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  1. *shrugs* He's cheap, and when you see a pile of ACMs, APTs, or HIEs running around, he can save a lot of damage. He's not a brace - he stops ALL crit effects, ALL the time, ships or squads or whatever, no exhaust. Until you shoot a ship, of course. He pairs well with ships that want to sit tight until black-dice-range, when their opponents are trying to land crits from further out. Or dedicated anti-squad ships - he can endlessly block bomber crits, returning fire, without being spent.
  2. I guess this seems like an obvious question, but just asking it to make sure... Obviously Gherant protects a ship until it attacks, then normally he'd discard. (Crew) Vader can discard a crew DURING the attack to get a reroll. Sooo...Gherant ship sidles up to an enemy ship, protected his own ship by his effect, begins an attack on the enemy ship, (Crew) Vader discards him for rerolls, then 'after the attack' you'd have to discard him because you made an anti-ship attack...but you can't, he's already gone. No negative effect of that, nothing is lost or prevented along the way, Vader and Gherant both fully utilized. That seems to be true, just checking...
  3. TBH, that's almost worse? Oh, you mischievous planet-destroying warship, you! What zany hijinks are you up to, today?
  4. Well the thing is, it's that tie in to 'our world' that is (IMHO) the only reason "Rakehell" is a candidate for inclusion at all. (And it may well be what this ship is named, unfortunately, given there IS a Star Destroyer 'Rakehell' in the old expanded universe, as stupid as that is)
  5. The problem is that the squadron ball is still stuck where the ship first went down. You definitely want at least one ship + one flot, so you can plop the flot down for one deployment, then do a couple pairs of squad deployments to try to stall the enemy out a bit, before putting down your other ship where you need it with your major hitting element. (Of course, at that point, you are out at least 39 + 18 to start with...and a speed-4 ship without engine techs has no guarantee it can keep out of range of the enemy fleet, anyway. Really, what you are probably better off doing is just taking a pair of Hammerheads and running each one down the opposite map edge. Enemy will get one, sure, but can he get both? Ehhhhh….?) That it's a 3' x 3' map is, IMHO anyway, about the only saving grace to the possibility at all. It does blunt the impact of deployment advantages a lot. Still, I think you need to think of one ship + one flot as the effective minimum before you go crazy with squads. And in the end, the 'lose one ship and you are done' is tough to overcome - I think you still have to pray the enemy isn't bringing a Demolisher or Interdictor. (Fair warning, as an Imperial player: so far every list I've been working on in this format has had either Demolisher or an Interdictor...)
  6. Sure, but we're playing one of my objectives instead of yours, because you have exactly one activation during the ship phase, so why would I care if you are first player? And you'll notice you kind of aggressively lose turn 0 as you set up (effectively) your entire fleet before me, regardless of what objective we pick (your ship goes down first, and all your squads are stuck like glue to it during the remainder of deployment). For that reason ALONE you probably want to try to squeeze at least a single flotilla in there, to buy some time to bluff a bit where your main deployment will be....
  7. If it sticks with the rule that the only thing you need to table your opponent is to destroy their non-squadron, non-flotilla, ship(s)...I mean, have at it. Take your 160 pts of squads. And good luck...
  8. Now we know why those shots on the Raddus in 'The Last Jedi' were arcing towards the target. Nothing to do with 'gravity in space' - the Supremacy just wanted to hit an arc that it didn't have LoS on, and the First Order had invented some kind of way to spin the turbolaser plasma to twist in from the top/side. 😎 😜
  9. "Exception that proves the rule" - it doesn't even make sense in a universe where everything is connected in the Force, and Force ghosts are a thing. (And one-offs hardly prove anything - Col Tigh exclaimed "Jesus Christ" in the new Battlestar Galactica, a character that flatly does not exist in that setting. "Lords of Kobol" would have made more sense in context, but actors gonna be actors and make those kind of mistakes...) This reference in Star Wars is simply extremely uncommon, likely because (as noted), it doesn't fit with the mythology of the universe at all.
  10. Yeah, there was a half-dozen or so of the upgrade cards that had been previously spoiled, and I didn't re-include them here as they'd been discussed before quite a bit. I *think* I just hit all the net-new ones.
  11. IMHO, that's not the right name anyway. "Heaven" and "****" are human-Earth-our-galaxy terms, and pretty rarely used in Star Wars (indeed, I can't actually think of any uses outside of now-'Legends' EU stories) Rakehome Rakehound Rakehit Rakehew Rakeharm Rakehard Rakehold Rakehurt Rakehate ...etc
  12. I've liked a few ideas along those lines I've seen - tying squad activations to point costs, or just outright increasing the number of generic activations game-wide, or requiring a specific upgrade to do it, or etc. I think at least one other option would be increasing the utility of the squad phase overall, though, and not ALWAYS requiring squad activations be tied to ships. (The squadron phase, you know, 'the phase that always gets skipped because there is never anything to do in it') Say a commander along the lines of 'During the squad phase, add the Rogue keyword to all of your squads that do not have defense tokens.'
  13. Thing about aces is that they are very expensive for how squishy they are IF you can reliably generate ACC results. Trick is that "reliably generate ACC results" can be quite overpowered in some cases, while useless in others, making upgrades that do it...difficult to price. I'd dearly love upgrades that did the 'dual side' thing X-Wing 1.0 had on some cards. IE., a ion cannon upgrade that on one side is 'The battery armaments for your front and rear hull zone are increased by 1 blue dice' and the back side is 'When performing an anti-squadron attack, add 1 blue dice to your attack pool'. It's a fixed price, and you choose the side during deployment that you'll use the entire game. Upgrades like that would help a lot in solving a bit of the paper-rock-scissors element that isn't particularly desirable in tournaments.
  14. I think at least as many folks have been looking forward to RitR as the SSD - nice to finally see the cards! (Although that was a LOOOOOOT of typing, let me tell ya...)
  15. Heh, or you pair the VSD with its obvious title and upgrades, the GSD with its obvious title and upgrades, and the Quasar Fire with its obvious title and upgrades...and still have more than 100 pts for squads after your commander is picked... 🤩
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