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  1. It was Game of Thrones worlds this weekend and we threw a SWLCG binder draft for our guest Drew. The draft process itself is a big part of the fun and as people walked by Tom would yell “I’m playing a real game!” and then explain the process to people. It was fun listening to people complain about decks being too weak, or then decks being too good. Complain that we had included too many Pietts in the meta again… There were 6 of us and Tom suggested we play a game against another person and then switch, so he could play against as many people as possible before going out for dinner/drinks. We got through 3 games and then a few of us stuck around for a 4th game. The decks were very interesting this time around and the games were quite good too. It’s a big jump going from 4 people to 6 people. Danny had to figure out how we would do the binder rotation, but came up with every other draft rotating the binders twice. It seemed to work out. 1st (Tom) Affiliation: Jedi (2-0, 8th pick) A New Beginning Danger in the Wastes Journey Through the Swamp Deep Commitment Decoy at Dantooine Defense of Cloud City Sowers of Dissension Wookie Life Debt Badge of Honor Debt of Honor Affiliation: Sith Expendable Allies (1-0, 5th pick) Heart of the Empire Second Phase Lure of the Lost Emperor’s Promise Rogue Archaeology Unsavory Contracts Hive of Scum and Villainy Hunter in the Night Jabba’s Orders Eater of Luck 2nd (Danny) Affiliation: Rebel Information Network (1-1, 10th pick) Draw Their Fire Evacuation Procedure Blue Squadron Support Lost Commander Command and Control Resistance and Rebellion x2 Beyond the Rim Memories of Tanaab Secret Weapons Affiliation: Scum (2-0, 3rd pick) Heart of Cold x2 Droid Revolution Automated Assassin Hunter’s Flight Bespin Exchange Patrolling the Wastes Schemes and Intrigue Hunt for Han Solo Asteroid Pursuit 3rd (Drew) Affiliation: Rebel (0-1, 9th pick) Explosives Artist Mission Briefing Native Blessing Ties of Blood Running the Canyon Renegade Reinforcements Bait and Switch Questionable Contacts Rendar’s Wrath Memories of Tanaab Affiliation: Scum Promise of Power (2-1, 4th pick) Masterful Manipulation Heartless Tactics Trandoshan Terror Bespin Exchange Jabba’s Orders Knives in the Night The Reawakening Maw of Madness Threat from the Depths From the Abyss 4th (Mick) Affiliation: Smuggler (1-0, 6th/7th pick) Wookiee’s Journey No Match for a Good Blaster Questionable Contacts Badge of Honor Pushing Back the Empire Draw Their Fire Sacrifice of Heroes Hoth Gambit Hope of Rebellion Commando Operations Affiliation: Scum (1-2, 6th/7th pick) Feeding the Pit Lucrative Contract Hunter in the Night Slave Trade Hutt’s Menagerie The Scavengers Emperor’s Cabal Rogue Archaeology Merciless Plans Imperial Bureaucracy 5th (Ethan) Affiliation: Smuggler (0-2, 1st pick) On the Run House Edge Calling in Favors Last Defense of Hoth Rebel Fleet Lost Commander Commando Operations Mission to Talay Pushing Back the Empire Resourceful Survivors Affiliation: Navy (1-0, 12th pick) Inexorable Destruction Admiral’s Assault Endor Gambit Repair and Refurbish Mission Command Hunter for Hire Hunter’s Flight Patrolling the Wastes Automated Assassin Shadow of Nar Shaddaa 6th (Tyler) Affiliation: Smuggler (0-3, 2nd pick) Fortune and Fate Against All Odds Escape from Ord Mantell Hero’s Journey Ties of Blood Hero of a Thousand Devices Twilight of the Apprentice Out of Their Element Knowledge and Defense Journey Through the Swamp Affiliation: Scum (0-1, 11th pick) Lady’s Lesson Grand Heist Shadowed Surveillance His Hight Exaltedness Admiral’s Assault Victory or Death Dark Trooper Project Protect the Generator Deploy the Fleet Endor Gambit Plays of the Day Tom attacks with Ahsoka and Lobot into Drew’s Xizor and Arden Lyn. They both bid three cards, but Drew put in Prince’s Scheme. Tom reveals that all 3 of his edge cards are fate cards, one of them being Friendship is Magic, wins the edge battle 6-5 and sends the DS packing. I played Explosive Charge 3 times in one game against Tom, blowing up his Forest with one of them and Obi-Wans stupid reserve 8 cape with another. Tom found a way back with Life Creates it and then to rub salt in the wound played Force Barrier to shield all his crap and dance on my corpse. I had a Core Han plus Ackbar play against Tyler. It felt dirty. Drew gets a random discard on Danny and rips his Rebel Han money instead of his worthless Beyond the Rim money. Danny holds tight against me with the dial at 11 with pilot Lando and Nien Nunb his only defenders! I know there was more but I didn’t have time to write it all down last night! It was a blast playing with our guests, the format really seems to get better and better the more people you have participating in it. We are happy to organize a binder draft for anyone who comes and visits us!
  2. We held a Devil’s Draft back in December that I never got around to doing the write-up for. We changed the construction a little bit this time around: still highlander format, still at least 6 objectives of the same affiliation if any off-color objectives, still needed at least 6 resource producing card, but this time instead of having at least 6 pods with a main (4 drop or higher) Danny suggested we increase the bar to requiring ALL pods to have a pod combined unit cost of 6 or higher. This way there wouldn’t be moisture farmers with old ben’s spirit running around every where flailing at life… It was still miserable. 1st (Danny) Affiliation: Rebel (3-0, 6th pick, made by Tyler) Hoth Gambit Mission to Talay Hold the Line Courage of the Tribe Memories of Tanaab Fortune and Fate Defense of Cloud City Honor Among Thieves Prepare for Evacuation Badge of Honor Affiliation: Scum (3-0, 3rd pick, made by Mick) Hunt for Han Solo Scavengers Eater of Luck Bespin Exchange Dark Trooper Project General’s Imperative Kuat Reinforcements Admiral’s Assault Cell Block Detention Lord Vader’s Command 4th (Tyler) Affiliation: Jedi (1-2, 1st pick, made by Mick) Hidden from the Empire Hero of the Thousand Devices Deep Commitment Hold the Line Alliance’s Elite Evacuation Procedure Engineering the Future Mission to Talay Sacrifice of Heroes Hope of Rebellion Affiliation: Sith (1-2, 8th pick, made by Danny) Heart of the Empire Serve the Emperor Call of the Cult Hunt for Han Solo Bespin Exchange Jabba’s Orders Eater of Luck Hunt them Down Carbonite Transport Shadow of Nar Shaddaa 4th (Shad) Affiliation: Rebel (0-3, 4th/5th pick, made by Danny) Mission Briefing Draw Their Fire Preparation for Battle Hold the Line House Edge Defense of Cloud City Breaking the Blockade Memories of Tanaab Honor Among Thieves Prepare for Evacuation Affiliation: Navy (2-0, 4th/5th pick, made by Tyler) Superior Numbers Lord Vader’s Command Admiral’s Assault Jabba’s Orders Jabba’s Reach Automated Assassin Nar Shaddaa Drift Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Shadowed Surveillance Patrolling the Wastes 4th (Mick) Affilation: Jedi (1-2, 2nd pick, made by Shad) Hidden from the Empire Out of Their Element Hero’s Resolve Last Minute Rescue House Edge Defense of Cloud City Honor Among Thieves Fortune and Fate Prepare for Evacuation Badge of Honor Affilation: Sith (1-2, 7th pick, made by Shad) Call of the Cult Serve the Emperor From the Abyss Shadows on the Ice Hunt for Han Solo Jabba’s Orders Jabba’s Reach Carbonite Transport Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Patrolling the Wastes Things we “liked” playing Smuggler: Lobot, Vacuum Cleaner, Mirax Neutral: Rearguards! Scum: Hunt for Solo, Weequays, Aqualish Thugs Thoughts I think it’s time to retire the Devil’s Draft format. Danny is too good at it. On the plus side it’s L5R worlds this weekend and being are coming and we’re going to do a real draft! (binders!!)
  3. We decided to tweak the Devil’s Draft format and give it another go. In this format you are building a LS and DS deck that the other players will wind up drafting so the goal is to make it as bad (or amusing) as possible while meeting the 666 constraint. We tweaks things so that the 6s had to be achieved by objectives not cards merely in the draw deck. This make Chief Chirpa and Frozen Refuge less appealing but they still saw play. Devil’s Draft Highlander format (all objectives are unique) Exactly 10 objectives in the draw deck 6 objectives must contain a resource generating card 6 objectives must contain a 4 drop or higher (also all 6 units must be able to legally be on the board at the same time) If an objective has an affiliation that doesn’t match the affiliation card there must be at least 6 objectives with that affiliation. We had an odd number of people since a a newcomer had decided to try out the game. We threw together a couple more standard decks for her to play as she learns the ropes. We weren’t able to finish a round robin, but here are the deck lists Danny Affiliation: Rebel Hoth Gambit Engineering the Future Evacuation Procedure Frozen Refuge Beyond the Rim Fortune and Fate Escape from Ord Mantell Last Defense of Hoth Across the Dune Sea Defense of Cloud City Affiliation: Navy Training Procedures Imperial Blockade Emperor’s Legion Protect the Generator All Out Brawl Hunt Them Down Carbonite Transport Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Mercenary Support Automated Assassin Tyler Affiliation: Smuggler Wookie’s Journey House Edge Prepare for Evacuation Courage of the Tribe Last Minute Rescue Hero of a Thousand Devices Journey Through the Swamp Message from Beyond Embers of Hope Hero’s Resolve Affiliation: Navy Lord Vader’s Command Superior Numbers Endless Reserves Looking for Droids Serve the Emperor Shadows of Dathomir Call of the Cult Knives in the Night Counsel of the Sith Threat from the Depths Mick Affiliation: Rebel Hoth Gambit Evacuation Procedure Tribe of the Trees House Edge Prepare for Evacuation Badge of Honor Across the Dune Sea Beyond the Rim Memories of Tanaab Smuggler’s Gambit Affiliation: Sith Counsel of the Sith Serve the Emperor Threat from the Depths Endless Reserves Jabba’s Reach Jabba’s Orders Shadowed Surveillance Shadows of Nar Shaddaa Bespin Exchange Hunt Them Down Ethan Affiliation: Jedi A New Beginning Following Fate Deep Commitment Opening Moves Sacrifice of Heroes Evacuation Procedure Hoth Gambit Decoy at Dantooine Resourceful Survivors Mission to Talay Affiliation: Navy Lord Vader’s Command Admiral’s Assault Take Them Prisoner Automated Assassin Bespin Exchange Hunt them Down Hunt for Han Solo Patrolling the Wastes Nar Shaddaa Drift Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Janna Affiliation: Jedi May the Force Be With You x2 A New Beginning Twilight of the Apprentice Asteroid Sanctuary x2 No Match for a Good Blaster Spirit of Rebellion Last Warrior Tiny Robotic Sociopath Affiliation: Sith Emperor’s Web x2 Fall of the Jedi x2 Order of Inquisitors x2 Scouring the Empire Counsel of the Sith Agent of the Empire Rogue Archaeology Games this time around were brutal. Janna excluded, LS was only able to win a single game. Might have just been the day, but we are considering creating a ban list for LS when doing the Devil’s Draft. It could also be that what we thought were trash DS pods are actually really good. For example Hunt Them Down. Those Khiraxz fighters eat tauntauns all day! Danny also had no qualms about playing Remote Hideout and fed it a steady chain of 1 drops before powering out a main all afternoon. Serve the Emperor also has super solid objective text. Dragonsnakes are great combat tricks and have black guns. Call of the Cult gets a dial tick and those chuds can shut out the game in a hurry! Things we like building with x3 Rebel: Hoth Gambit, Evacuation Procedure Scum: Hunt them Down, Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Plays of the Day Portable Shield Generator kept Riekkan alive! Snowspeeder counter attack nukes Nightsister Matron blowing up a hoth objective in the process to trigger Prepare for Evacuation to bounce another unit. LS ends the turn taking the force to kill off two cultists and leave DS with no board. Diversion cancels Shadow of Nar Shaddaa trigger! Khirazx fighter! Feared hunter of tauntauns and spiders! Mercenary Supports pods in Iggy-D for a blow-out. Cold Calling Lady Luck and Jubba Bird with Get Me Solo. 2 for 2! In two weeks we’re looking to do a giant regular draft as friends come in for L5R worlds! Should be epic!
  4. After Memorial Day we had agreed on gaming again in 2 weeks and since Ethan’s birthday is coming up we let him name the format. He had long heard stories of “build-a-bad-deck-deck-swap” tournaments so that’s what he named and that’s what we set out to do. We did decide on a few constraints. We wanted bad decks not unplayable decks. Fun interactions was still the holy grail. After a some brainstorming at the table and a number of FB messages we agreed on: The Devil’s Draft Highlander format 6 resource producing cards 6 units that cost 4 or more than can legally be on the table at the same time 6 pods of any off-color affiliation (if playing off color) We also decided on a 4 neutral pod max (for mono decks, the affiliation constraint dealt with this for two color decks) and since we wanted to maximize league points we decided to build with the BAN list in mind. Also it was understood we were building 10 pod decks. The idea with these constraints was to provide an engine to win (units and money), avoid getting color-screwed (off color affiliation constraint making sure at worst you were playing 6/4 and guaranteeing no tri-color), and making you dig deep in the binders to find the truly worst pods (highlander). It was also understood that the 6-6-6 constraint was a minimum, but it became the rule since nobody seemed to want to provide more money or mains that they absolutely had to. We had two weeks to come up with decks. It was understood that we were going to snake draft them also with the constraint that you couldn’t wind up playing your own decks, which forced some choices for people. We were all pretty hush-hush about the construction process although there were cryptic texts going back and forth, mostly about how bad some pods were and how not-bad-enough other pods were. I kept looking at the decks I had built and thinking “they’re bad… but I’d play em!” Danny felt supremely confident in the turd decks he was able to build and…. he was completely justified! He went 6-0 for the day and made decks that only won a single game each. He has secured his position as draft and deck-building king of our local meta…but we will continue to challenge his reign… 1st (Danny) Affiliation: Smuggler (3-0, 2nd pick, made by Ethan) Beyond the Rim Prepare for Evacuation Hero’s Resolve Hero’s Duty Out of the their Element Embers of Hope Message from Beyond Journey Through the Swamp Rumors at the Cantina Courage of the Tribe Affiliation: Sith (3-0, 7th pick, made by Tyler) The Questioning Hunters of the Jedi Imperial Bureaucracy Rogue Archaeology Call of the Cult Serve the Emperor Looking for Droids Corporate Exploitation Endless Reserves Asteroid Pursuit 2nd (Ethan) Affiliation: Smuggler (1-2, 4th/5th pick, made by Danny) No Match for a Good Blaster Prepare for Evacuation Message from Beyond Embers of Hope Hero of a Thousand Devices Knowledge and Defense Journey through the Swamp Secret of Yavin IV Frozen Refuge Courage of the Tribe Affiliation: Scum (2-1, 4th/5th pick, made by Mick) Heart of Cold Automated Assassin Jabba’s Orders Asteroid Pursuit From the Abyss Black Squadron Assault Threat from the Depths Imperial Bureaucracy Emperor’s Cabal Serve the Emperor 3rd (Mick) Affiliation: Smuggler (0-3, 8th pick, made by Tyler) No Match for a Good Blaster Message from Beyond Embers of Hope Hero of a Thousand Devices Knowledge and Defense Hero’s Resolve Journey through the Swamp Hold the Line Frozen Refuge Courage of the Tribe Affiliation: Scum (2-1, 1st pick, made by Ethan) Shadow of Nar Shadaa Jabba’s Orders From the Abyss Encounter at Stygeon Prime Council of the Sith Call of the Cult Ghosts of the Dark Side Serve the Emperor Corporate Exploitation Looking for Droids 4th (Tyler) Affiliation: Rebel (0-3, 3rd pick, made by Mick) Mission to Talay Message from Beyond Embers of Hope Knowledge and Defense Hero’s Duty Stand Together Last Minute Rescue Rumors at the Cantina Frozen Refuge Courage of the Tribe Affiliation: Navy (1-2, 6th pick, made by Danny) Superior Numbers Lord Vader’s Command Shadows of Dathomir Executor Arrives Killing Cold Council of the Sith Call of the Cult Serve the Emperor Endless Reserves Looking for Droids What we liked playing x4 Jedi: Moisture Farmers, Old Ben’s Spirit Neutral: Chief Chirpa Sith: Anzati Elite What we liked playing x3 Jedi: Daughters of Allya, Jubba Birds Neutral: Frozen Refuge Sith: Cultists Neutral: Viper Probe Droids Plays of the Day: Ethan: Bulk action transport to draw into a guardian who can keep Han alive—he was dead on board with 2 damage on him facing off against Executor and an ISB. Ethan: Plays Anger on Kyle. Kyle’s secret: he’s always angry! …until he dies. which he did. Ethan: Quarren Bureaucrat stops a spider! Ethan: Executive Override stops the spider again! Danny: Size Matters Not on Chirpa for the game! Danny: Needs 2 objectives to win. Has no money but lots of tactics, but facing off against 1 resource that can become a spider at any moment. Attacks an objective with 2 damage on it with a tukata. I let it go. He plays vast resources to pay for an Aphra droid, bids Allies of Necessity to blow up the objective. I can no longer pay for the spider and lose. …heh… I build have paid for the spider before unopposed.. dang, this game is hard… /facepalm Danny: Quarren Bureaucrat asks the spider for his papers and LS has no more money… Tyler: Rebel Sympathizer sacs himself to force rejuv an ewok horde. Ethan demands to see the Jedi resource since Tyler only had one neutral money showing. Tyler points at the text of the rebel Sympathizer and proceeds with his strikes against Redeem the Fallen. Tyler: Loses entire board to a first turn No Match Han with a looping Old Ben’s Spirit on him. Plays aggression on turn 3 and comes back Tyler: Plays vast resources and taps out Lord Vader’s officer to hard cast the Executor. Sith Holocron is left on the board for the sacrifice effect! Tyler: Force pushes off an Ewok Horde attack. I like to imagine teddy bears flying everywhere in the force explosion. Tyler: Mon Mothma with Old Ben’s Spirit and a Concussion Rifle becomes a Weapons Master! Mick: In the 2nd attack Secret Guardian into an Ewok Horde who double strikes with Size Matters Not Mick: Gets the combo of Hunted/Dark Memories off on Kyle Mick: Inquisitor crafts the hand which can win edge and play force shockwave to wipe the board. Unfortunately, we did not have time to try a massive 2v2 game with these decks. The decks probably wouldn’t have been legal since Chirpa is limit 1, but we’d just allow it and say only one Chirpa can be on the board. In individual games the DS took the day 8-4, so it would be interesting to see if the ewoks hordes could overcome the Serve the Emperor decks in 2v2. We still prefer the Collective Draft format, but this was a good change of pace and we enjoyed thinking about the construction of the decks for the time before the tournament. The games did seem to favor the DS, but they were still very interesting and often came down to the 11th hour. Tyler said “this feels a lot like core set” and I think that’s a positive statement and I agree with him! It was interesting to see which pods we overlapped on. Chirpa definitely saw a lot of play because he checked so many boxes: 2 resources, 3 “mains”. We discussed changing the constraint to say 6 pods with mains and 6 pods with resources to deemphasize pods like Chirpa, Frozen Refuge and the Cultists. We’ll try to play again in a month. More of the best games every played! Do you agree with our bad deck decisions? Post in the comments and smash that subscribe button!!
  5. We gathered on this Memorial Day weekend for another round of SWLCG draft! We had a 7th binder set to go with Legends cards, although I assumed because the number of binders was prime every deck would see each binder, but somehow a skip happened in the rotation. We also casually agreed to play with the restricted list being a BAN list so as to maximize our league play points. We finished our round robin with time to spare and agreed instead of doing a 2nd draft to redraft the decks for a 2v2 match. DS heavily dominated the individual portion going 9-3, but we split LS wins in 2v2.Mi 1st (Danny) Affiliation: Smuggler (4th/5th pick, 2-1) Beyond the Rim x2 Trust Me On the Run No Match for a Good Blaster Wookie Life Debt Badge of Honor A Wookie’s Journey Bargaining for Profit (L) Hostile Jungle (L) Affiliation: Navy (4th/5th pick, 3-0) Pattern Analysis x2 Family Connections Dark Trooper Project Immeasurable Power Protect the Generator Emperor’s Legion Reinforcements! Advanced Designs (L) Experimental Weaponry (L) 2nd (Ethan) Affiliation: Jedi (2nd pick, 1-2) Flight of the Crow Danger in the Wastes Ties of Blood Hero of a Thousand Devices Across the Dune Sea Questionable Contacts House Edge Defense of Cloud City Gardener’s Secret Renegade Squadron Mobilization Affiliation: Scum (7th pick, 2-1) Patrolling the Wastes Last Grand Admiral Lord Vader’s Command Capital Support Guarding the Wing Might of the Empire Imperial Vengeance Pelleaon’s Plan (L) Private Death Commandos (L) Sabotage in the Snow 2nd (Mick) Affiliation: Jedi (3rd pick, 0-3) The Future of the Jedi (L) Flight of the Crow New Beginning Forgotten Masters In You Must Go Mysteries of the Rim Fortune and Fate Spirit of Rebellion Smuggler’s Gambit Bargaining for Profit (L) Affiliation: Scum (6th pick, 3-0) The Scavengers “No Disintegrations” Emperor’s Web Vader’s Army Lure of the Lost Ghosts of the Dark Side Reconditioning Techniques (L) Engineering Suffering (L) Merciless Plans Mission Command 4th (Tyler) Affiliation: Smuggler (1st pick, 0-3) Impersonating a Diety Spirit of Rebellion Questionable Contacts Renegade Squadron Mobilization Covert Operation x2 (L) Shield Generator Assault Pushing Back the Empire Commando Raid Explosives Artist Affiliation: Navy (8th pick, 1-2) Unstoppable Advance x2 Blizzard Assault General’s Imperative Empire’s Elite Capital Support Cloud Cover Inexorable Destruction Sector Lockdown Shadows on the Ice What we liked playing x2 Jedi: Crow Rebel: Legends Jan (L), Smuggler: Jyn, Echo Caverns, Core Han, Errant Venture (L), Pulsar Skate Sith: Navy: Kallus, Unstoppable Advance, Capital Support Scum: Plays of the Day Tyler: Keeping the force away from LS the whole game with Capital Cover and a 181st, takes 3 objectives in the draw phase by playing Aggressive Assault Ethan: During combat plays DS-61-3 on foot using Ruhk’s objective. Also echo caverns and crossfires Obi-wan to deal with 4 DS units in one strike! Mick: Herr Direktor’s chud helps Rav dig his lightsaber out of the trash and play it during combat using the Engineering Suffering text and damage starts getting flung everywhere. Danny: turn 1 plays a reserve trooper and lets Moldy Crow take an objective in order to counter attack and put bombs on the board. Crow bids echos and takes the trooper off the force. 2nd turn plays some reinforcements and recommits the moldy crow. LS feeds a bunch of focus onto a lost master and plays force illusion to take a 2nd objective. 3rd turn: Kallus shows up, gets promoted and tells the reserve trooper to take care of business. All down hill for LS from there. Interesting thing about the round robin: we had a chance for a 4 way tie if Tyler swept Danny in round 3 and Ethan and I split. I held up my end of the bargain, but Tyler misunderstood sweep for “get swept” making Danny the undisputed champion. One of these days we will have an epic 4 way tie though… After 3 rounds and time to spare we decided to redraft the existing decks for a round of 2v2. We used Ethan’s phone app to randomized teams and then randomized who would choose first for drafting. Ethan and I wound up on the same team with first pic so we decided to go LS first since it had done so abysmally in 1v1 and chose the mono smuggler Beyond the Rim deck. Mick and Ethan: Beyond the Rim & Dune Sea Hero Walkers & Patrolling the Wastes Tyler and Danny: Jan Ors (L) & Future of the Jedi Palpatine & Troopers In the first game Ethan had the God Flop with Blizzard Assault and we started pooping out old school AT-ATs every turn. Backed up by my Forward Command Post we had a lot of bombs and when OG Veers hit they each had 3 guns so we felt pretty good. Sabine, Jan Ors, Bolster Mirrax and a specforce pathfinder hit the board on the other side. Ethan and I messed up a block and also our final attack and fell 1 objective short of cranking the dial to 16. In the 2nd game Security Tower and Gamblo game out turn one causing a lot of pain. Ethan freed up my double focused Defense of Cloud City with his Hostile Jungle (L) objective and 2nd turn Core Han with a Jawa blaster and came out and did some double striking with the help of Gamblo to wipe the board save Wittin—who was only saved from with the grace of being indestructible. Kallus was not so lucky. Gamblo saw his demise but proved to rise from the ashes as OG Lando and proved to be an even bigger thorn in their side. DS made a last did attempt to take out Assassination Contract but Lando and Lobot with a Cape! (Obi Wan’s) blocked and a fateful Krayt Dragon Howl pushed out ALL the attakcers and Lobot and Lando auto-won edge and focused out some dudes to set up the win. Then we sorted cards and discussed on what Ethan wants to do for his birthday tournament.
  6. A longer break than usual, but the Minnesota Meta gathered after the spring equinox for some more SWLCG drafting. We swore not to make any Navy super decks even if they were hampered by x2 Piett. Ethan and I decided not to give up on making Piett great again and made sure to include him given the opportunity. Today’s draft had a much higher inclusion of Navy cards than in the past and I only pushed one of the decks into Sith when the Navy streak was looking too strong—turned out the sith side was pretty good though! No MTFBWY inclusions this time, which Danny was happy about. Danny was also happy that he wasn’t sitting near me, which I still don’t get. Tyler and I were on the same brainwave with Black Market Exchange, which Danny also thinks is terrible but we love so it gets played x2. Once again the draft format proved to create very interesting decks that match up well again each other. The sides ended evenly 6-6 and what we thought were “bad” decks proved to be surprisingly effective. 1st (Mick) Affiliation: Smuggler (8th pick, 3-0) On the Run Asteroid Sanctuary The Broken Horn Renegade Squadron Mobilization Secret Weapons Command and Control Evacuation Procedure Capital Cover Engineering the Future Preparation for Battle Affiliation: Sith (1st pick, 2-1) Heart of the Empire Scouring the Empire Order of Inquisitors Admiral’s Assault The Last Grand Admiral Death and Despayre Protect the Generator Immeasurable Power Pattern Analysis Asteroid Pursuit 2nd (Ethan) Affiliation: Smuggler (7th pick, 1-2) Calling in Favors Resistance and Rebellion The Last Warrior They’ll Never Stop Us The Alliance’s Elite Rogue Squadron Assault The Lost Commander Fleeing the Empire Engineering the Future Evacuation Procedure Affiliation: Navy (2nd pick, 2-1) Inexorable Destruction Deploy the Fleet Rapair and Refurbish Hunter’s Flight Out of the Mists Hunter in the Night The Hutt’s Menagerie Patrolling the Wastes Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Sabotage in the Snow 3rd/4th (Tyler) Affiliation: Smuggler: Desperate Allies (6th pick, 1-2) Bait and Switch x2 Trust Me House Edge No Match for a Good Blaster Hero’s Journey Secret at Shantipole Heroes and Legends In You Must Go Master’s Domain Affiliation: Scum (3rd pick, 1-2) Jabba’s Reach x2 Nar Shaddaa Drift x2 Lucrative Contract Jabba’s Orders Heartless Tactics Shadowed Surveillance Droid Droid Revolution Patrolling the Wastes 3rd/4th (Danny) Affiliation: Rebel (4th/5th pick, 1-2) Mission to Talay Forward Reconnaissance Commando Operations Explosives Artist Hero’s Journey Ties of Blood Deep Commitment Trust in the Force Desert Recruitment Secret of Yavin IV Affiliation: Navy: Any Method’s Necessary (4th/5th pick, 1-2) Technological Terror Pattern Analysis Entrenched Defenses Enforced Loyalty Admiral’s Assault Unsavory Contracts x2 Bespin Exchange The Best That Credits Can Buy Hunt Them Down What we liked playing x2 Jedi: Core Luke Rebel: Hoodie Han, Blissex Smuggler: Lak Sivrak Sith: Navy: Kallus, Piett Scum: Klaatu and Barada, OG Jabba, Black Market Exchange, BK Plays of the Day: Tyler: Got out Jabba’s Pleasure Barge and 3 swoops. Played Race Circuit Champion on the Pleasure Barge and started going to town on offense with 2 copies of Black Market Exchange. Every time he unfocused to strike again with the Pleasure Barge the pilot would also ping one of my vehicles. Ethan: Played Quick Hunt to capture Danny’s super Mon Mothma with 4 enhancements on her. Also attacked into 2 weequays and Dengar with Rex at a full health objective. Won edge and killed damaged weequay, focused Dengar and got a couple bombs. Other weequay struck, then Ethan played You’re Our Only Hope to sac Leia and strike again with Rex getting him enough bombs to finish things off. Danny: Got the heat of battle stunning blow combo off on my 5th brother preventing him from one shotting Sabine. Went on the wreck my face with Leia Mick: On my last turn I attack with Falcon, Independence and a Speeder Tank at a high health objective trying to win edge. I pass with edge one. Tyler bids a card. I throw in a card. Tyler goes deep in the tank and passes. Before edge stacks are revealed he switches them with Reversal of Fate and I wind up losing putting me off the bombs I need to win take the objective. He focuses out one of my units in the back preventing me from taking the other objective I needed to win. I start resolving my strikes. Falcon does 2 blast and kills one of his dudes. I draw a card with Renegade Squadron Mobilization. It’s Concentrated Firepower. The Independence focused to strike and tossed its shield to take the objective. I’m still out though because I don’t have the bombs in the 2nd attack. But the Independence is also now at 3 guns so it takes out a 2nd guy and I draw again. It’s Target of Opportunity. Tyler goes on tilt as the streak continues…
  7. Gathered for another draft. We were expecting more people, but with people getting sick and the cold snap only 3 of us showed up. So Danny, Ethan and I did a draft…then we ate…then we got bored and decided to draft again with the the left over cards. The rotation was a bit different having only 3 people and 6 binders, so decks wound up seeing the same same binder more than they did in previous drafts, but the decks still came out interesting. Danny emerged the front runner for the day in both drafts going a total of 6-2 vs me and Ethan both at 3-5. 1st (Danny) Affiliation: Jedi (6th pick, 1-1) Spark of Rebellion x2 Out of their Element x2 Hidden from the Empire Sacrifice at Endor Mysteries of the Rim Wookie Life Debt Impersonating a Diety Sowers of Dissension Affiliation: Navy (1st pick, 2-0) The Admiral’s Assault x2 Enforced Loyalty Might of the Empire Technological Terror The Last Grand Admiral Inexorable Destruction Entrenched Defenses Spice Trade 2nd (Ethan) Affiliation: Jedi: No Questions Asked (5th pick, 1-1) Hero’s Duty Ties of Blood Desert Recruitment Danger in the Wastes Master’s Domain Across the Dune Sea Broken Horn Questionable Contacts Renegade Squadron Mobilization Last Defense of Hoth Affiliation: Scum (2nd pick, 1-1) Lucrative Contract The Hunters Out of the Mists Jabba’s Orders Automated Assassin Behind the Black Sun Shadowed Surveillance Rogue Archaeology Vader’s Army Emperor’s Web 3rd (Mick) Affiliation: Rebel (3rd/4th pick, 1-1) Haunting the Empire Sacrifice of Heroes Hoth Gambit May the Force Be With You Hero’s Resolve Hero’s Journey Twilight of the Apprentice Daughter of Tanaab Last Minute Rescue Badge of Honor Affiliation: Scum (3rd/4th pick, 0-2) Heart of Cold Feeding the Pit I Don’t Like You Either Slave Trade Shadow of Nar Shaddaa Lord Vader’s Command Imperial Command Pattern Analysis Cell Block Detention Support of the Fleet Random thoughts on this Draft So if you draft a deck with all the best Navy pods it is not hamstrung by double Piett. This deck was a monster and Wrecking Ball Piett is a beast. Order Matters! Don’t damage your won objectives with Sowers of Dissension on the flop. Funeral Pyre isn’t fun to play against. Digging with 3PO to find that one target of opportunity to win the game… Including a random copy of the Melucci pod in an otherwise coherent Jedi Rebel deck is just a **** move. Love it. Plays of the days Danny Funeral pyres me on my turn, funeral pyres on the beginning of his turn, pays 2 with Kanan, moves a focus from mysteries of the rim over to Kanan and swings playing a force illusion to push out 3 other blockers. I push an ugnaught forward and make him play an edge battle to win. Danny exlaims “There was a guy back there!?” We’ll return to this moment later in the write-up… Danny wins edge and takes the game…but not how he wanted. Point: …still him. Ethan flops Jabba’s Orders and leads into Get me Solo nabbing my core Luke, then plays turn 1 4LOM suddenly making my remaining starting hand of Ezra looks a lot less appealing, but I draw into some tricks. I attack not expecting any blocks, but he does block and I put in a heat. He twists and then plays his heat. I figure he doesn’t have a choke so I strike with Ezra and then force rejuv him to strike again killing 4LOM. In my game against Danny he starts the game by discarding Piett. I call him mad. The deck was meant to do one thing. He pays 5 and plays the other Piett. Core Luke shows up and starts wrecking face. I attack and Danny reveals echoes of the force and seeds to tap out my Luke. Fortunately, I have an echos of my own that triggers after his. But the combo is not set up on Piett. There was some trickiness with the Screed ship stealing black tactics and by the end of the game Piett had 15 edge. Chased down too many of his lackeys assuming I had time to get around to the man himself… Danny’s board against Ethan goes super wide. His has a wookie out with life debt so stuff isn’t leaving play and he’s getting ready to take things out. He plays double force persuasion to knock out all available blockers and pushes a mystic forward to do 2 capping an objective and sets up his next attack. Ethan cries “wait wait wait!” and plays an Aphra jump droid pre-edge. They bid. Ethan lays twist. Danny lays a 2nd. Ethan lays a 2nd. Danny lays a 3rd. Ethan picks up his 2nd with the Garindan objective. Danny is out. Ethan reveals twist and lays heat. Aphra droid swings killing the mystic. Ethan says “I prefer to take things a step at a time, Daniel!” Danny says “whatever :-(“ Round 2. Fight! We break for a late lunch at the event center. Talk some about Keyforge and how Danny thought things were cold back in November when we had 30 degree weather. Since we were expecting more people and pushed the start time forward to 10:15am we had plenty of time for another so we decided to just draft again and putting the previous cards back in the binders. Danny was slightly concerned that we wouldn’t be able to make good decks because we had already taken out 60 objective sets, but I did not share this concern. It’s draft and it’ll be fine. 1st (Danny) Affiliation: Jedi (6th pick, 2-0) Forgotten Heroes Knowledge and Defense Debt of Honor x2 Wookie Life Debt Badge of Honor Bait and Switch Secret Weapons Renegade Squadron Mobilization Preparation for Battle Affiliation: Scum (1st pick, 1-1) The Grand Heist Feeding the Pit All Out Brawl Unsavory Contracts Threat from the Depths x2 From the Abyss Rogue Archaeology Plan of the Prophetess Emperor’s Hand 2nd (Mick) Affiliation: Rebel (5th pick, 1-1) Explosives Artist Lost Commander Behind Enemy Lines Hero of a Thousand Devices Hero’s Trial Trust in the Force Twilight of the Apprentice Watchers in the Wasteland Following Fate To Arms! Affiliation: Sith (2nd pick, 1-1) Brothers of the Sith Fearsome and Foul Order of Inquisitors Killing Cold General’s Imperative Immeasurable Power Protect the Generator Endor Gambit Repair and Refurbish Shadows on the Ice 3rd (Ethan) Affiliation: Rebel: Information Network (3rd/4th pick, 0-2) A Legend Begins Hope of Rebellion Fleeing the Empire Haunting the Empire Rogue Squadron Assault Resistance and Rebellion The Daring Escape Memories of Tanaab Beyond the Rim Calling in Favors Affiliation: Sith (3rd/4th pick, 1-1) There is No Conflict The Questioning Emperor’s Shadow Droid Droid Revolution x2 His High Exaltedness The Scavengers Eater of Luck Nar Shadaa Drift Reconnaissance Mission Random Thoughts on this Draft LS vehicle decks never seem worth playing in draft 5/2 objectives in draft are huge, especially with how many utility resources are generally included Staring across at a grid of 4 health wookies backed up by echo caverns is scary. Sometimes DS just can’t take the force. Rousing Speeches are good to rile the troops up to kill dragonsnakes! Droid Droid Revolution can prevent Let the Wookie Win from killing your one drops! Veers gives the guns! He’s also not bad promoted! Jedi Mind Trick and Clever Distraction in the same turn to clear the board is mean. Fate Vader has text! Lack Sivrak and his wolfman chud are like a gattling gun. Sometimes decks will live the dream and flop that one copy of Wookie Life debt in all their games. I can’t win against Dannik Jericho and Ethan can’t win against Myo 😞 Plays of the Draft I didn't want to attack into Danny’s wall of creatures backed up by All Out Brawl, so I sat on the force with Obi Wan and eventually got Sabines Armor, Chewie’s Bowcaster, Luke’s Lightsaber, Obi Wan’s Lightsaber, a Custom Paint Job and to top it all off a 6 resource I Am a Jedi. Rex got Chirrut’s Lightbow. I chipped way with Wolfmen each turn and in the end I attacked with a battle field engineer, played double well equipped to ready both Obi Wan and Rex for the coup de grace. Danny plays Join Me on Ethan’s Fleet officer. The arms dealer gives him a 2nd bomb and he swings in to take an objective with spice visions. Good crank! Ethan lives the dream with Black Market Exchange. He gets Iggy B out with illegal modifications and uses it to do a bunch of bombs and take out my Following Fate Obi Wan with Ezra’s Lightsaber who I was using to dump tactics everywhere. I trigger when he dies and take out the droid. Later Ethan really needs to take a 3rd objective but I’ve locked out Dannik Jericho so the edge battle will matter and he’s falling a bit short on black bombs. He manages to find a swoop and Wittin, pulls back the Emperor’s Favor onto fate Vader and swings for massive double striking opportunities. Danny took out my Thunderflare with a bade of honor backed 4 point wookie rage. Ouch. Shield Chewie and his resistance hideout are super annoying. Shields everywhere. You gotta watch Danny though: He was dumping shields out everywhere and I told him he wasn’t outnumbered. “I have 6 units, you have 7. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!” “You have 7!” and I point at his focused tauntaun in the back row. “There’s a guy back there!? Good times.
  8. Minnesota Meta gathered for an afternoon of Collective Drafting. Just like Jazz Music: there are no wrong notes. Just notes with more color than others. We laughed ourselves silly with the various inclusions. Danny made the mistake of sitting after me again, but he didn’t complain as much as he did the previous time. With our group of knuckleheads there are no “safe places” to sit. We wound up with a couple tri-color decks this time. We blamed Shad for that but he swears it wasn’t him. Midway through the draft I was passed a Jedi-Smuggler deck that had 5 crazy pods in it already. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, it was so good already so I threw in a May the Force to see how badly the rest of the table could tank it with the last 4 pods. Unfortunately Danny had the Alliances cycle binder which is just full of gas. He threw in the Biggs pod to force it into tri-color, but that also gave it a 2nd seeds. The last 3 inclusions were Rumors at the Cantina, Gamblo and Undercover Dealings. Unfortunately, Tyler had to leave after only 2 games, so the finished a round robin amongst the remaining 4 players. 1st (Mick) Affiliation: Jedi (9th pick, 3-0) Deep Commitment Danger in the Wastes Resistance and Rebellion Spirit of Rebellion Escape from Ord Mantell Planning the Rescue Fleeing the Empire Haunting the Empire Behind Enemy Lines Commando Raid Affiliation: Sith (2nd pick, 1-2) There is No Conflict Emperor’s Hand Emperor’s Shadow Imperial Bureaucracy Immeasurable Power Imperial Command Dark Trooper Project Emperor’s Legion Endor Entrapment Endor Gambit 2nd/3rd (Ethan) Affiliation: Smuggler (1st pick, 1.5-2) Last Warrior Gardner’s Secret House Edge Undercover Dealings May the Force Be With You In You Must Go Survivors Mysteries of the Rim They’ll Never Stop Us Rumors at the Cantina Affiliation: Navy (10th pick, 2-1) Moon Blockade Protect the Generator Dark Time for the Rebellion Unsavory Contracts Hunter in the Night Tatooine Crash “No Disintegrations” Lure of the Lost Plan of the Prophetess Counsel of the Sith 2nd/3rd (Shad) Affiliation: Rebel (3rd pick, 1-2) Running the Trench Alderaan’s Promise Lost Commander Mission to Talay Last Warrior Questionable Contacts Fortune and Fate Resistance and Rebellion Defense of Cloud City Renegade Squadron Mobilization Affiliation: Sith (8th pick, 2.5-1) Second Phase Scouring the Empire Rogue Archaeology Vader’s Army Emperor’s Cabal The Investigation Cruel Interrogations Heartless Tactics Droid’s Task Droid Droid Revolution 4th (Kiramode) Affiliation: Jedi (5/6th pick, 1-2) Hidden from the Empire Spark of Rebellion Inhospitable Deployments x2 Sensors are Placed Attack Pattern Delta Planning the Attack Rogue Squadron Assault Hope of Rebellion Echo Base Defense Affiliation: Sith (5/6th pick, 1-2) The Questioning Vader’s Army Jabba’s Orders x2 Heartless Tactics Schemes and Intrigue “No Disintegrations” Jabba’s Reach Shadowed Surveillance Hutt’s Menagerie Porkins Drop (Tyler) Affiliation: Rebel (7th pick, 0-0.5) Mobilize the Squadrons Draw Their Fire Turning the Tide Spirit of Rebellion No Match for a Good Blaster Impersonating a Diety Bait and Switch Honor Among Thieves Hero’s Resolve Sacrifice at Endor Affiliation: Scum (4th pick, 0-0.5) Double Crossing Droid Out of the Mists Grand Heist Emperor’s Web Knives in the Night Emperor’s Shadow Counsel of the Sith Ghosts of the Dark Side Maw of Madness Call of the Cult What we liked playing Jedi Rebel: Hoth Derlin Smuggler: Nien Nunb, Zeb, Jyn Sith: 0-0-0, Shuttle, Counsel Navy Scum: Weequays, Good Dengar, Double-Tap Boba Plays of the Day Mick: the blow out card in my deck proved to be Bring Em On from the terrible and secretly awesome Ord Mantell pod. In 2 games it let an unassuming chud bring down a main! Crafty smuggler smacks 0-0-0 for 3, shabaam!! Ethan: Momaw with bo-rifle and holdout blaster doing work! Zeb also got linked up with these toys in another game… Shad: Flopping into the Investigation and calling “Hold Out Blaster”. Ethan immediately discards it next turn… Kiramode: 1st turn droid factory into various droids getting his reserve up to 8/9 cards with Jabba’s Reach. Also he was 3-for-3 with Get Me Solo capturing Cracken, Bail and Yoda. Tyler: Played Hate on Super Yoda making him very sad.
  9. I didn’t attend November World’s this year, but I did swing by the Radisson Friday night to say hello to people. I had my cards all packed up, but Josh had his boxes so he, Brad, Kiramode and I sat down and grabbed random decks, made sure they didn’t overlap and played a match of 2v2 against each other. It was a blast. I had forgotten how much I love this game and community. Ethan and I had lunch on Saturday and afterwards were brainstorming ideas for fun alternative formats. Part of what made the 2v2 match so brilliant (apart from being on a team with Brad which was just a hoot) was that the decks weren’t tuned for 2v2 so the games played pretty close. I always like it when games play somewhere in the middle. I had all my cards packed up, back in their binders and that’s when Ethan came up with the idea and we refined it: SW Draft Collective Edition! Unfortunately, Ethan couldn’t stick around into the evening to see his brainchild play out, but when Thrones was done and people had finished eating Josh, Danny, Tyler and I sat down to try this madness. My cards are split into 6 binders in order of release date. There is some overlap of cycles in the first couple binders, the Hoth and echoes sets are split, but each binder is roughly one box and one cycle. The plan: Have players randomly grab a binder each and set the remaining two to the side between the two players opposite each other. This forms a hexagon. Players then open the binders and grab any one LS and any one DS pod they want to start the formation of a deck. Once this is done players would rotate the binders one position to the right. The binders at the edges or the hexagon would rotate in and 2 binders would rotate out. Simultaneously the players would rotate the decks they had started one player to the left! Then players would look at the pods they had gotten and pick and one LS and DS pod in their new binder to add to the deck. Deck construction rules had to be followed so once a player had picked an X-affiliation only card nobody could add an affiliation that would contradict that. Same goes for the restricted list. The idea was the decks had to be “playable”. Once we did this 10 times we put the decks out all on the table with the pods showing and randomly selected a player to have first choice of LS or DS deck. Once the 4th person picked a deck we reversed the order ala Settlers of Catan for the 2nd pick. Then we played. Execution: the idea that you’re not drafting your deck but have your thumb on the scale of everyone’s deck is what made this format particularly interesting. You can’t make the deck too good or someone else will draft it and crush you. Can’t make the deck too bad or you might wind up having to play it. As Danny said “You have to make decks that ONLY YOU can play”. And as arrogant SW players we of course all thought we could do this. It was hilarious passing to Danny around pack 4 he cried out “why do I have to sit after Mick?! I have to fix all his mistakes!” No. No, mistakes here. All those inclusions are by design! It was interesting watching resource counts in the decks and trying to make sure that the decks were all still functionable as decks. Also sometimes decks needed to have their power level brought up, other times they needed to come down. Around the 8th pick there was a concern at the table that the DS decks were turning out to be stronger than the LS decks so there were definitely some choices made to try to balance out the sides. Unfortunately, we were only able to get 2 rounds in at which point it was around 2am. It would be fun to do a full round robin. Danny and I ended 3-1 with Josh and Tyler 1-1. But with a final round it could theoretically end a 4 way tie, so who knows what the strongest of these decks are! Personally I’d put my money on Danny, because his sith scum deck was sick and he also got to play his beloved Leia Cracken deck as LS. If we had gotten to finish I’d like to think he would have taken it all meaning that Edge of Darkness Lobot had won a “World’s”. Kiramode’s Picks Affiliation: Rebel (3rd pick) Planning the Rescue Fleeing the Empire Behind Enemy Lines Resourceful Survivors Questionable Contacts The Last Warrior Spirit of Rebellion Calling in Favors Impersonating a Diety Defense of Cloud City Affiliation: Scum (6th pick) Double Crossing Droid Lady’s Lesson All Out Brawl I Don’t Like You Either Agent of the Emperor Reawakening Encounter at Stygeon Prime Council of the Sith Rogue Archaeology Corporate Exploitation Mick’s Picks Affiliation: Rebel (2nd pick) Running the Trench Planning the Rescue Pushing Back the Empire Haunting the Empire Alderaan’s Promise Mission to Talay Hero’s Journey Twilight of the Apprentice Watchers in the Wasteland Daughter of Tanaab Affiliation: Scum (7th pick) Double Crossing Droid Droid Droid Revolution Shadowed Surveillance Nar Shaddaa Drift Dark Counsel Emperor’s Cabal Emperor’s Shadow Emperor’s Hand Serve the Emperor Ghosts of the Dark Side Tyler’s Picks Affiliation: Smuggler (4/5th pick) On the Run Asteroid Sanctuary Renegade Squadron Mobilization Last Defense of Hoth Smuggler’s Gambit Haunting the Empire Lost Commander Forward Reconnaissance Turning the Tide Green Squadron Deployment Affiliation: Navy (4/5th pick) Technological Terror Repair and Refurbish Capital Support Kuat Reinforcements Protect the Generator Black Squadron Formation Emperor’s Sword Emperor’s Shadow Agent of the Emperor Shadows of Dathomir Josh’s Picks Affiliation: Smuggler (1st pick) Renegade Squadron Mobilization The Last Warrior Spirit of Rebellion Lost Commander Commando Raid Commando Operations Rogue Squadron Assault Draw Their Fire Mission to Talay Hope of Rebellion Affiliation: Scum (8th pick) Heart of Cold Lucrative Contract Heartless Tactics Schemes and Intrigue Hunter’s Flight Jabba’s Reach Jabba’s Orders Rogue Archeaology The Investigation Across the Jundland Wastes Random Thoughts on My Decks I can’t even really do this section for the draft tournament. It’s too big. I was too involved in the construction of all the decks. Suffice to say I STRONGLY recommend this format for people who have a group of players looking for something fresh to do with their collections. Also while there was nothing in the rules about needing to make highlander decks that’s just what organically happened this time. I think people wanted to be creative with their choices. Same thing about not seeing any May the Force Be With You in the lists. Just didn’t happen because “yawn”. Plays of the Day Tyler had the Ghost committed to the force with Green Squadron Deployment out. Josh played Pilot Boba on a Jawa Trading Crawler to capture Tyler’s Ghost. Get there!! In what would be my last turn with the dial at 5 and 1 objective down I stole Tyler’s only blocker by playing Join Me, attacked with the Emperor’s Shuttle to take an objective, attacked with Iggy-B with illegal modifications and a swoop to suck his Col Serra into combat, kill it and take the 2nd objective. Then sell the swoop to untap Iggy-B to take out the 3rd objective. Seeing that this was going to happen and the damage had to come out perfectly Tyler used Echo Caverns to move a bomb from the Shuttle to the Swoop which I cancelled with Executive Override. In Kiramode’s game against Josh he just needed one attack to go through anywhere so he initiated until he could win edge somewhere. Then he pulled a Bo Rifle out of discard and put it on his Cloud City Wing Guard to strike as a participating unit for 2 blast and 2 guns. Then sacced Core Leia to My Only Hope to strike again with the Wing Guard for Game. Get there!! The draft format was a blast and I highly recommend it. I need to resort all my cards now, but I will be doing that soon so we can draft again! Puzzler As a puzzler I leave you one of the decks lists I got to influence with 3 inclusion instead of just 2. Can you pick the 3 objective sets that I contributed to this list? Affiliation: Scum (6th pick but clearly the best DS list) Double Crossing Droid Lady’s Lesson All Out Brawl I Don’t Like You Either Agent of the Emperor Reawakening Encounter at Stygeon Prime Council of the Sith Rogue Archaeology Corporate Exploitation
  10. 5 people gathered this year for the 3rd annual “Peter Jacobson Welcome Home Tournament”. We all wanted to play a lot of games so decided to do a round robin switching opponents every game so whoever had the bye didn’t have to sit out that long. It was a little chaotic, but whenever a game finished one of the players could jump out and and then wait on the other group. Since we had the time it wound up working well. In the end Ethan came out on top only losing one game to my DS list which flopped double Vader’s Fist on him and made him cry. 1st (Ethan) Affiliation: Jedi May the Force Be With You x2 Hero’s and Legends x2 Fleeing the Empire x2 Forward Reconnaissance x2 Behind Enemy Lines x2 Against All Odds x1 Affiliation: Imperial Contractors Masterful Manipulation x2 Patrolling the Wastes x2 Unsavory Contracts x1 Tatooine Crash x1 Might of the Empire x2 Endor Entrapment x2 Deploy the Fleet x1 Sabotage in the Snow x1 2nd (Mick) Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts On the Run x2 No Match for a Good Blaster x2 Last Defense of Hoth x2 Hoth Gambit x2 Inhospitable Deployments x2 Evacuation Procedure x1 Sensors are Placed x1 Affiliation: Dark Masters Unstoppable Advance x2 Blizzard Assault x2 Repair and Refurbish x1 Emperor’s Web x2 Vader’s Fist x2 Sabotage in the Snow x1 3rd (Peter) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice Twilight of the Apprentice x2 Running the Canyon x2 Secret at Shantipole x1 Hero’s Resolve x1 Attack Pattern Delta x2 Defense of Yavin IV x1 Rogue Squadron Assault x1 Heroes of the Rebellion x1 They’ll Never Stop Us x1 Affiliation: Promise of Power His High Exaltedness x2 Hunter in the Night x2 Behind the Black Sun x1 From the Abyss x2 Rogue Archeology x2 Reconnaissance Mission x1 4th (Ryan) Affiliation: Jedi May the Force Be With You x2 A New Beginning x2 Twilight of the Apprentice x2 Daughter of Tanaab x2 Following Fate x2 Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers Order of the Inquisitors x2 Scouring the Empire x2 The Questioning x2 Enforced Loyalty x2 Immeasurable Power x2 Emperor’s Legion x2 5th (Brian) Affiliation: Dark Masters Unstoppable Advance x2 Blizzard Assault x2 Entrenched Defense x1 Hunters of the Jedi x2 Killing Cold x1 Fearsome and Foul x1 Sabotage in the Snow x1 Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts Asteroid Sanctuary x2 Questionable Contacts x2 Gardner’s Secret x1 Renegade Squadron Mobilization x1 Haunting the Empire x2 Lost Commander x2 Explosives Artist x2 The was quiet a bit of Hoth being played on the day and on one occasion I found myself sweating bullets when Snowspeeder Launch Bay hit the table! Lots of Forward Command Posts for DS too contributing to an obscene amount of blast! Random Thoughts on my Decks… I wanted to try the new Hoth stuff so I made a deck with 4 Don’t Get Cocky’s and Boshek. It was silly. BoShek and Hoth Derlin are bffs when they swing with edge 6. Tauntauns and Renegade squadron recruits don’t have blast. But they have guns! Reeikan can control a board. Echo Defenders are kind of absurd with 3 guns and a tactics. Snowspeeder Counterattack is just as good as I remember it being when Shad schooled me with it all the time. Battle of Hoth can damage DS’s Sabotage in the Snow!! Make Your Own Resources is the Resurrector of Tauntauns (and sometimes BoShek) It’s easy to trigger Don’t Get Cocky or Make Your Own Resources with 7 reserve and edge 3+ Don’t Get Cocky is bad against the Guri pod ? For DS I had been thinking about an AT-AT deck with the refresh affiliation before Worlds, but didn’t have time to seriously test it thinking it wouldn’t be able to cut it in a worlds meta. While the deck did well yesterday I still don’t think it can hold off agains the best of the best. But in a teir “fun” it’s a beast. Playing a Royal Guard and an AT-AT turn 1 is really good. Blizzard Assault is an absurd objective. Playing an AT-AT for 2 every turn is really good. Palpatine is a great edge card! Who knew?! Snowtrooper Vanguard is a boss. One Forward Command Post is great. Two is GG. 501 troopers are still terrible. All of the AT-ATs have great reactions. Flopping double Vader’s Fist is still awesome. Plays of the Day There were a lot of these, but the few that I remember: Peter: I swing in with BoShek and Derlin with an obscene amount of edge. He doesn’t block loses edge by a lot and plays Threat Removal for free with Jabba’s discount. He also drops in Guri who does a couple damage to BoShek before dying. Then he uses Aphra’s ability to bring Guri back out and into the fight to finish BoShek off. Also, losing to Myo is just a kick in the teeth. Ethan: Using a Gladiator to put in a Protection to shield the non-engaged Hoth objective to prevent the point of damage I need with my Battle of Hoth that is under the engaged objective to win the game. Sad days for me. Glorious fanfare for Ethan. Klaatu was also evidently a boss. Me: Swinging with BoShek and Derlin and the 3rd objective I needed. Edge Six makes for easy edge battles, but I didn’t have many resources so I wind up using my affiliation card AND BoShek’s resource to play double Don’t Get Cocky on Derlin to swing for 5 blast and win the game. Ryan: Convincing Peter to not attack him for 3 turns after he entered the death spiral. Sarenda is burned several times and brought back with Return of the Jedi only to be burned again. In the final moment Ryan pays two resources to seek Yoda and click the dial to 12 on his terms. Brian: Letting the man of the hour, Peter Jacobson, take back his entire turn so he can be killed by a Tauntaun. Good man! Thanks again for everyone who showed up, especially Brian who traveled all the way to see our beloved Peter. We’ll be hosting a the annual Peter Jacobson Farewell Tournament in a month. Hope to see more of you then!
  11. Worlds 2018: The Last Worlds! With a few exceptions I always try to build a new deck for each event. That way I get exposure and practice with new cards and when Worlds comes around I have an idea of what shows promise and should be explored further. I hit 3 regionals this year, the one at FFG, the one in Manhattan KS, where Shad Ethan and I engaged in an epic Mission Luke competition, and then the one in Niles IL that Ethan won with some Kiwi jank—after somehow convincing me to run all the Iggys… The restriction of MTF and Guardians of Justice hit a lot of our decks, and while LS still had access to a wide range of awesome strategies we could no longer run what we felt was by far the strongest core and each of us went building in wildly different directions. My energy was spent continuing to explore Guardians of Justice decks without MTF. The final list wound up looking like this: Affiliation: Guardians of Justice Hero’s Journey x2 Secret of Yavin IV x2 Twilight of the Apprentice x1 Danger in the Wastes x1 Pushing Back the Empire x2 Haunting the Empire x1 Planning the Attack x1 Lost Commander x1 Mission to Talay x1 It has good resource acceleration, a lot of protection, a lot of units with shielding, 3 twists, 4 allies and 4 target strikers. The deck could lay a solid beatdown… If it drew the right hand turns 1 and 2. Problem was the deck never took the force early and even after obliterating a DS board with Luke or Maul striking 3 times with Trust Your Feeling and Cassian, the crack-back would send the dial skyrocketing and I’d lose. It’s still one of my favorite decks to play, but I wanted something with a little more umpf for Worlds. Shad’s Brain Child Before the KS regional Shad and I were playing some casual games in the hotel room and I got absolutely destroyed by his latest brew. It was a 7 reserve deck running 12 target of opportunities and it would just flush its hand every turn attacking with reckless abandon… and win on turn 3! On the drive back we discussed going down to 10 targets to make room for 2 Crix. Adaptive Strategy could function as a Target if there was already one in the edge stack, plus it gave us access to Seeds which is just dirty turn 1 with Commando Raid. Final list ended up as: Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts Trust Me x2 Fortune and Fate x2 Renegade Squadron Mobilization x2 Rebel Fleet x2 Commando Operations x2 Commando Raid x1 Hit and Run x1 Both Ethan and I sleeved up this deck after returning to MN to see how it did against what we thought were the strongest DS archetypes. It’s a really stupid deck when you think about it, but we couldn’t discount it because it kept winning games! The real trick was that we had observed fewer and fewer players running twists in their DS lists, and without twist in a DS deck every target of opportunity goes through and the deck has a lot of them. Plus the Crix objective can help protect from the early twists and his chuds are great at jumping out and providing extra blast and guns if God forbid they bid any fate cards anyway. In the beginning Ethan and I questioned ourselves “Is this deck real?”. We didn’t bother asking Shad. He would say “of course it’s real”. Even the games it lost it frequently would come within one point of winning. It was a strong contender for taking to Worlds and as such Ethan and I went on Zero Dark 30 Lockdown swearing we would never tell anyone outside of our meta of the existence of such a deck, or at least not that we were seriously looking at it. Even though we wound up not running it we didn’t want any of our opponents to be on the list. Ethan and I both ran the Target Deck at the CCO tournament Sat night and obliterated our competition with it—except Tyler. I couldn’t beat Tyler and his undying Weequay hordes. Mostly because he had twists in his deck from jawas. Ethan called the twist in his game against Tyler and won after what was also a very long game. Funny thing about the deck is that even though the games only take a couple turns the attacks that LS has to do are often complicated enough where you need to math our your damage perfectly so you’re not letting any of your blast go to waste. The deck plays that tight and it’s a lot of fun to play… and a nightmare to play against. Ethan’s Tree World So while Shad and I looked at different versions of 7 reserve for LS, Ethan explored if Ewok Spark could be a thing. I had explored Logray in a deck with MTF and Falcon along with other ewoks and new that Logray could be really good: Falcon into Logray, into Ewok Hunter, but if I didn’t see Native Blessing my limited number of furballs just wound up dying or Logray was zapped by Force Lightning and his reign of terror would end—yes there are two cancels in the deck, but you don’t always have them when you need them. Ethan fixed that problem: Affiliation: No Question’s Asked Spark of Rebellion x2 Native Blessing x2 Sacrifice at Endor x1 Along the Gamor Run x1 Impersonating a Diety x1 Courage of the Tribe x1 Tribal Support x1 Tribe of the Trees x1 That’s right: Ethan had one copy of the god-awful ewok ambusher set in there. And it was a pain in the neck to play against. The deck has almost NO bad flops, and it’s a particularly strange feeling when you find yourself often tucking Gamor Run, but a lot of the other choices are just better. Of course Spark and Native Blessing are all stars, but Tribe of the Trees is the secret juice that gives DS players conniptions. I played against the deck a lot and not being able to Heat, Choke, Echoes, Deadly Sight, Force Lightning, smack with Bane, steal with Boba or Seeds is just ridiculous. It’s one of those things that as the LS player you may not realize how powerful it is because you’re not actively canceling what your opponent is doing, but as the DS player you know exactly how badly you’re being cock-blocked and it sucks. Otherwise the deck played exactly how you’d expect a deck with Spark and Native Blessing to play: It would spam out a board of unkillable chuds and either win very quickly or win a war of attrition. I tend to like decks that allow a board to go wide because it allows for more avenues of attack and defense, plus I felt that Ethan’s Tree World deck could win games faster and more definitively than the Target deck also also be able to dig itself out of a hole better than the Target deck or my Targeted Striker deck. The Quest for a DS deck… Confident in the Tree World build we turned our attention to finding a good DS list we liked. I knew trying to tech against the ewoks would lead me either to a lot of frustration or to a really weird place that would be good against the furballs but terrible against the field. So we agreed to do most of our DS testing against Falcon Jedi lists. From the decks we played and observed in regionals we knew the stand-outs were the Promise of Power decks. Particularly the ones with Spiders. Getting the removal of both Sith and Scum and a refresh to avoid getting locked down was just too good. What’s cool about the Promise of Power decks is that there are so many different builds available. Every version of Palpatine has a strong PoP archetype based around it. You can also double down on Dr. E and Ponda Boba for a strong combination of aggro and control. They objective goes particularly well with Deadly Sight, but Shad was finding ways to use it to win on turn 3 with Spiders. Beyond Promise of Power we also brainstormed several 7 reserve decks that included Yularen. I had played a Scum/Navy 7 reserve deck in Niles, that while it included 4 Iggy’s (hey, only 2 of them are bad!) it proved to be a very tenacious deck because of its larger hand size for edge battles and a timely Yularen or Fist showing up to did itself out of a hole. I wanted to explore the Scum/Navy version further and also try a Sith/Navy version that included more removal, but the weekend before Worlds I traveled to Chicago for an Aikido Seminar and wasn’t going to be able to get any more games in. The 3 of us all wound up fielding Promise of Power lists, but their flavor was each rather different. Shad and Ethan went more aggressive both including spider, while I returned to pods I trusted for a long time and took only a slight variation off a list I played in Manhattan KS: Affiliation: Promise of Power Emperor’s Web x2 Plan of the Prophetess x1 Dark Lord of the Sith x1 Vader’s Army x1 Hunter for Hire x1 Unsavory Contracts x1 Tatooine Crash x1 Behind the Black Sun x1 All Out Brawl x1 The couldn’t hit objectives nearly as hard as the lists with Spiders, but it had a lot of tricks. The basic strategy was that if it could disrupt the LS player two turns in a row it would be able to leverage such a massive board advantage over them and eventually win. Guri is of course always an all-star. I ran her both in KS and Niles as a x1 and knew I wanted to be running her again. Between her, threat removal, twist and 2 Palpatines I felt that the deck had enough edge tricks that it would be able to hold its own in the top tables. The deck also has my favorite combo from regionals involving 0-0-0 and Sandcrawler. And of course Zekka to mono block all day or get nuked from above with Deadly Sight. Most importantly I felt that the deck let me express myself in my favorite way of playing Star Wars as DS and it was something I was very comfortable in playing. I won’t get into the specifics of the games here. Several of mine were under the camera so they’ll eventually make their way onto YouTube. Suffice to say both decks performed very well. I did better with my DS list than my LS list, and even a bunch of games I won with the Tree World deck were very close. Uncomfortably close. In the end they took me to 3rd place. But even better than that…just like Andy I ALSO got to play Entangled to devastating effect during a World’s Tournament! It was a blast seeing everyone. On Friday and Saturday a lot of us just kept playing LCG. The community for this game is awesome and I will miss everyone deeply.
  12. 7 of us showed up for the FFG regional today. Originally the TO said we would do 3 rounds of swiss no cut, but said if we all agreed we could cut to top 2. Since our last store championship ended with all veteran players splitting and people only getting 4 or 6 points if they played the new player this was preferable to all of us. Even in the last round things we’re really open and as to who would sweep to the front. Ethan made the cut with the only 15 point record. Shad got in at 12 and I came up short at 11. Each player took a game with their LS, a coin was flipped to determine who would choose the deck in the final round (since seed only affects the first round of the cut??) Ethan won the flip, picked LS and won the tournament. 1st (Ethan) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice May the Force Be With You x2 Hero’s Beginning x2 Sacrifice at Endor x2 Planning the Rescue x2 Fleeing the Empire x2 Lost Commander x2 Affiliation: Any Methods Necessary Might of the Empire x2 Inexorable Destruction x2 Technological Terror x1 Hunter’s Flight x2 Nar Shaddaa Drift x2 Spice Trade x1 2nd (Shad) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice May the Force Be With You x2 Secret of Yavin IV x2 Hero’s Journey x1 Survivors x1 Haunting the Empire x1 Lost Commander x1 Pushing Back the Empire x1 Commando Operations x1 Mission to Talay x1 Explosives Artist x1 Affiliation: Promise of Power Masterful Manipulation x2 Hunter for Hire x2 Unsavory Contracts x1 Power of the Dark Side x2 Knives in the Night x2 Agent of the Emperor x1 Ethan’s LS deck did all the crazy things it was built to do. This included Leia several times and making BK one sad wookie. Apparently BK did a lot of work throughout swiss and committing him with knives out and then going to town kept a lot of boards very clear! In the end the Leia refresh multi-striking with Rex and Cracken was just way to much. and Funeral Pyre was clear to focus out anything meaningful Shad played on the next turn. the game with Shad’s LS against Ethan’s DS was much more interesting to watch. There was a narrow window where Ethan could have potentially taken out his 2nd-4th objective getting 3 strikes in with the Demolisher, but because Shad had committed Rex (with Trust Your Feelings) to have him available as a blocker there was no way to get all the strikes in with both Rex and Yoda being declared as blockers. The other interesting thing about that game was every time Shad played a main he followed it with an enhancement! Yoda came out turn one with custom paint job. Shad: “Take that Boba Fett!” Rex came out with Trust your Feelings, and in the 2nd to the last turn my boy Kyle hit the table with his concussion rifle. Nick and Joe were both at the tournament and it was good to play them again. They were both running Skyhopper decks, but Joe had it in Guardians of Justice and Nick slotted it in a deck with Freeholders. Nick was on mono Navy and Joe was on his quad Palpatine deck. Jacob made the trip down from Fargo to play. It was good to see him. He played a mono Jedi deck with triple tactics Yoda that utterly locked down my board, and an interesting Navy Sith deck with Delta One and Core Tarkin. My Decks (3rd?) Affiliation: No Questions Asked Spark of Rebellion x2 Desert Recruitment x2 Survivors x1 Wookie Life Debt x2 Badge of Honor x2 Along the Gamor Run x1 Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers Power of the Dark Side x2 Knives in the Night x2 Scouring the Empire x2 Dark Trooper Project x2 Reinforcements! x2 Last Grand Admiral x2 Random Thoughts on my Decks… Matron is draws lots and lots of cards The DS deck has too many force phase triggers Signal Scrambler is a nightmare to figure out how all your triggers will work and what you need to commit to win by etc. Double Night Sister commit to kill Brainiac is so worth it Double Force Storm is mean and feels great Thrawn can smell a Farlander coming a mile away! This LS deck has a lot of good objectives and if they blow one up another relevant objective is almost sure to flop Spark wookie flood is real Desert Recruitment to heal Chewbacca is real there are a lot of ways to damage Chewbacca in this deck. a lot. I used Tom’s wookie Champion to force a turn 2 Palpatine to block! Somehow I won edge and used Friendship is Magic to get the champion up to 3 guns!! Victory laps are always fun What’s also fun is using Dice’s reaction to say “there will beeee an engagement… Here….” then wait to see what they push forward as blockers and kill them with let the wookie win Chewbacca and heal Chewbacca with desert recruitment after finally declaring my attackers. Good times. Plays of the Day Joe plays turn one Brainiac, discards 3 cards with Defense of Yavin IV to play Independence. Uses Brainiac to increase Independence’s capital ship reduction to 2 and plays a Corvette discarding another card. Ah Gaurdians of Justice Planning the Attack 8 reserve Defense of Yavin starts… Jacob has Dice give in to her anger and gets an Arden Lyn out the process! Nick looping memory from home Brainiac, Yoda and Skyhopper all on the table. All the crazy stuff Ethan did with his LS deck… All the kills Shad got with Burger King. Me using Melucci to call Palpatine to a fight and then getting up to 3 guns with friendship is magic. Thanks to everyone who showed up and also to Tyler who was our judge and played games against whoever had the bye! For everyone with a regional coming up, go out there and have fun!
  13. Again only 3 of us this weekend of the Last Jedi LCG tournament this weekend at LCG. Shad, Ethan and I again did a round robin alternating every game before going out for dinner and later to the movie. On this weekend I pulled out ahead, but I think the real winner of the day was Guardians of Justice… 1st (me) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice May the Force Be With You x2 Hero’s Journey x2 Secret of Yavin IV x2 Lost Commander x2 Pushing Back the Empire x2 Mission to Talay x2 Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers Emperor’s Web x2 Merciless Plans x2 Emperor’s Shadow x2 Enforced Loyalty x2 Pattern Analysis x2 Immeasurable Power x2 2nd (Ethan) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice May the Force Be With You x2 Hero’s Beginning x2 Sacrifice at Endor x2 Lost Commander x2 Planning the Rescue x2 Fleeing the Empire x2 Affiliation: Navy Tarkin Doctrine x2 Might of the Empire x2 Endor Entrapment x2 Inexorable Destruction x2 Imperial Blockade x1 Enforced Loyalty x1 3rd (Shad) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice In You Must Go x2 Secret of Yavin IV x2 Hero’s Journey x1 Survivors x1 Haunting the Empire x2 Lost Commander x1 Pushing Back the Empire x1 Explosives Artist x1 Mission to Talay x1 Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers Emperor’s Promise x2 Emperor’s Shadow x2 Encounter at Stygian Prime x2 Enforced Loyalty x2 Cell Block Detention x2 Repair and Refurbish x1 Reinforcements! x1 I wound up sweeping Shad. Beating Ethan’s Navy deck after several turns of building a protection shell strong enough to get through his units striking immediately, and then losing to his Cracken deck after building for 7 turns, repelling his attack and then forgetting he had an unfinished business to grab Yoda when I went for the counter attack. Shad and Ethan split against each other. Shad kept a hand with double Bones of a Fallen Master master and forced Ethan to get two Promise triggers each turn or suffer a volley. Objective damage just piled up on Ethan’s side of the board and Ethan did what he could with all his Ewok tactics. Then Shad draw crap two turns in a row. In the second game Shad got his protection shell out and Kyle swang in with a lightsaber and with the help of a little friendship is magic cleaved the Chimaera in half. Random Thoughts on My Decks Double Emperor’s Shadow and 4 recursion enhancements is dope. So much card draw Force Choke continues to be an amazing combat trick. Kallus Fist is real Pattern Analysis with all the recursion enhancements is pretty sweet. Using an expendable scout to draw into exactly the card you need feels like cheating Krennic Posse doesn’t card how many guns you have Funeral Pyre makes Palpatine sad Not having a mission out makes Boc sad Sith Lightsaber is sweet but needs more than 4 targets in the deck Well Equipped is terrible when DS needs to defend and amazing when you’re ready to attack Mon Mothma is solid ramp It’s hard for DS to focus you down when you have the Rex objective out. This makes Kyle Katarn happy. Rebel for Hire is pretty sweet for getting Cassian chuds, or allies of necessity, or on the rare occasion grabbing Kyle. Mon Mothma’s ability evidently reduces cost every phase?! So Shad pointed out I could Rebel for Hire to find Rebel for Hire and then next phase Rebel for Hire again to get Kyle. Thins the deck!! Battlefield engineer feels like he should be amazing with Trust Your Feelings. But sometimes the only way to win is to try to dig for friendship is magic and then refresh your supply cache when you declare to dig again. And if it’s against Ethan it always works!! Luke and Kyle like to mess things up. Rex feels largely over rated, but likes to show up late game to be a 3 bomb unit. The best part about Mon Mothma is her black tactics. Tyler knows what I’m talking about! Plays of the Day Turn one against Shad I double focused an objective to play Kyle, trigger pushing back the empire, play a guardian and attack in with friendship is magic. bye bye board. Shad playing a main every turn against Ethan and complaining about not being able to find his protection. Ethan taunting me with his LS deck’s infinite combo potential so I would get mess up and use Sensor Array on things that didn’t need to be canceled. All in all a great afternoon. Our regional is Jan 6th and there are just too many fun decks to try right now!
  14. Only 3 of us at FFG today, so we did a round robin alternating opponents after every game instead of every match. Ethan came out ahead 3-1, his DS game against my turn one Chewbacca pain train. I split against both opponents getting completely shut down in my LS game against Shad’s double Abandoned Hideout, double Nightsister Warrior, Agent of the Emperor total lockdown combo. 1st (Ethan) Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts Feigning Captivity x2 Asteroid Sanctuary x2 Last Warrior x1 Bait and Switch x1 Planning the Rescue x2 Pushing Back the Empire x1 Haunting the Empire x1 Fleeing the Empire x1 Behind Enemy Lines x1 Affiliation: Promise of Power Hunter for Hire x2 Spice Trade x1 Out of the Mists x1 Shadowed Surveillance x1 Power of the Dark Side x2 Knives in the Night x1 Dark Lord of the Sith x1 Counsel of the Sith x1 Runner Up (me) Affiliation: No Questions Asked Wookie Life Debt x2 Badge of Honor x2 Bait and Switch x1 May the Force Be With You x2 Desert Recruitment x2 Secret of Yavin IV x1 Affliation: Sith Vader’s Army x2 Tatooine Crash x2 Slave Trade x2 Heartless Tactics x2 Automated Assassin x2 Honorable Mention (Shad) Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts Wookie Life Debt x2 Badge of Honor x2 Wookie’s Journey x1 Questionable Contacts x1 Commando Operations x2 The Lost Commander x2 Commando Raid x1 Pushing Back the Empire x1 Affiliation: Promise of Power Masterful Manipulation x2 Hunter for Hire x2 Out of the Mists x1 Power of the Dark Side x2 Knives in the Night x2 Agent of the Emperor x1 Random Thoughts on my Decks 2-1 resources need double resource objectives or affiliation cards to seriously play. The DS deck had too many stalling many first turns 0-0-0 likes exploding sandcrawlers, something Cassian chuds cannot effectively stop! Dengar’s Chud to move your Slave Trade captures around while building for a big discard with Vader’s Army is pretty good. BT-1’s reaction can win games!! Con Artists can really mess up DS’s final push Energy Spiders are susceptible to clever distractions The Lak Sivrak Wolfman combo is as good as it looks on paper 4 Health Chewbacca is a scary dude The deck has a lot of ways to damage 4 health Chewbacca Desert Recruitment to heal 4 health Chewbacca allows for even more cars in the pain train Play of the Day goes to… Shad! Remembering all his triggers, Shad commited the Nightsister Matron, drew a card, won the force struggle by 3, used the resource on the Matron (his only sith resource) to pay for Force Manipulation to blow up Cassian, triggered Palpatine to unfocus the Matron, and then to end it all he brought back out a Steve. Shad’s double Abandoned Hideout, Nightsister Warrior combo was also really strong. Made even stronger when I blew up an objective and he flopped into Agent of the Emperor. I didn’t get to do anything for the remainder of the game… My coolest plays involved detonating sandcrawlers with 0-0-0 if the edge battle went poorly, and playing Wroshyr Forest and Wookie Champion to force Moruth Doole to block (and die) Ethan’s best play involved flipping 3 sith objectives including Dark Lord of the Sith and playing turn 1 Bane to prevent Shad from ever having units.
  15. 6 people today for our Store Championship at Universe Games in Uptown. Following the guidelines the organizer had us do 3 rounds with no cut. I strongly feel that this games needs some kind of cut given that so many matches can end in splits. Today was a particularly interesting example of what can happen. 5 of the players have all made the top cut at worlds during various years. The 6th player is relatively new. Today it happened that all games played between veteran players ended in a split (fairly evenly between DS and LS too). The newer player forced his first two opponents to time—not completely his fault. Shad was playing a stupid Coruscant Defense Fleet deck and despite holding the force the whole game and building a giant Spark board he just couldn’t get through. So after the 2nd round 2 players were on 7 points, 3 players on 6 and one player on 2. The two players on 7 were assigned to play against each other already, and since I had already played both other players on 6 I got paired down against the player on 2. So this tournament was really up in the air the final. The veteran players split and I swept to win the tournament. But who knows what would have happened if there was any kind of cut. or even a top 2. Interesting enough had the other players games against the newer player not gone to time there would have been 3 players tied on 12 points. I would have lost on SoS, but the other two players would have had a true tie. So what should happen there when assigning a unique prize such as the Regional Bye? None of this of course would be an issue if we could get to 9 people and have a cut to top 4, but attendance is down and in a game such as SW or Netrunner where you play a match this can definitely occur and it feels very weird when it does. Regardless of all that, it was a very fun afternoon and we all enjoyed playing the new cards. 1st (me) Affiliation: No Questions Asked May the Force Be With You x2 Hero’s Journey x1 Watchers in the Wasteland x1 Secret of Yavin IV x1 Asteroid Sanctuary x2 Along the Gamor Run x1 Spirit of Rebellion x1 Renegade Squadron Mobilization x1 Affiliation: Promise of Power Behind the Black Sun x2 Spice Trade x1 Out of the Mists x1 Droid Droid Revolution x1 Emperor’s Web x2 Rogue Archeology x2 Plan of the Prophetess x1 2nd? (Tyler) Affiliation: Guardians of Justice Heroes and Legends x2 Hero’s Journey x2 Secret of Yavin IV x2 Planning the Attack x2 Haunting the Empire x2 Commando Raid x1 Forward Reconnaissance x1 Affiliation: Imperial Contractors Masterful Manipulation x2 Hunter’s Flight x2 Hutt’s Menagerie x1 Grand Heist x1 Empire’s Elite x2 Enforced Loyalty x2 Cloud Cover x1 Defense Protocol x1 2nd?? (Shad) Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts Asteroid Sanctuary x2 Spirit of Rebellion x2 Last Warrior x2 Pushing Back the Empire x2 Haunting the Empire x2 Behind Enemy Lines x2 Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers Heart of the Empire x2 Emperor’s Cabal x2 Emperor’s Shadow x2 Last Grand Admiral x2 Might of the Empire x2 Entrenched Defenses x1 Sabotage in the Snow x1 The other decks consisted of 2 skyhopper decks, 2 Navy decks, 1 mono sith deck and my ewok spark deck. Kudos to Tyler and Shad for being the only 2 players not playing May the Force. Double kudos to Shad for bringing a seriously cool DS deck to the tournament and going undefeated with it. Random Thoughts on my Decks… I wanted to try a 5/5 build with Jyn and Ahsoka. After a few test games I concluded while I liked both sets I wanted more tactics in the deck so I cut 1 Jyn for Renegade Squadron. I was never happy with the crafty smuggler—still too smart for me!—and the 2nd Jyn was just an edge card. Renegade Squadron gave me another 5 drop with 2 tactics and Echo Caverns can also provide tactics. Just better… After a few more draws I still wasn’t happy with the tactics so Ahsoka sadly got cut for Watchers Obi-Wan. More tactics and the cuteness of looping the Informant for edge with the Marauder was replaced with the efficiency of the Wolfmen. Plus they love some Friendship is Magic… The 2 resource affiliation card was the least exciting card effect when I looked through the pack so I wanted to force myself to try something with it. It can provide for some very explosive turns. turn 1 Falcon is always available—or Obi or Renegade Squadron, but even better is with the glut of resources from the Falcon pod and Deneba you can frequently play turn 2 Falcon + Bamboozle, or late game just drop Falcon and Jyn and then Falcon out for a Luke. Well Laid Ambush is pretty darn good turn 1. The resource affiliation card helps with this. Lightsaber Deflection. How did I spend so much time playing without you?! Same for guardians… Jamming Protocol: not a bad card. sucks when it completely ruins your combat math. Echo Caverns wins games. Promise of Power untap effect is pretty darn good with spiders. Moruth Doole has an obscene ability Guri and Threat Removal are backbreaking cards. Tom was on to something… Pairing Guri with the black tactics from Palpatine, Aphra, Sariss and Moruth Doole is nice This deck has great combat tricks, but sometimes all it draws are its combat tricks and its hands can get gummed up if LS doesn’t attack. Freelance Assassins can do work! Droid Commandos prevent unopposed! And sometimes kill things! Deck needs some way to kill Guri once she gets out on the board. Aphra likes Knives. Play of the Day Goes to…. THREE WAY TIE!! (similar to the actual tournament…) Me: Against a Skyhopper deck with Yoda and 3PO available, and focused guardian at 1 health, I attacked, focused Yoda with Doole, targeted struck 3PO with the Freelance Assassin, Force Lightninged Yoda, and choked the guardian. Next turn Palpatine… Tyler: Niles Ferrier—evidently Niles Ferrier was in the top?!—blocked a horde with his swarm of TIE Fighters. Had lousy edge. only 2 cards. But they were both Princes Schemes. Ouch. Shad: This one is more a long play of what his DS deck was set up to do. Shad gets out double Defense Fleet with only Coruscant objectives on the table. LS is doing work holding the force and building a board, but doesn’t want to attack into an 8 card edge hand every turn. Gets one Defense Fleet to 4 damage. Shad Fleet Repairs it. LS starts over again. Shad triggers the Sim Aloo pod to shuffle Fleet Repair back into his deck and once the Defense Fleet gets to 4 damage he repairs it again. LS game is dragging. Shad shuffles There is No Escape back into his deck. After 10 turns the dial clicks to 11. Shad plays goes to the force phase plays There is No Escape to get the nudj off the table and move the dial to 12. That game took 68 minutes. Thanks for everyone who showed up it was an afternoon of incredible games.
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