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  1. xanderf

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    On the flagship, you'll probably want to make sure you have Commander Gherant in the crew slot. And swap out RBD for ECM. Makes it enough tougher to kill that the enemy doesn't go for it as the easiest way to drop your fleet 9 total hull pts...
  2. xanderf

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    3x Kuat, OE, ExR, RBD + Motti = brawla-time!
  3. xanderf

    Vassal Unique League(s) - Signups

    So...commander cards are all unique. Does that mean each round you are required to use a different commander?
  4. The Battle of Umbara from 'Thrawn' could be adapted for Armada easily enough. Empire has a Star Destroyer, two Raider-class corvettes, and an Arquitens-class cruiser. Enemy force is... ...although how that would be represented in Armada and be balanced against the Imperial fleet is a question. Maybe treat that as 20 squadrons? Definitely can't have more than one blue anti-ship as their attack power, or they'd just delete the entire Imperial fleet in the first pass. The mechanic of the story could even be adapted easily to the game...
  5. xanderf

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I'd be down for a pack that is a Braha'tok flotilla with a pair of U-Wing squadrons. That'd be a nice kit for the Rebels, and enough new content to at least partially offset the SSD for the Empire.
  6. xanderf

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Soooo...that's singular and then singular again, which suggests it's not a simple typo. IE., the next announcement is only one more SKU, that's it. (Of course, it could easily be something that includes multiple new additions to the game. IE., a squadron box a la 'Rogues and Villains'. Or a multi-ship pack like the Hammerheads. Heck, even a new core set theoretically. Either way, though...it's a single box.)
  7. Regional competition. I'd gone squadron-heavy, nearly maxed, split between aces and TIE Bombers. So, sure, have Dengar+Howlrunner+Soontir+Mithel. Enemy Vader (pilot) zips up, and takes an FC shot at my Soontir...ACC-ACC-HIT-HIT-HIT. *Pop*, Fel gone. Jendon backs him up for a second shot at Howl. ACC-ACC-HIT-HIT/CRIT (and since Vader uses crits for damage)…*pop*, Howl gone in next shot. Okay, fine, but he's maneuvered his Gozanti too close, and so my 5 TIE Bombers+my Jendon = effectively 6 attacks, AND I have BCC backing it up, so that ship will obviously be dead....orrrrr….I roll so many blanks, even after re-rolls, and not a single hit+crit, so that it doesn't even get damage through to the hull. 😐 Not gonna lie, I was pretty rattled at that point...
  8. xanderf

    The SSD?

    I think another site posted a similar update? I wonder if FFG pushed it out, or they both use the same distributor that is losing confidence in FFG, or they just decided to hedge their bets because: well, FFG.
  9. xanderf

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Honestly I'd say more the reverse is true. 4 people is not enough to be a 'customs and inspection ship'. Sending two people over for inspection only leaves two to run the ship, and that won't be enough if there IS any kind of trouble. I'm looking out my window at a couple of our actual coastal defense ships - and the Coast Guard Cutters like the Alert and Steadfast feel a much closer match to watch the Gozanti is, with their crew of 12 officers and 63 enlisted. And keep in mind that, besides its ability to embark craft, the Gozanti can also directly dock with ships, too... ...although I rather suspect it would be more common (as indicated in the first new canon Thrawn novel) for the Gozer to have not a full set of 4 TIE Fighters, but at least one replaced with a TIE Shuttle (or equivalent) for allowing boarding/inspection parties to be deployed while the ship can remain at a distance to monitor the situation. Which is, again actually, how the Coast Guard also operates. That's a bit like arguing the helicopters or embarked CB-OTH boats are 'poor patrol ships for day to day low and order missions unless they were supported by other vessels'. Well...yeah. That's what the Gozanti is there far - IT'S the platform, the embarked craft are just there to extend it's range. I mean, when you get down to it, the Assault Gunboats are no better than the TIE Fighters on their own for this mission. Ion or no, ideally, you never shoot at all. At worst, a 'warning shot across their bow'. The general idea is that you've surrounded the smuggler/criminal/whatever with enough firepower that they stand down without a fight of any kind - and that's certainly how these things normally go. Their entire goal was to avoid being stopped and inspected at all - once they have been, the jig is up, and it doesn't really matter what kind of weapons the local law-and-order is fielding. But either way, once you have the pirates/smugglers/etc...what do you do with them? Well you've got to arrest them and take them back for trial, which means you need a larger ship either way. Ergo, the Gozer. I just think, looking at how real life coastal operations work, the canon Imperial Gozer is just a better match to the role than the SPC was - I think this was a solid miss on the EU side.
  10. xanderf


    Wow, talk about a blink-and-you-miss-it, though. Hopefully it convinces them to show it again in the show, though, when it does come out. I mean, that thing sure LOOKS pretty cool...
  11. xanderf

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    That's really not the case, though. I mean, check 'Star Wars' - escaping the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon...a souped-up smuggling ship with two ace pilots, an actual Jedi, a Force-sensitive gunner, and a pair of droids along for repair and maintenance...had an issue with only four TIE Fighters. For the typical small-time smuggler running his family's ship between systems, a single TIE Fighter is more than enough to deal with it, and a pair of them could solve the vast majority of criminal problems that ever occur within the Empire. Not organized crime, and certainly not a Rebellion fielding military-grade equipment, of course. But that's obvious - you need your own heavier support and larger forces for those problems. But they are like 0.00001% of the daily activity in the Empire you'd normally have deployed forces to deal with, so... Not really a question of 'what is missing', per se, so much as what changed by the Disney acquisition. (Certainly the Vindicator does count, of course - Disney retconned the Interdictor into its own design, while the EU had it a rebuilt variant of the Vindicator-class.)
  12. xanderf

    New factions

    When Krennic went to Vader, it was among the things Vader told him to keep him in his place. IE., 'you aren't going to be able to tout this achievement, as we are claiming nothing happened here, anyway' Or the planet was in a binary star system in the first place, so it had the two stars to shoot with? (Which could also explain the unusually high density of Kyber Crystals - they are apparently associated with stars, somehow)
  13. xanderf

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    It's fairly close to what we have, honestly. Obviously we've got the ISD, VSD, and SSD basically as-is from the book. And the Interdictor is...close enough. It scales up a bit, but has the same role and capabilities/limitations. The Escort Carrier carried a TIE wing as large as an ISD, but otherwise weakly armed and defended, so in role...roughly the same as the Quasar Fire we have. Carrack Cruiser as a light patrol ship maps well enough to the Arquitens Cruiser. Lancer Frigate as a small, dedicated, anti-fighter platform becomes our Raider-class Corvette easily enough. The Systems Patrol Craft is basically what role the Gozantis fit in, although it never carried TIE Fighters (sort of an omission in the EU material, honestly, as it was always clear the TIE Fighters had no hyperdrives...indeed stated in dialog in the very first Star Wars movie...so the EU really should have come up with a smaller launch platform for it like the Gozer we now have) Of those ships, that really only leaves for new development: The old Clone Wars-era Dreadnought. I suspect we'll get some more Clone Wars-era cruisers of some fashion, which sort of fits that gap, and may well get the Dreadnought itself. The old EU role for it was basically as an obsolete ship left to guard Imperial interests in backwater systems not expecting serious resistance. Star Galleon - now this is an odd duck I think unique to the EU. It's a freighter, armored and armed like a proper warship, in an effort to get shipping through areas experiencing larger amounts of insurgent or pirate activity - too much to send unarmed ships, but not enough value to justify convoys with warship escorts. Ergo, the 'two in one' warship + freighter design. Not sure this role fits into the current understanding of the Galactic Civil War at all. Strike Cruiser - another anomaly of the old EU, that had expected a very long run-down of the Empire after Endor rather than the one-year-till-surrender we got. Their shtick is that they are modular - like how we have variant cards for the Star Destroyer to allow more squadron-heavy roles, or more command-heavy roles, or etc? For the ships currently in game, those represent variant designs built that way from the ground-up. But the Strike Cruiser was intended to be able to 'swap around' from different roles within a single ship, just replacing the mission module at dock. Thus, saving money for the Empire vs having to build multiple ships, to cover each role. Wouldn't make much difference in a tactical-scale game like ours, but makes a HUGE difference in campaigns (and I'll indulge some totally-unrealistic fantasy by suggesting it could be a fun twist to a tournament game, too - offering a ship with a few different build options you choose from after pairing in a round and before deployment). 'Torpedo Sphere' - 500 proton torpedo tubes and 10 turbolasers, designed to be deployed in major pacification efforts to subdue a heavily-shielded planet quickly. Lore for it has it built with extensive sensor suites to analyze planetary shields over time and look for slight fluctuations that can be hit with the torpedoes hard enough to create an opening the turbolasers can shoot through to hopefully destroy the shield generator. Probably too big for the game, and I don't even know if how it works applies to the current canon anyway (that is, planetary shields are immune to turbolaser fire, but can be partially defeated with enough torpedo hits)
  14. xanderf

    New factions

    I think the only direct reference to a lie about it was 'Rogue One', when Jeddha was reported destroyed 'by a mining accident'. But I think that is more about your first point, though - the Death Star project had experienced a leak from within the project team, which introduced the possibility that it might not be as invulnerable as expected. So the Empire was engaging in some misdirection - it's no good to let the galaxy know you might have a viable planet-killing-weapon that is also possible to be destroyed. Once the plans were recovered, the leaks addressed, and the Rebellion HQ destroyed...then I suspect they would have indeed been a lot more open about it. Of course, they never got that far, so... I got the sense that Starkiller base couldn't move? So it had a couple suns within 'consumable' distance, after those two shots...it's done. Stupid design, then, but maybe just one of necessity (unusual planet with lots of Kyber Crystals within draining range of two stars making for an easier-to-create super-weapon)?
  15. xanderf

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Huh, never even occurred to me that someone might not have it! It's from the West End Games Star Wars RPG module 'Imperial Sourcebook'. Chock full of good stuff, all non-canon at this point - but a lot has been used as sources in newer material. For instance, the recent 'Rebels' CGI series - the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) started out, here. (FWIW this is a supplement for the RPG system that FFG just reprinted the core books for, for its 30th anniversary. It's mostly obsolete, of course, but interesting to kind of see what most writers were using as their de factor bible for so many decades, and as noted many still attempt to pull things in from it.)