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  1. quantumsheep

    WTH FFG!!??

    FWIW a recently re-opened B&N nearby did tell me they were moving away from toys and games when I asked about a lack of X-Wing stuff on their new shelves. QS =D
  2. I'm hoping for a Servants/Guardians 3 ship pack Tie/wi with two Sith Daggers would be nice for FO. Maybe the new look Poe Fighter and a couple of new B or Y wings for a resistance pack? Would be nice with holidays and the movie on the horizon QS =D
  3. I'm pretty sure we'll get all the same characters from IA and other Star Wars games FFG makes. They have a habit of re-using some of the same artwork across multiple games and will probably take this opportunity to do the same. This isn't terrible, btw - the artwork is awesome, and having them look the same across multiple games makes them instantly recognisable/familiar between systems. So I think it makes sense to assume they'll want to make figures that have existing artwork. Having said that, the artwork on cards I've seen from Legion seems new, so who knows? As to a wishlist, I'd like to see Imperial Speeder Bike scouts on foot, Bounty Hunters, Arihnda Pryce from Rebels for the Imperials and a whole Rogue One set of imps and rebels. And vehicles, as the promise of those is what's currently getting me excited about the game. Unless it's the MTV-7 - it looked a bit rubbish when I was a kid and saw it introduced into the figure range, and it hasn't aged well QS =D
  4. That would be an interesting inversion - Kylo's TIE and two new X-Wings rather than one X-Wing and two TIEs QS =D
  5. Much truth to this, thanks for putting that in QS =D
  6. Yep, they were pretty *** to their KS backers, no doubt. But my point has little to do with that. It's specifically that they allow the same models to be used with two different game systems, much like Knight Models (again, not a perfect company). I mean, no company is above criticism, right, and you can still criticise aspects of stuff you love, and still love your stuff FFG has its own 'issues' (e.g. sometimes having to buy different factions for certain upgrades, or putting super useful cards into epic ships, or supplying too few dice in starter boxes etc etc). But that's superfluous I think to what we're specifically talking about, and it's good to give credit where it's due as well as criticism! QS =D
  7. It is interesting, and you're right, it was a **** move, but I still have all the Marvel figures, I can still play the game, and I can actually mix/match the Marvel stuff with the newer DC stuff as they're based off the same system. I'm not saying any company is perfect, or behave perfectly all the time. QS =D (Edit to add: Warlord did a similar thing with their Judge Dredd game - I bought a bunch of minis in a huge sale they were having, then they cancelled the game. Annoying, but I still have the figures and the game to play!)
  8. I actually agree with you! My personal situation is that I have less time and money to spend on all this stuff. I buy/paint/collect/play Batman Miniatures, DC miniatures, Rebellion, Xcom, Imperial Assault, AVP, X-Wing and Armada amongst others. Of late, alas, I've come to the realisation that unless I find a big suitcase full of money buried somewhere I'm not going to be able to keep up with all these games! What I like about the Batman game is that when I buy, build and paint a figure there's a chance I can use it with the DC game. It actually does influence my buying decision for the Batman figures as they're really expensive right now. Do I just buy a figure I can use with one game I play, or do I buy this other figure that can be used in two games? I understand it's about money for FFG and that's fine. I just find it disappointing when smaller companies like Knight Models or Prodos can create synergy for their models across a couple of games and FFG made decision not to. Anyway, I will try not to get back into this as it's not going to change and it's not particularly productive. I'm looking forward to crying into my empty wallet when the vehicles arrive in Legion! QS =D
  9. Yep, I see this argument from a lot of people who either had IA or have never played/collected it. It's bang on the money that they would have no issues as there's no investment there. While I certainly hope Legion will appeal to as many people as possible, it's obvious there's a fair bit of interest from IA players too, and some of them are disappointed. Honestly, from Bespin onwards IA has appealed less and less to me, so I was already a little reticent to jump into the post-Hoth big box expansions and now, unless at a bargain price, I may never get them. Because personally, something has to give in my financial/temporal budgeting, and if I were to get into Legion then it will probably be IA that stops being bought. I'm a campaign only guy, with plenty of that still to play through (and a bunch of still unpainted miniatures on the painting desk). I am also interested in Legion. I'm here after all! So the notion that people that play one won't be interested in the other just doesn't really wash with me. I think the overall unifying draw is that it's Star Wars, and I think we can all say that we love that! ****, I even want to play the RPG except that setting up a group for that would be difficult, it would hardly ever be played, and I can't afford it. I'd still buy it if I had enough money to buy all the books, though! I love game systems! We'll see how this shakes out. IA will probably suffer on my side, but Legion will gain. As I mentioned previously in this thread, with other companies synergising their product lines, it's just a shame FFG didn't do the same here. But them's the breaks. QS =D
  10. Great post! I sometimes take an 'example' miniature out with me to stores to see what they'd look like next to a potential piece of 'scenery'. Mostly though I just buy pre-made stuff, but I've always liked the idea of making my own stuff QS =D
  11. Glad I could help, and that's fair enough I guess that seeing what other smaller companies do to synergise their models across different games has made me question the decision *not* to do that here. I did mention ways around that in my post (as in, big box IA expansions have tokens/cards for the seperate small expansion packs) so I think it could be done. I like to imagine that alternate universe too where we're not even having this discussion because same scale/compatibility was factored in from the start. But then some people would complain about that, too. Also, the sky is full of flying piranhas /o\ QS =D
  12. I believe they said the app was in production at the Gencon in-flight report (where Legion was announced) QS =D
  13. Well that *is* good news! \o/ QS =D
  14. There's a Rangers expansion for IA that is pretty much the Endor troops, but apart from that, here's a wall of text for you... I think I'm disappointed because I've seen how models can be used across different games. Specifically, from my own experience, Knight Models with their Batman Miniatures game and DC Universe Miniatures Game. Despite being different games, many models from the former can be used in the latter. And KM has released a 'multiverse' line which specifically makes models playable in both games (with two sets of stat cards, one for each game). Then there's Aliens Vs Predator, which is a tile based board game but has been developed into a war-game (AVP Unleashed) via a rulebook. Sound familiar? Models from the board game can be used in the war-game and vice versa. I'm sure others might have some other examples. IA does this thing where when you buy a big-box expansion, you get cards and tokens for units that don't have a figure in the box. The best example is probably Boba Fett, who was on the box of the Twin Shadows expansion, but had to be bought separately. When you *do* buy the Boba Fett expansion, you get a duplicate set of cards (in case you skipped the Twin Shadows big box). My thinking was that was a bit wasteful, but if they can do that, they could conceivably include an extra card for a stormtrooper group in Legion, or for a character/commander, for example, and you could use your IA figures. What's more, I actually really like the IA miniatures! I like that (apart from the huge figures like the AT-ST and the Rancor etc) they come in one piece, already on a base, no glueing etc. I have a real pet peeve with metal miniatures from the Batman Miniatures Game, for example, because even if I store them pretty well, sometimes they break (especially if I fumble and drop them!) and I find that I enjoy painting, but not putting figures together much. If the two games were at the same scale, then you could also buy Legion miniatures to beef up your IA games (troopers with a greater variety of poses etc). You could buy stuff for Legion and IA. Buying an expansion for one of the games would automatically give you more options in the other. Apart from financial cost (which, personally, if I get into Legion would mean I'd have to give up something else) there's the time cost too of preparing the figures (if you want to paint them that is) which would be negated if you could use already painted IA figures. The perhaps sad fact of the matter is that there was a decision made to deliberately make the scales different. Why, I don't know. Some say that it's because Hasbro takes a cut off all IA stuff (that's a rumour though) but we've not heard anything concrete. So it seems arbitrary. If the decision to make the Legion and IA scale the same had been there from the start, at the game's inception, there's a multitude of ways you could synergise the two games. Yes, they're two different games, but the games are related. They're both Star Wars games that use miniature plastic figures. Much the same as the Batman game is related to the DC game, or AVP to AVP Unleashed. I've seen some people mention that 'oh no, I can't use my X-wings in Armada'. I think everyone knows that's disingenuous as the scale is vastly different. If you were new to gaming and looked at the back of the box for Legion and IA you'd be forgiven for thinking they might be from the same game (and I can imagine a tiny 'not compatible with IA' disclaimer on the back of the Legion box). I think they missed a trick here. But hey, it's done, I've said what I want to say, and many others have too. While disappointing I will look out for this when it's available. The fake 'Wave 1' pic got me excited because a snow speeder won't show up in IA, and that really brought home the difference in the two games. Again, like BMG/DCUMG and AVP/AVP Unleashed, a different game doesn't have to mean different models. I'm interested in both IA and Legion. The former I'll play in a group. The latter I'll play with a friend. I can enjoy both I'm sure. Anyway, like I said, I'll look out for it. I'm still excited, just a bit less so QS =D
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