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  1. Fgdsfg was banned a while ago, so the project is pretty much dead. So far as I've heard they shot their mouth off one too many times, though since the relevant threads have been purged in all likelihood I have no idea of the details of the situation.
  2. NFK

    WH40k gone from drivethru?

    GW does not inspire me with confidence on this front, however. FFG will make something interesting out of this because that's What They Do when a license runs out and they have to repurpose design work, but GW will likely just tweak their same old stuff with little critical analysis.
  3. NFK

    Beyond Broken Pc's

    What does the character even get out of possession? Most of the effects seem marginal compared to the player's probable desire to just blast stuff with powers, and even Invoking the Demon won't do him much good if his power stat (WP) is better than its. Gotcha. Any particular reason why? I'm mostly just curious here. Pretty much. The printed Culexus Assassin "only" has a mere 51 Agility and thus can "only" Dodge six times per round. Though at least they don't also have Harlequin flip-belts, which give a free reroll to Dodge tests.
  4. NFK

    Beyond Broken Pc's

    There are at the least some inconsistencies with handling the rules in this case. Others have already mentioned Echoes of Malice (which just applies a penalty to tests) and the business about pushing still being tricky (because Demonic and Favoured by the Warp don't work with Perils). And while he does get to roll twice and choose the better result for Phenomena, if he's pushing for +4 then he's getting +40 to all such rolls, and he can't use Rubric of Ahriman to replace a die for that (since it's only for Perils). I should note that Unnatural Characteristics are additive as of BC and only grant half their value to additional DoS, so the Thousand Sons Sorcerer gets +1 DoS which is nice but not wild. The bonus from Boon of Tzeentch "...may only be used on the next power the Sorcerer uses...", so it won't help with Shimmering Robes. Finally, keep in mind that Boon of Tzeentch is a considerable windup of a power. Not only does it take a turn to use (during which you can't use anything else with the Attack or Concentration subtypes like Echoes of Malice or any of the damaging powers), but after the bonus gets used it deals a sizable amount of unblockable (though not wholly unsoakable) damage with a stun proc. (And Echoes of Malice itself only lasts for a round, if a target fails their WP (+0) test.) All that said, I do sympathize with your situation. Psykers were still very much at their apex in BC, even despite the fact that your particular psyker could actually be doing worse with social buffs/Bolt of Change/Force Storm. And it sounds like the player really wants to have their cake and eat it too, from seeking apotheosis despite their high Corruption and possession, to generally sulking if he can't negate something with a power, to not caring too much about playing nice with the other players. My advice, then: Talk with the problem player and the others on their expectations, and present yours as well. It sounds like the former is going for a power fantasy, which is fine in proper circumstances but really not what you're trying to present. Meanwhile the rest of the players are fine with the more usual BC experience of playing supervillains fighting against a grim world, which from all accounts you seem fine with. If you can't come to a consensus then you may have to drop the player. Hold him to the letter of the law on possession. Possession in BC is explicitly about getting more power now in exchange for long-term sacrifice, and letting the character "bind his soul to an item" flies in the face of that. Have the daemon get on his ass whenever appropriate, such as when he gains Corruption or Invokes the Daemon. And if he does try to exorcise himself, let him do so (with appropriate tests) as long as he takes the corresponding drawbacks such as gaining 2d10 Corruption. (These are mentioned in the possession ritual on page 49 of ToD.) Hold him to the letter of the law on corruption. If he wants to remove it by spending XP, let him! The price is already pretty staggering, at 250 XP per CP, to the point where any of my players would have balked. In fact all methods of removing Corruption or reducing its gains are onerous in some manner or another. A Simulacrum Effigy only reduces gains by half and might explode or be used against you, False Repentance requires burning Infamy (and not getting to push your next mutation roll around), and Necron Phylacteries require Machine 3+ along with some serious connections (as each is Unique/Best, single-use, and explicitly up to GM discretion). As a side note, DH2E is a notable improvement on DH1E in general. There isn't quite the same depth of lore around, but that's purely a result of fewer books being published and you can likely just port in relevant concepts anyway. I don't recall it really screwing around with canon so much as focusing on its own little sector, as you'd expect. And as for a "Feral world, Psyker, techpriest" character, well...that sounds like a really weird and interesting story. Tell me, [player], exactly what nonsense conspired against you to give you this kind of upbringing? (Also, Culexus Assassins got a reprint in DH2E's Enemies Beyond. As with the previous books, they get Temple Assassin, which is one of the most powerful abilities that you could put on a monster.)
  5. That's a pretty large infodump to reference mechanics from several different games that don't appear in 40K? (I recognize L5R, White Wolf's Storyteller system, and something d20.) Plus it has the problem of a number of merits-and-flaws systems that engaging in the flaws is all risk and no reward to the player, since you can get only benefits up front but only drawbacks going forward in play that are very often completely orthogonal to the benefits. If you want to implement a meaningful downside to getting immediate access* to power armor, requiring the player to stick with a Poor Craftsmanship suit is generally fine. It'll still offer good benefits now (AP 6 + a few other things), and can be improved later to gain more benefit without too much issue. *I say immediate access because Commerce is really valuable for pushing your ability to get better gear. Even if no one has selected the one homeworld that effectively gives +20 to all Commerce checks (the Oath Unspoken from Forgotten Gods), someone in the group can easily get Commerce at TN 50 right out of chargen. And unlike most earlier 40K RPGs, every DoS gives +10 to a subsequent Requisition test.
  6. NFK

    Jump Pack?

    My guess is that DH2E doesn't explicitly mention it because it usually doesn't fit the tone. A jump pack is more a military tool than a policing tool, even if you're trying to scare people into submission. As for prior instances of jump packs... Only War's Shield of Humanity had the Alatus-Pattern Jump Pack, with the below effects. In addition, you had to have Mechanicus Implants and might gain Fatigue after extended flight, but in return you gained Fear (1) and +10 to Parry. But for whatever reason there never was a basic sort of jump pack printed in OW. Black Crusade had a jump pack in its core text. That allowed you to double your ground movement, ignore ground obstacles or falling damage, and even gain Flyer (12) for a minute at a time. In return you needed to have Operate (Aeronautica) +0.
  7. NFK

    Fusion Blades

    -There's no action to swap profiles. All you need to do to use either the Fusion Blade or the Fusion Blaster is to say so when you're declaring parameters (as with firing modes and targets) for some sort of attack action. -By RAW, yes a Power Field weapon can destroy a Fusion Blade. That said, generally everyone knows this, and thus the situation isn't so much "Power Field weapons destroy non-Power Field weapons in parries" but instead "Power Field weapons don't get parried by non-Power Field weapons in the first place". (If you like, you could just houserule that it sputters out pending repairs instead of being destroyed.)
  8. NFK

    New Background: Imperial Fists

    The Background there shouldn't be one if everyone is playing a Space Marine. Rather, that collection of abilities should be available to all relevant characters. The idea's otherwise promising, but the intention of a background is to allow a particular axis of choice in addition to Home World/Role. My recommendation is that before you start designing more stuff, determine what you want each category of component to give. How many skills if any, how many talents if any (and of what tier), how many aptitudes and of what category, how much specialist gear, and so on.
  9. NFK

    The servo arm breaks the game.

    If it's not fine with your group then that's perfectly alright. But things like this demonstrate just how much difference gear can make in a gear porn game. @ warlock55: Those seem reasonable for the situation. I don't think you need to care too much about reducing the servo-arm's Pen, since armor is designed to be the easiest form of damage reduction to break. Penetration isn't about damage on its own, but about the ability to ensure damage even through ablation, so beyond a certain point it's just about consistency. I would recommend that at some point you allow the damage to be increased back to the printed value, but that should be likely when the other folks have the capacity to do similar things with their weapons or powers and not before then. A bolter stands out against las carbines, but not against plasma guns.
  10. NFK

    The servo arm breaks the game.

    You might be thinking of something else? Certain BC mechadendrites from Tome of Decay have this restriction, as do all mechadendrites from DH2E. But in this case, neither the Machine trait nor Mechanicus Assimilation have such a limitation. There's even a question in the FAQ about this, with an answer that basically reads, "Be reasonable, alright?" In my past BC campaign, the heretek really did manage to acquire Mechanicus Assimilation 20. But in fairness, everyone else was fine with it OoC. In your campaign...perhaps not so much. On the topic of the servo-arm, I will agree that it's a strong starting choice. This and other exclusive/cheaper cybernetics are why I do not regard hereteks as a support archetype, but rather as Marines-lite. But there do exist significant limitations on it as things go forward. For one, it can only make a single hit per round (reaction or Standard Attack). As written, you can't even charge or All-Out Attack with it. And barring Best Craftsmanship or Crushing Blow, you can never upgrade its damage. My advice in the short term is to talk with the players and to vary your combat encounters. (Hordes are your friends in this case.) Perhaps the heretek will have to switch some selections, or perhaps instead the Marines can switch theirs. (There are two good power swords in Tome of Fate, for instance, that can be selected at chargen without issue.) In the long term, things will stabilize relatively quickly. At some point your Marines should be able to trade up for the crazy stuff like Autocannons or Power Fists, while your sorcerer needs absolutely zero help considering that they've got a force weapon.
  11. NFK

    Attack Craft vs Torpedoes

    Those rules do mention torpedoes, but only haphazardly. (Bolding mine.) Otherwise I'd have gone with something similar to what you mentioned.
  12. There aren't any explicit rules about not using a power fist and something else in the same hand beyond not attacking with both at once. (Which derives from one attack action per hand.) But that said, how often is it going to matter whether you can hold something in the power fist? If you have time then you can either let go of whatever's in your other hand, switch off the power field, or even temporarily remove the power fist if you need both hands for delicate operations. Combat is likely to be the only instance where this matters, and in that situation I'd suggest that you just stick with the power fist in one hand plus the rifle/recoil glove in the other hand. Power fists are already top-tier weapons by themselves, so using a chainsword in the same hand is quite often going to be a downgrade for you. (There are only a few melee weapons at the same level as power fists: force weapons, other things with the same Str x2 effect, Necron weapons from Black Crusade, daemon weapons, or two battlesuit weapons.)
  13. NFK

    Attack Craft vs Torpedoes

    The same way that warships "oppose" torpedoes - travel time! (Or collisions with the warhead, inability to spot things in the darkness of space, and so on...) But to be frank, it's primarily a mechanical concern. Aside from their distinct damage ratings (which become less distinct if you use the common houserules that are Mathhammer), torpedoes and bombers both have to potentially deal with being shot down by enemy fighters or by AAA mounted on warships (modeled by Turret Rating). And the distinction becomes even more fine when you consider that bombers can actually mount torpedoes. So on that front, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  14. NFK

    Attack Craft vs Torpedoes

    Who rolls for torpedoes vs. fighters? Generally whoever would roll for them normally. That said, you've hit upon a weird oversight, since the opposed Command + Craft Rating test is written for conflicting sets of fighters rather than fighters against torpedoes. The latter case is something of an afterthought, with no notes on how the differing stats might change things. If you go by the letter of the rules, then you'd just roll Command (+0) straight, since torpedoes have neither squadrons nor Craft Ratings. But that's not quite what you're looking for, is it? My recommendation? Make that same opposed roll, but instead of Command + Craft Rating torpedoes roll their standard Ballistic Skill + Torpedo Rating in the opposed tests with +5 per two torpedoes total in the salvo. (This is to mimic how assault boats and bombers work, since they're not so hot on defense but designed instead for offense against capital ships.) As odd as it may sound, you should also let fighters act as torpedo escorts so long as they can keep up. A lot of the space combat is an IN SPACE variant of WWII naval warfare, after all, and torpedoes in the latter theater were actually capable of being dodged or less often outranged by a warship. (Weapon speed isn't the big issue; travel time is.) Keep in mind, of course, that all of what I have up there is a houserule. But nonetheless those should suit you in an equitable manner the next time such a situation comes up.
  15. NFK

    Silent Takedowns

    Aah, don't cite dandwiki if you're looking for a rules source! It's had major issues with mixing published rules with homebrew, and there exist other and more reputable locations besides. D20SRD is always a good source. It's actually been in place since RT, but I agree with CiW that it's one of several things that makes Proven rather lackluster. Otherwise, I agree with the above consensus that damage generally doesn't need to be rolled if the munition is lethal and the PCs have already passed their stealth checks. If you're on the fence about it, you could try having them roll for a called shot to find gaps in armor, though keep in mind that any such penalties would be offset by the target being Unaware. And if they fail that, they should still roll damage. At that point they would've earned the right to a free shot, just not a lethal one.