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  1. It would be nice if they had some kind of ability to shoot while riding on the tank. Maybe not a full on normal shooting action, but something.
  2. Here's an idea I can get behind. The scenarios do drive list composition. I don't necessarily agree with no heroes claiming tokens, but tweaking scenarios could go a long way towards mixing things up.
  3. But these units aren't inside the tank. They're sitting on top of it. I don't think of the tank as a troop transport. It's a tank that troops can ride on top of. I'm guessing an actual troop transport will come at some point in the future and will be better at keeping its contents safe.
  4. Has anyone taken a stab at magnetizing the TX-225 GAVw Occupier? I'm curious to see what anyone has done for this so far.
  5. Since the game apparently uses true line of sight I'd actually be surprised if they used 2D representations of terrain. If anything they'd have to put out 3D terrain. I imagine that terrain will be left up to local TOs though - pretty much like most other minis wargames.
  6. I believe Chris was. I'm not sure about Dan though.
  7. We've got a new video up over at From the Void. Check out the final game of the Imperial Assault 2016 Store Championship at Gamescape in San Francisco.
  8. "If a large figure occupies spaces on both sides of a door when it closes, that figure is pushed to the closest empty space" Rules Reference Guide, pg. 11
  9. Interesting! I didn't feel that the HKs at our champ event were much of a threat. They seemed to have been dealt with fairly easily.
  10. I ended up going with Vader, 2x Imp Officer, 2x Stormtrooper, 2x Probe Droid. I hadn't tested it out before the tournament and lost my first game due to a few stupid mistakes but overall I felt it worked pretty well. A lot of Luke and Leia lists were present as expected. And a lot of Rebel Sabs . The Sabs didn't do as well as I expected though. Not bad but just kind of meh.
  11. I want to test this out more, but i had fun with this list that Jagd came up with: Sorin, Tank + Targeting Computer, Elite Eweb, Probe x2, Elite officer, Officer Or maybe I'll go with a Vader's fist with heavy troopers build.
  12. Now that the meta has been shaken up a bit, what kind of lists are you planning on trying out for the upcoming store championships?
  13. I don't think you can split an attack in half. Once you've started the attack and inflicted the strain/damage, you can't then decide to move closer before finishing the attack. That depends. How are timing windows delineated in IA? How are effects defined? How do those two framework elements work in conjunction with each other? Is there a stack? If not, how do triggers resolve? What defines a trigger? There are seven steps to an attack: 1. Declare Target 2. Roll Dice 3. Rerolls 4. Apply Modifiers 5. Spend Surges 6. Check Accuracy 7. Calculate Damage The model would suffer the damage during the final step of the attack. Opportunistic says it is used AFTER a hostile figure suffers damage. After suffering damage would put the action as being outside of the sequence of the attack since it happens after the final step of the attack.
  14. True, replacing General's Ranks with an officer would probably make more sense as you won't necessarily always be meeting the triggering requirements for it.
  15. Anyone have any thoughts on the following list? General Sorin - 8 IG-88 - 12 HK Assassin Droid - 8 Probe Droid - 3 Probe Droid - 3 Probe Droid -3 The General's Ranks - 2 Temporary Alliance - 1 Could it compete?
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