Action ability. Making RI unique would prevent the lockout.
  13. Good. This card is powerful enough as it is!
  14. If I play Running Interference, can I immediately trigger it to make my opponent unable to play a card on the next turn?
  15. Math does not work that way! In reality, Poe has a 30.6% (11/36) chance of rolling at least one special. Maz has a 55.6% (20/36) chance of rolling at least one focus. They combine to create a 69.1% (896/1296) chance of allowing you to resolve a special based on just activating the two characters. High, but not 100%.