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  1. It's my opinion (and I'm sure most of you would agree) that X-Wing is at the top of the list for both model quality and paint job quality. FF really knocked it out of the park when it comes to the tiny details on each ship. And the paint jobs are fantastic. Easily the best prepaints I've seen. I'd like to discuss other games with excellent models and paint jobs. Prepainted games only please. I'd like to recommend Monsterpocalypse. It's a game about giant monsters, and the minis for the monsters are fantastic. The detail is pretty good, but the paint jobs really stand out. Lots of small details, shading, and excellent use of color. What really impressed me was how they integrate transparent colored plastic into the minis. On this dinosaur, you can see some of the shading. All of his spikes and horns are a clear, dark green plastic, which looks really neat.
  2. Firstly, the rulebook says that to move through other ships, you just kind of hold the template above and guesstimate where you'll end up. Compared to how exact most everything else is, is there some other way this is handled? Especially in tournaments and such. Second, I have a misprint Ion Cannon. It has both the symbol for cannon and missile printed in the lower left icon space. I'd obviously be using it as a cannon, but is a misprint even legal to use at a tournament?
  3. Happy weekend everyone. I've been spending my day trying to figure out a squad composed of an X,K, and yt-1300. Also my girlfriend agreed to a Star Wars marathon this weekend, so that's exciting.
  4. As a player who made that exact type of topic, I appreciate what you're doing here. I went with the Falcon, and a K-wing. I'm very happy with it. I'm also in the position of not knowing anyone else who collects X-Wing, so I have to try to budget some Imperial and Scum ships as well, so I have something to play against. It's tricky, because I need squads that will all be competitive against each other, with a limited supply of ships and cards.
  5. I'm torn, my local store (the only one within a 40 minute drive) is nice. They have a good stock, decent employees. Their prices are always a little high. But, they don't run any X-Wing events. No tournaments, or even casual play. I don't think I've seen anyone else buying or playing X-Wing. Also, that other store that's 40 minutes away elected to run Star Trek Attack Wing tournaments, rather than X-Wing. They almost discourage customers from getting into X-Wing.
  6. Rineake

    We'll see

    Changes like this always necessitate new strategies, new ideas. Innovation is always a good thing.
  7. I played with just the core set for a number of games, and I enjoyed it as a learning experience. We were able to play a few missions, swap factions, and play with customization a bit. Now I feel the inevitable drive for more though. Especially more dice. One set doesn't have enough.
  8. There isn't any tournament scene in my area, so it's just friendly games. I'm hoping to hit up a few cons next year though.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I looked at the HSF builds, and they seem pretty straightforward. I'm not clear on why a pair of X-Wings are the best choice for support though. I'm really considering the K-Wing. Even if I don't use it, it's dead sexy and would look great on my shelf.
  10. I haven't played much, aside from casually messing around with my buds. I rarely have extra cash to spend, so I need to be choosy with what I pick up. I enjoy the movement a strategy elements of the game, but I'm not very confident in my piloting skills. I have the Core Set, Millennium Falcon, and Slave One. My budget for new ships is 35-50 USD.
  11. Or is the docking and deploying just a gameplay mechanic, akin to the Hound's Tooth and Z-95.
  12. Because I never have money, it's always super exciting for me to get a new ship. It happens so rarely.
  13. 285 seems pretty **** close. I'm don't have much experience in modeling though, so I'm not sure how close is "close enough".
  14. My goal is to build a basic Rebel hangar diorama. I plan to start with a piece of styrofoam, painted to resemble the floor of a hangar. I'll then add some props, wiring and cargo containers and such. I'm having a really hard time finding people models that are to the 1/270 scale. They'd be tiny, less than a centimeter tall. I'm also on the lookout for anything I could easily covert to look like a hangar prop. Maybe a truck, or lift.
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