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  1. i am thinking about making a brotherhood without banners deck. for one reason i have read 2 books/ watched 2 seasons and they seem like there gonna be gusy that i really like in book/ season 3. second they look like a really powerful and shananagainsy deck if you play the bwb agenda and have Beric Donderian and all outher cards from the bwb expantion cycle. so i guess my questions would be if anyone has made a good deck for them and how they play. also would be some vunerabilitys they would have. also any outher cards i should put into that deck that would complament them, events, atachments, suport charitcters etc. i was also thinking of running them in a Barathion deck. so give me some thoughts. keep i mind ive only read 2 books and seen episode one of season 3 so lets keep out those spoilers please
  2. So if I play a card, say a character and his effect is one thing if its winter and anouther if its summer, and none of those 5 cards have been played it can't use eaither of its card effects?
  3. ive bought the core set and what expantions my local store had and ive read the core rule book and the expantion rules. but i canot find anything on " winter and summer" there are card effects that say "if its winter the card has this effect" and "if it is summer it has this effect". and i was just woundering what that meant for the game and how do i know what season it is and how does it change from season to season
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