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  1. Portland area has a dozen or so regular players, which isn't that much of a drive... https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWArmadaPDX/
  2. Hope springs eternal - since we never saw the TOP (or rear) of the Tector, it could well be otherwise identical to an ISD-I, rather than the ISD-II models we've been getting. Still - it's a lot of fiddly differences between an ISD-I and ISD-II, but if they did a Tector as an otherwise-ISD-I top with the absent hangar bay bottom...and another (more white?) paintjob entirely...I'd be okay with that. 'Legends' does a lot of things. There is nothing in canon to support that. Odds even, 'local bulk cruiser' refers to a Gozanti in canon. If not yet, someday.
  3. Aside from the fact that Han was speaking in colloquialisms, and so likely referring to something we've already seen. After all, "the big Corellian ships" is now known to be a reference to the Imperial-class Star Destroyers (as of 'Solo' at least, although it was certainly suggested in the very early days of the EU, too). So who knows what a 'bulk cruiser' is. Probably the Gozanti-type "cruisers" that we saw appear so often in Rebels? Given they were half as often referred to as transports or freighters... Actually that does remind me of one more ship that the OP list is missing. The "wingless Liberty" variant of the MC80 (seen in RotJ) is still absent. Not that it's anything like interesting enough a ship to be worth doing, but it has a lot more difference from the MC80s we currently have than the best guesses of how the Tector-class differs from an ISD.
  4. Was looking through the list to make a comment, but I think you've got them all. And I agree with your assessment, group #3 is unlikely. Group #1 is the most probable, and group #2 probably just picked from as-needed (IE., the Lucrehulk if it's decided the Rebels need their own 'Huge' ship, otherwise...probably not). Maybe add a note on the Dornean gunship that it was also seen on-screen in 'Rebels' and 'Rogue One', too, so...
  5. xanderf

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.10.0

    I did zoom in and out a few times to confirm it, and the difference appeared to remain at various zoom levels. And it wasn't a near thing, either - the GSD -> VSD shot was well into my hull 'cardboard' (indeed, he had black on my front and rear hull zones, too, not just the side), while for the VSD -> GSD shot I couldn't even get the corner of his plastic or shield dial. It was a big difference, which we both saw on our own instances.
  6. xanderf

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.10.0

    Not sure it got reported as a bug, but a game @Karneck and I had a bit back demonstrated some kind of weirdness with the fire arcs on either the Victory or Gladiator. I can probably dig up the log file if needed, but you can see it in the video here at 0:22/0:23 seconds where we are flipping back and forth in the arcs between the Demolisher and my VSD... For some reason, I'm very clearly in his black dice range in his front arc, but when we popped the overlay up on the Victory, he was visibly out of black dice range in my side arc. Which...doesn't make any sense at all.
  7. We should start our own, cooler, VASSAL World Cup, only for the people cool enough to be fashionably late.
  8. Well, I've submitted mine. As the team they send in...to retrieve the team they sent in...that was to recover the team that was sent in to...save the team they sent in order to...bring back what was left after the last team they sent in to...get back the team they sent in to...save one of the first teams they sent in... Well, I mean. ...I'm not holding my breath.
  9. xanderf

    Turn Length in real time?

    Not sure why you'd pick out that one instance from the movie - after all, we did see the entire Battle of Scarif from beginning (Rebel fleet jumps in and begins attack on two fresh Star Destroyers and the gate) to end, and it took 25 minutes. That's an Armada-ish scale battle - it works out to about 500-600 pts on the Rebel side, and how the Imperial side tracks out depends if you count this whole thing as one game or two (and FWIW, I could see a good argument that this was two distinct Armada games - the 500-pt-ish Rebel fleet wins the initial 'Contested Outpost' battle vs two Star Destroyers, then the remnants of that fleet are immediately dropped into a 'Hyperspace Assault' where the Empire is somehow allowed to jump in a Large ship). Also not correct - we see various ships exploding in the background of the scenes quite unrelated to Death Star shots, and obviously you recall some of the Star Destroyers that popped (including the Executor). And the Battle of Endor isn't even that long - Ackbar's "It's a trap!" shows up at 1:35:09 in the movie (special edition RotJ), with the Death Star exploding and the battle ended at 2:03:06 ...although several scenes before that show there is no fighting between the fleets anymore. So even the entire Battle of Endor ends up only taking about 25 minutes. (FWIW, it's surprising how close the two battles are in overall length, which makes me unexpectedly appreciate the 6-turn limit in Armada. Maybe that's just how battles go in this setting? If they always take 25 minutes, and that maps out to 6 turns, before resolving one way or the other... 😎 )
  10. Basically same boat, here, which is why I always find resistance to the idea so bizarre. Like...we all agree Star Wars is cool, right? Of course we do! IT'S COOL! And so it's fun to be able to see yourself in the setting. That's probably half (or more) of the reason the tabletop miniature games are so popular - it puts you in a starfighter cockpit or on the bridge of a starship. THAT'S AWESOME! So why the crazyheck would it make sense to mock a person for wanting to have a character that looks like themselves, too? That's not some bizarre thing that should be difficult to understand - we're all on the same page that this is a very cool story and setting, right? It should be the most obvious thing when someone else wants to be part of that. That's not a bad thing that needs to be opposed - that's a thing to embrace, and find a way to bridge that gap so everyone can find a part of this story if they want to.
  11. I'll grant that the dev cycle for it is...displeasing to the Emperor with its apparent lack of progress. But that works in its favor in some ways - the game is much better balanced than X-Wing v1 ever was, and probably comparable to v2 (at least, the 'new releases' of v2 anyway - the v1 conversion stuff rushed out isn't in a great place). There is still a lot of wave 1 stuff showing up in top tables, with basically everything still viable, and given we are expecting wave 8 to be announced shortly...that's pretty impressive compared to X-Wing. It is true, though, that the overall feel for gameplay is different. X-Wing is more the 'react to the table, think fast on your feet' sort of game where a plan is needed but it must be widely flexible, while in Armada...the better plan wins the game. Many a game of Armada was lost during fleet deployment, with the only question being the degree of the loss*! Even list building is less important than the plan, outside of how it supports (or fails to support) what your plan for the battle is. * Which is, FWIW, the other area were Armada differs considerably from X-Wing, and what has me playing it more. In tournament X-Wing...every game is a dogfight to the death, and a win is a win...often enough a 1-pt win is as good as a 100-(200-now, I guess)-pt win, the MoV only used to settle ties of the endless string of dogfights. Armada is not like that at all. EVERY game comes down to MoV and the scenario objectives, with tournaments having 1/3 or more of the players tied for wins vs losses at the end - those points you earn by the different scenario objectives defining the overall placement. But anyway, I'm rambling enough on a different topic from the OP, and it's an interesting thread. Representation is important, hopefully X-Wing catches up with Armada some day. 😜
  12. Ummmm...there is always Armada? 😎 Sloane and Brunson are quite defining the Imperial lists at the moment - over-represented in regional events, actually, as a result of how good they are. Although the Empire has always been quite welcoming of women willing to work for stability and order throughout the galaxy! ...on ships as well as starfighters!
  13. xanderf

    Turn Length in real time?

    Given the space battle in 'Rogue One' is theoretically scaled to be playable in Armada (if on the outside limit of it), and the entire thing takes 25 minutes from the Rebel fleet jumping in until Vader's...uhhh…finale.... I'd say about 4-5 minutes a turn feels roughly right.
  14. xanderf

    A few questions from a x-wing player

    The other one that gets people is how crits work. In X-Wing, each crit is a crit, and there is only one effect for it, and resolving that effect spends the dice. In Armada, the total number of [hit] and [crit] results simply tell you how many points of damage the target takes. If you got any faces with a crit on them, you can then choose to resolve one of a number of critical effects (depending on what upgrades you have on your ship) - if nothing else, the default crit effect of 'first damage card dealt is face-up'. But that isn't directly tied to the dice, so if you resolve a crit effect of something like 'each adjacent hull zone takes one damage', you still have that crit icon on a dice contributing to the overall damage total in addition to the extra critical effect - the die face isn't replaced by the crit effect like in X-Wing.
  15. xanderf

    A few questions from a x-wing player

    Armada *is* different than X-Wing in this regard, in that for generic squads you do not need 'one card for one squad'. The squads track the only stat they have - hit points - on a dial on their base, so for the generics you only use one card for as many as you want to bring, as a rules reminder for that type. (And the uniques tends to only have cards one to a pilot because they also usually have defense tokens associated with them, which generics do not have)