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  1. GooeyChewie

    New Holocron

    The big thing is Rey2/Aayla can no longer run Profitable Connection. They’ll still be good, I think, but they’ll lose some of their first-round punch.
  2. GooeyChewie

    Most Anticipated Characters?

    I keep seeing Jabba and I keep thinking I should build a deck with him. And I should! Then I should play that deck on the kitchen table until my heart is as thoroughly satisfied that he’s every bit as bad as my mind already knows he is, so that I never try to bring him to a tournament.
  3. GooeyChewie

    Knights of Ren WOTF spoilers

    I plan to use Piett to help me win Podracer. eSebulba/rPiett/FOST/Boonta Eve adds up to 30 points, and Piett can make sure Sebulba’s Podracer hits a resolvable side each round.
  4. GooeyChewie

    look what I found

    Only the trigger specifies “opponent’s” dice. You did remove any number of an opponent’s dice, so the ability does trigger. The damage calculation just checks how many dice you removed, not to whom they belonged. By a strict reading of the ability, I believe you can do two damage with him in this way. That said, I think FFG probably meant for it to check the number of your opponent’s dice removed, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a clarification.
  5. GooeyChewie

    Executer and Axe

    I would have if I had not seen the cards on FB before I saw them here. The character is actually titled Executioner, not Executor.
  6. GooeyChewie

    Solo in Destiny - Potential Spoilers

    With spoilers, lots of spoilers.... no seriously, SPOILERS I want a Blue Villain Qi’Ra, master of Teras Kasi.
  7. GooeyChewie

    I love this new plot

    I agree with Joey. By the time you build this card up in a damage deck, you probably could have gotten the same damage out of the extra die you could have had with the 3 points that you instead dedicated to the plot. With Rex, I think I would rather go eRex/Clone Trooper x2 than Rex/Clone Trooper x2/LTP.
  8. GooeyChewie

    Leia and Dooku confirmed for Way of the Force?

    I’m curious, in what storyline is Dooku presented as a hero? I know he was a former Jedi Master, but I don’t know of a story where we see him in that role (aside from a vision of an alternate life given to and rejected by Yoda in The Clone Wars).
  9. GooeyChewie

    Plo Koon pairings?

    Good news! He gains the abilities of each non-unique character you have, and nothing prevents him from having two copies of the same ability (unless that ability is a keyword such as Guardian).
  10. GooeyChewie

    New set is called Ways of the force .

    The big reason I prefer Dooku over 7th Sister in this case is because I own the former and not the latter. :-)
  11. GooeyChewie

    New set is called Ways of the force .

    The new GG doesn’t care about being elite for his Power Action. I’m thinking single die GG, elite Dooku. Then your opponent has to choose between focusing on Dooku, potentially facing down a beefed up GG late game, or focusing on GG, leaving a difficult-to-kill Dooku for the end game. I’m not a huge fan of Bo-Katan. The deckbuilding ability seems cool, but we know from the original Finn that it isn’t necessarily a big deal. She shows high theoretical damage, but it’s spread out across two damage types and a special. I don’t think she’s bad per se, but not really worth 15/20. Luke? He’s awesome. At only 15 points, the biggest question is who to pair him with. Secura and a 3-point plot? Yoda and a 2-point plot? Poe? Maz and the new 4-point plot? So many options, and we haven’t even seen who all he can worth with in this set!
  12. GooeyChewie

    Help with wookie warrior x 2

    If you go blue over red, you have to stock other resource-generating cards to pay for the Wookiee damage sides. Yellow hero does have such cards, so you can go either way, but Electrostaff helps a LOT.
  13. GooeyChewie

    Resolving dice and second chance

    When you take the resolve dice action, you resolve dice one at a time, with the exception of modifiers, in an order of your choice. So you can absolutely do 4, let Second Chance trigger, then do 5 more.
  14. GooeyChewie

    Dealing with Special Chaining

    I agree they’ll likely change the “resolve dice” action such that you cannot resolve dice which were not facing the right symbol at the start of the action. But if my opponent pulled off a Yoda-Chewie-Force Throw special chain against my AT-ST die, I wouldn’t weep. I’d applaud them for pulling it off!
  15. GooeyChewie

    Question about new Finn.

    I kind of want to build a deck in which Finn moves damage to Con Artist for big mills. But Con Artist is Yellow only, making the set-up difficult.