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  1. Honest answer? She’s a visually striking kick-butt young female protagonist. Those factors combine to make her THE most recognizable face from Rebels, especially amongst people who have never seen the show. All those factors apply to Ahsoka as well, which is why I said Sabine’s inclusion bodes well for her but not any other TCW character. Sabine is the exception who proves the rule. My point has nothing to do with what the developers like. It has everything to do with what FFG thinks will make money. I would love to be wrong.
  2. The Clone Wars is huge among Star Wars fans, who have all also seen the movies. A whole lot of people have seen the movies and not The Clone Wars. You and I would probably get more excited about TCW characters, but we'd still buy movie characters. Meanwhile those who have seen the movies and not the series are more likely to buy ONLY the characters from the movies. It just makes business sense for FFG to concentrate on models which will sell more, rather than models which will excite a smaller fanbase. That means (as sad as it makes me), I expect Jango over Cad Bane and Commander Cody over Rex. As for Veers vs Thrawn, I maintain that Thrawn would fit more as a front-line commander. Veers commanded the Battle of Hoth from the cockpit of an AT-AT. Thrawn at least could show up with his sparring robots and Rukh. So I maintain the primary reason we haven't gotten Thrawn is not that he wouldn't fit in with the game, but that not enough people would recognize him. It seems unfathomable to us who are hardcore Star Wars fan that somebody might NOT know who Thrawn is, but that's the reality for most of the world. Most clone variations (and clanker variations) will still be recognizable as clone to the average person, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more TCW details show up among the non-unique units. The BARC Speeder, for instance, comes from the cartoon, but casual fans can easily understand they're just clone troopers riding a fancy vehicle. Now, as for what I want, I'd like to see Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and a handful of clones taking on Lok Durd with a Defoliator command card and a legion of battle droids.
  3. You may be right. And I hope you are, because I would find it more interesting. But I have to figure no matter how popular The Clone Wars is, more people have seen the movies. And I can’t help noticing that Veers, who didn’t exactly get much screen time, got in before the likes of Thrawn and The Inquisitor. The only Rebels-specific character we have is Sabine, which probably bodes well for Ahsoka but not many others. Oh, and that two-finger stance for Obi-Wan? It originated in Episode III when he fought the head clanker himself. FFG didn’t get it from The Clone Wars; FFG and The Clone Wars both got it from the movies.
  4. While there are some really cool characters in the cartoons, I think FFG will likely want to start off with characters casual fans could recognize from the movies. For that reason I predict the next leaders will be Nute Gunray and Episode II Padmé Amidala. For operatives I predict Jango Fett and padawan Anakin, which means we can have the three most “main” characters (Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmé) pretty early, and they can make a leader Anakin later. For special forces, I figure Super Battle Droids and ARC Troopers. I know that last one wasn’t in a movie, but casual fans would still recognize them as clones.
  5. eFinn1 + eHera + Double Down = 5 X-wings and 5 TIE Fighters. I want to run it not because it’s good, but because it’s hilarious.
  6. The big thing is Rey2/Aayla can no longer run Profitable Connection. They’ll still be good, I think, but they’ll lose some of their first-round punch.
  7. I keep seeing Jabba and I keep thinking I should build a deck with him. And I should! Then I should play that deck on the kitchen table until my heart is as thoroughly satisfied that he’s every bit as bad as my mind already knows he is, so that I never try to bring him to a tournament.
  8. I plan to use Piett to help me win Podracer. eSebulba/rPiett/FOST/Boonta Eve adds up to 30 points, and Piett can make sure Sebulba’s Podracer hits a resolvable side each round.
  9. Only the trigger specifies “opponent’s” dice. You did remove any number of an opponent’s dice, so the ability does trigger. The damage calculation just checks how many dice you removed, not to whom they belonged. By a strict reading of the ability, I believe you can do two damage with him in this way. That said, I think FFG probably meant for it to check the number of your opponent’s dice removed, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a clarification.
  10. I would have if I had not seen the cards on FB before I saw them here. The character is actually titled Executioner, not Executor.
  11. With spoilers, lots of spoilers.... no seriously, SPOILERS I want a Blue Villain Qi’Ra, master of Teras Kasi.
  12. I agree with Joey. By the time you build this card up in a damage deck, you probably could have gotten the same damage out of the extra die you could have had with the 3 points that you instead dedicated to the plot. With Rex, I think I would rather go eRex/Clone Trooper x2 than Rex/Clone Trooper x2/LTP.
  13. I’m curious, in what storyline is Dooku presented as a hero? I know he was a former Jedi Master, but I don’t know of a story where we see him in that role (aside from a vision of an alternate life given to and rejected by Yoda in The Clone Wars).
  14. Good news! He gains the abilities of each non-unique character you have, and nothing prevents him from having two copies of the same ability (unless that ability is a keyword such as Guardian).
  15. The big reason I prefer Dooku over 7th Sister in this case is because I own the former and not the latter. :-)
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