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  1. Dealing with Special Chaining

    I agree they’ll likely change the “resolve dice” action such that you cannot resolve dice which were not facing the right symbol at the start of the action. But if my opponent pulled off a Yoda-Chewie-Force Throw special chain against my AT-ST die, I wouldn’t weep. I’d applaud them for pulling it off!
  2. Question about new Finn.

    I kind of want to build a deck in which Finn moves damage to Con Artist for big mills. But Con Artist is Yellow only, making the set-up difficult.
  3. Thoughts on Leadership in Vader/Gunray deck?

    To me, Leadership is the big reason to use Nute over the more outright damaging MagnaGuard.
  4. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    Okay, but I’ll chalk up the belief that “Discard a droid or vehicle from play.” doesn’t explicitly mean you can discard a droid from play as a sign that FFG needs to rule prior to Battle Droid becoming tournament legal. Because as far as I can tell, there’s no RAW reason that EMP Grenades can’t target this one specific Droid.
  5. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    Okay, so the rule doesn’t have to explicitly use the term “discard” to cover discard. So why doesn’t EMP Grenades explicitly discard Battle Droid in accordance to The Golden Rule?
  6. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    So you are saying a rule which doesn’t use the term “discard” is explicit about discarding characters, but a card which literally instructs you to discard a Droid is NOT explicit about discarding the Droid (who happens to be a character)? I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around your logic. At this point, I just want to wait for an FFG ruling.
  7. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    EMP Grenades explicitly says to discard a "droid or vehicle from play." Battle Droid explicitly has the Droid subtype. In fact, the rules don't explicitly state that a Character cannot be discarded; they at best do so implicitly by never stating that they can be discarded. The fact that other cards with the Droid subtype exist has no impact on this interaction, so I fail to see why EMP Grenades cannot, rules as written, discard a Battle Droid. (I don't want to get into what happens to the game end triggers if that happens, because I fully expect FFG will either rule that discarding a character defeats it, or change EMP Grenades to specifically not hit characters.) The problem with rules as intended is that two different players can look at the same rules and, in all honesty and sincerity, not agree on the intended rules. You are reading between the lines and get that discarding a character defeats it. I'm reading between the lines and get that they never intended EMP Grenades to be able to hit characters. I have no doubt that you honestly believe the intent you've read, but I also honestly believe the intent I've read, so how do we adjudicate which of us is right?
  8. Tarkin Power Action

    According to the rules, yes.
  9. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    There's also not a card which instructs you to do so. I can see arguments both ways as to if EMP Grenade can discard Droid Characters or not. It didn't matter with IG-88 or K2-SO because they don't have the Droid tag. (Yeah, it makes no sense for them not to have it, but the game doesn't always make sense.) I think we need official word from FFG on this point.
  10. Facing off against Rey and Poe

    Generally Poe. It might feel bad to take Rey’s damage until Poe is gone, but a late-game Poe poses a much bigger threat than a late-game Rey.
  11. Kallus

    I was thinking Bala-Tik. If you roll Bala’s modifier and Kallus comes up Melee, you can use his action to create a base side.
  12. Yogo Kikuyo

    Nothing, which is a major problem! Excellent! I’m glad to know it’ll be fixed.
  13. You thought it was light on Star Wars lore? Did you accidentally leave after a Pacific Rim preview thinking that was the whole movie? Because I don’t think we saw the same film. Because the movie I saw had music and blasters and old Jedi Masters (IV). It had a visually stunning planet where our heroes met a man of questionable intentions. It had an offer to join the Dark Side and rule the galaxy. It had a shocking (though in an anticlimactic way) reveal regarding lineage (V). It had an evil Force user brought low by his hubris in thinking he could not be betrayed (VI). It had a young wayward apprentice fighting his former master (III). It had a stunningly silent space shot (II). It even had a Force-sensitive Slave boy growing up on the racing circuit (I). I would describe it as steeped in Star Wars lore!
  14. Yogo Kikuyo

    Emphasis mine. I did read this section of the rules before posting my original question. But I see nothing here to indicate that putting a card into play defaults to meaning that it comes from hand or a province. If anything, the part I put in bold seems to indicate that such restrictions would be bypassed in putting a card into play. As far as I can tell, Yogo Kikuyo's ability can trigger despite not referencing an out-of-play area because he would have to be out-of-play to resolve it. But I see nothing which specifies where out-of-play he has to be. Until and unless we get an official ruling, I'll play him as though he specified from hand because I believe that's the intent. But I was hoping for a clear rule which wouldn't rely on assumptions.
  15. Yogo Kikuyo

    I have a question regarding Yogo Kikuyo. His ability says: Interrupt: When the effects of a spell event your opponent plays during a conflict would initiate, put this character into play - cancel those effects. The rules say: Card abilities only interact with, and can only target, cards that are in play, unless the ability specifically refers to an out-of-play area or element. Card abilities on characters, attachments, holdings, strongholds, and provinces can only be initiated or affect the game while they are in play unless the ability specifically refers to being used from an out-of-play area, or require that the card be out of play for the ability to resolve. Event cards and role cards implicitly interact with the game from an out-of-play area, as established by the rules of their cardtypes. The cost on Yogo Kikuyo would require him to not be in play, but I don’t see anything specifying from where you may place her. I feel like the intent is from hand, but I don’t see anything rules-wise which would prevent me from using her ability from other locations, particularly the discard pile where her ability will be visible. Am I missing some limitation on her ability?