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  1. Indeed, so it's potentially really useful but actually kind of terrible, yes? Like...Jar-Jar?
  2. Or do it literally like Hondo, but with dials instead of tokens. IE., At the start of the game, place 4 command dials on Jar-Jar's card set to different commands. Before the Ship Phase of a round, you may discard Jar-Jar to place two of the command dials on top of the command stack of 2 of your ships. Your enemy must take the remaining two dials and place them as the top command on 2 of their ships. (In all cases temporarily exceeding the existing command stack requirement) That would probably work as an officer. If you wanted him to be a Commander, I would add the nuance that the 4 dials could be set to anything you want - retaining the 'I pick two, then you have to take the others' when Jar-Jar is discarded - but let the enemy REFUSE them, if he wants. If refused, Jar-Jar is returned to his active side and you set 4 more dials on him for potential re-use using the same rules in a later turn.
  3. Part of the problem with the old EU - much of what was or wasn't true about it would jump radically from one author to the next. (I mean, you're not wrong - heck, the super-EARLY-early-EU, around the time of the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian novels, probably had the smallest concept of Imperial strength of any of the settings) GENERALLY, though, and especially in the later EU, the Empire tended to be more The Only Thing Going On besides the Rebellion.
  4. Given how the Clone Wars ended up developing (so INCREDIBLY differently from what the old EU had thought it would be), I rather suspect the Corporate Sector Authority is just one of the surviving factions of the CIS. (We know the Mining Guild also survived into the Imperial era). One way the Star Wars setting grew that wasn't expected was how little the Empire really directly controlled. In the old EU, it was implied the Empire ruled EVERYTHING. In the new reality, the Empire seems to certainly be the galaxy's largest superpower, but it exists alongside quite a number of independent systems and guilds factions on its borders and within it, nevermind the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions of the galaxy where it never did exert any continuous practical control at all. It definitely leaves a wide canvas for authors and creators to work within, although I tend to agree much depends on what we end up seeing "on-screen".
  5. As above - sort of looking for something to add some interest to the game beyond the endless deathmatch-after-deathmatch format. This expansion sounds potentially interesting, adding some scenarios with challenging twists, but...I'm unclear how well it works with Quickbuild-format play, and particularly smaller collections (say, only about 2 of each of the Clone Wars releases, including faction sets). Any thoughts on that?
  6. The interview that goes along with the new trailer is PERFECT... https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/6/18/21295900/star-wars-squadrons-everything-you-need-to-know They even name-drop FFG's X-Wing Miniatures (us!) as an inspiration for the game! But the power management, double-shields, double-weapons, etc - it sounds PURE LucasArts X-Wing. MUCH HYPE!
  7. They've made a point about this "not being a full-price game, at only $40" (EA games are typically $60, plus micro-transactions, and they've confirmed this won't have micro-transactions). The obvious path to go from that is a series of 'expansions'. I'd expect B-Wing and TIE Defender to be each their own $10 DLC (for example). I mean, heck, that's how the original LucasArts games released those two - both the B-Wing and TIE Defender arrived in later expansions for the 'X-Wing' and 'TIE Fighter' games, respectively...
  8. As above - I assume some stores/folks have 2020 tournament prize support packs, which look pretty clearly to not see physical use in the year. So has anyone considered having a buy-in ONLINE tournament, with these prizes for support?
  9. Are FFG and GenCon able to even formally acknowledge VASSAL for Armada?
  10. If you just want to spam generics - I dunno, I think the Rebels do that better. The X-Wing is just an all-around solid fighter. It's a capable bomber, if you have a flotilla nearby with Bomber Command, and it's a great fighter. Enough hit-points to almost never be at risk of being one-shotted, and while not terribly fast - isn't awfully slow, either. It's not the best at anything, but it's GOOD at EVERYTHING. IMHO, that makes for good spam. The problem with the Empire's fighters is that they are much more role-focused. If you want a bomber, the TIE Bomber is amazing and cheap...but now if you needed a fighter for this next opponent, oops, no luck, the TIE Bomber is useless in that role. You want a fighter, the TIE Fighter is solid and cheap...but now you need a bomber against your next opponent? Out of luck, TIE Fighter can't do squat.
  11. Wow - not only a great ship, but he's getting a lot better at making 'Star Wars'-looking stills out of them, too.
  12. Not even that - space appears to be almost breathable, there, with a mask (citation: asteroid scene in ESB when the Falcon crew thought they were walking around on an asteroid). Still, that doesn't necessarily preclude it being our universe - just a galaxy of unusually dense gases, that never expanded to the point where 'space' ends up the vacuum it is in ours.
  13. Eh, Virginia doesn't have to bring her own air and water along for the entire duration of her mission for her entire crew - her powerplant generates enough energy it is perfectly able to distill both from seawater, which won't be true of anything in space. If you compare something like a Saturn V rocket, you'll note that the actual amount of metal in a space ship is reasonably small - the thing is MOSTLY fuel and oxygen. And the Death Star adds a Super Laser that seems to require a huge amount of hollow space in and around it (consider the firing sequence shot of the huge empty tunnel each beam comes out of), nevermind we already know the central reactor is large enough to fly around basically an entire squadron's worth of Rebel fighters and chasing TIE Fighters, as well as sufficient open space for them to have flown in and out without issue.
  14. Thing is, this is a REALLY cool idea - I'm optimistic this can be made to work! But I also suspect - if someone is deciding to commit to 4 games in 24 realtime hours - they are looking for matches that will be at least interesting to them. IE., not getting a total disaster of a game because they had a few okay matches, but then got paired against the current-world-leader in that person's FIRST round. Or conversely, being an odd match in the first round and doing okay, then getting a series of 'seal-clubbing' games afterwards from the odd scoring position. Is either of those things fun to anyone? In a typical formal event, a serious mismatch of skill is unavoidable to happen randomly in the first round...but RIGHT after that it settles out quickly enough. Ideally that should be something attempted here, too. I'm assuming most people setting the time aside for this are not interested in either impossible games OR 'seal-clubbing'.
  15. That could be easy to do with a bitmask added to the score. IE., each round adds a multiple of ten for your score. So on round 1 (0010), your lowest score ending the round would be 11, highest 19. Round 2 (0100) lowest possible score (losing both games 1-10) would be 102, highest possible 120. Round 3 (1000) finishes you can have from 1003 to 1030. Obviously you don't need to worry about the bitmask on round 4 as there is no more games after it, so just take the final score from there and you are done.
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