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  1. I had a free couple of hours so I created a spreadsheet with all the imperial pilot skills on it. You should be able to copy the data and use it to your heart's content. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sVaGq0cPSuZFyfU6NQiZYcpDLJI8yO8-XIusKTIx7Ng
  2. Playtest Number 3 on Vassal. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B13Bfbd-pPp0ZjhsX1NmYmljY0U Continuing with the skill increases from previous games. Hunter Squad now consists of: Hunter Leader - PS 3 TIE Advanced w/ Predator, Adv. Targeting Comp, Engine Upgrade Hunter 2 - PS 3 TIE Interceptor w/ Stealth Device and Autothrusters Hunter 3 - PS 3 TIE Bomber w/ Cluster Missiles, Proton Torps and Extra Munitions. The Rebels consisted of: Red-1 PS 2 X-wing w/ Proton Torps. Deployed at start at 3 Green-1 PS 2 X-wing w/ Proton Torps. Deployed at start at 4 Gold-1 PS 2 Y-wing w/ Ion turret, Proton torps x2. Start on turn 4 at 2 Blue-1 PS 2 B-wing w/ Proton Torps x2. Start on turn 7 at 3. Finally got all the AI working as intended. Red actually managed to launch his horps at the shuttle for 3 damage. Green got gang-banged by Hunter squad and died on turn 2. Gold arrived just as Red was getting shot down by Hunter Leader, but never got to fire on the shuttle as he took a hit from Hunter 2 first. He managed to ionize Hunter 2 near to death before hypering out with 1 hull remaining. Blue arrived the turn before Gold hypered out and never got near the shuttle, He did manage to shoot down Hunter 2 as well as locking and firing a torp at Hunter 3 that took off half her hull and two crits. But that was on turn 10 so in the end it had no effect on the game. Hunter Leader got 7 xp for killing both X-wings plus scenario win bonus. Hunter 2 got 4 xp for damaged dealt, but was shot down and rolled a Focus on the eject roll so looses 2xp. Hunter 3 got 4 xp for damage dealt and scenario bonus, but rolled poorly all game with her proton torpedoes. Thoughts: The Y-wing AI needs a way to determine which weapons it will attack with. Something like "largest number of dice, primaries if equal" since there will be cases where it will have a choice between primaries, turret, warhead one and warhead two. The Y-wing movement chart needs a K-turn in it's directly ahead/close range box. As an example, every other ship capable of a K-turn has one in that position.
  3. That is a layout management problem to be dealt with at a later stage. If you're squeezed for words, reduce the amount of fluff. The AI adjustments need to be done in the Rebel AI section anyway. In the scenario all you need to do is note which AI each rebel squad is using when deployed, and under what conditions they switch to Flee AI. Unless there are overall word count restrictions I'm not aware of.
  4. Yes. the Gold squad 2 player spawn is hidden in the document. Move the whole gold squad section to the top of column 3 and that should fix it. For the strike AI problem: construct the AI cards with the standard Attack logic. Then in the scenario state that Red, Green, Gold and Blue squad start out with Strike AI against the shuttle. Then state that they will abandon Strike AI for the standard attack AI as soon as they take any damage. Then switch to Flee AI as soon as they loose 1/3 of their Hull points. That will require a modification to Flee AI from HotAC to include the new rules for rebel ships hypering out. You'll also need to indicate which are the rebel retreat edges and which are the Imp retreat edges. If you think Guidance Chips are too powerful for the AI ships, don't give them any. I certainly intend to equip my bomber with them as soon as I get to PS 4. Keep in mind that the window to engage the imp ships with missiles/warheads is very small, Imp ships can go from out of range to range 1 in a single turn in some cases. But I'll do some experimenting with rebel torp spam tomorrow if I get time.
  5. Ran Mission 0 Playtest two today. I carried on from where I'd left off with the last playtest, Correcting the Hunter squad ships for the new rules. They are. Hunter Leader - PS 3 TIE Advanced w/Advanced Targeting Computers and Squad Leader from the HotAC rules now that he's highest PS Hunter 2 - PS 2 TIE Interceptor w/Stealth Device and Autothrusters (Got rid of the EPT) Hunter 3 - PS 2 TIE Bomber w/Proton Torpedos, Cluster missiles, Extra Munitions As before, I have the .vlog file stored on my Drive here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B13Bfbd-pPp0THkzamFEVzl4Sms This was a smoother game all around in terms of Vassal. Under the new rules the rebels consisted of: Red-1 - PS2 X-wing with Proton Torps. Deployed at start Green-1 - PS2 X-wing with Proton Torps. Deployed at start Blue-1 - PS 2 B-wing with Proton torps x2 Arrived turn 7 at 4. I think I misread the X-wing AI and kept Red and Green attacking the shuttle to the exclusion of all else for too long. To their credit they did manage to do the shuttle about 3 damage this time. But it was easy for the Hunters to stay out from in front of them and cut them to ribbons. Neither X-wing escaped and both where dead by turn 5. When the B-wing arrived on Turn 7 Hunter squad was waiting for it and blasted it. It went down on Turn 10 having failed to even cross 25% of the table. It had the potential to get a good hit on Hunter 3 when she jousted it, but flubbed the attack. At the end Hunter Leader gained 10 xp, two X-wing and a B-wing kill and the scenario bonuses. Hunter 2 got 4xp for two damage rolls plus the scenario bonuses, Hunter 3 got 5 xp for damage dealt plus scenario bonuses. The Rebel ships got two laser shots off on the shuttle, which hit; and two shots off at Hunter 3 which both missed. Thoughts: The B-wing AI logic has virtually no way to TL anything other than the strike target. The only time it will TL anything other than the strike target is when it is not in any enemy's arc and it has an enemy in it's arc. This is a very narrow window of opportunity. Having all the rebel ships on strike AI until they have successfully launched their torpedoes on the shuttle, or been badly damaged, means that they almost always ignore all the Imp pilots and fly straight for the shuttle, This gives the Imp pilots all the time in the world to shoot them down and makes them very predictable in their actions. You never have to worry about the rebel ships diverting from their attack to shoot at one of the players, unless the player deliberately flies right in front of their guns. Edit: the above may have been my misconception of when the Rebels will abandon the strike and start dogfighting. See below. Dictating the starting AI type shouldn't be in the AI card logic. It should be a scenario setting. It would make sense to have most scenarios have the rebels start in Strike AI, then switch to attack AI once they've launched on their target, or perhaps after they've taken a preset amount of damage determined by the scenario, like hit for the first time, or when shields are down (Though by then it's normally too late). Having the Rebels switch to Flee AI when damaged should IMHO be in the AI card logic so good there. Though I'm finding that by the time the Rebels decide to bug out, they are almost certain to be killed on the next attack. Though I will admit my sample size for that bit of comparison is very very small.
  6. Rakaydos, the low image quality of the current AI cards is so poor that it's almost illegible on screen and actually illegible when printed unless your Very careful. You need to step up the image size that your posting. or change the filter method your using.
  7. Looking over the new Final Exam. Have you considered a more "historically accurate" Y-wing build with BTL-4A's and R5 units? It seems to be what the rebels are flying in the movies.
  8. Yes they must be, you've changed the links on the first post since I first looked at them 3 days ago. I'll adjust my builds for future playtests and use the new Final Exam scenario.
  9. According to Final Exam one option is a TIE interceptor with 8 XP. The imperial character cards you linked to give the TIE Interceptor an EPT, Missile/Mod and a Mod slot. So PTL is 6 pts. Autothrusters is 2. Total 8
  10. I ran a playtest of Hunters using Vassal. Here is the vlog file of the game if anyone wants to replay it. This is a link to the Vassal .vlog file of the game stored on my google drive. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B13Bfbd-pPp0NktYaE80eEo0LUk I'm still getting used to Vassal, so there is a lot of me faffing about with the movement and taking it back again. Just keep indexing through the moves and you'll get the flow of the fight. I should say that I've been playing X-wing since 2012 (Mostly Imps but I have rebels as well) and my group and I have completed one Aturi Cluster full campaign and are about halfway through a second. So I have a fair amount of experience flying imperial ships and squeezing the most out of the HotAC rules. The three Imp ships I took where: Hunter Leader - PS2 Tie Advanced w/Adv Targeting Comp Hunter 2 - PS2 TIE Interceptor w/PTL and Autothrusters Hunter 3 - PS2 TIE Bomber w/Proton Torpedoes, Cluster Missiles, Extra Munitions For three imp pilots at PS2, the enemy consisted of Red 1 - PS2 X-wing w/Plasma Torps, Green 1 - PS 2 X-wing w/Proton Torps, Both deployed at start. Turn 4 Gold 1 - PS 2 Y-wing with Plasma Torps x2, Dorsal Turret. Turn 7 Blue 1 - PS 2 B-wing with no upgrades In the first three turns Hunter squad had little difficulty dispatching both X-wings without giving them a chance to hyper out. In each case the bulk of the damage dealt to the X-wings was on a single turn, and ultimately fatal. Green 1 managed to get a proton torp off at Hunter 2 but missed his shot. Otherwise the TIE's where all over the X-wings and it wasn't much of a fight. On turn 4 Gold 1 arrived and manages to spawn directly behind the Hunters. On turn 5 Hunter 2 and 3 had K-turned and got long range shots that took off Gold 1's shields. In return he got a plasma torp away at hunter Leader and reduced him to 1 hull. Turn 6 everyone misjudged things lots of bumping resulted. Hunter 3 got a long range shot at Gold 1 and caused a shaken pilot crit. Turn 7 Hunter 3 used a cluster missile to reduce Gold 1 to 2 hull with another crit, and Gold 1 used his dorsal turret to shoot down Hunter 2. Blue 1 arrived at location 4 as well. Turn 8 and 9 had Hunter 3 chasing Gold 1 into a corner before shooting him down with cluster missiles. Blue 1 unexpectedly chased Hunter 3 but didn't manage to deliver a fatal blow before the end of Turn 10. So results were that Hunter Leader got 6 xp and two X-wing kills. Hunter 2 got 2 XP and shot down. Hunter 3 got 4XP and a Y-wing Kill. The fighting took place entirely in the top right of the map and the shuttle was never even targeted by the rebels. That may have been due to the arrival locations of the reinforcements. Gold came in at 5. Blue came in at 4. Thoughts: On turn 7 I forgot to account for Hunter 2's autothrusters when Gold 1 shot him down, it probably would have saved him, but by the time I realized it, it was too late to go back and correct it. In that Rebel pilots fly more defensively than Imp Pilots. It might be a thought to invert the policy about using focus. Rebel pilots should hold on to their Focus for defense unless they have a shot at a target, and are also not in any enemy ship's firing arc. I know the HotAC rules regarding swerving to avoid the edge of the table, But what happens when the ship so swerving is a Y-wing? They can't pull off most of the maneuvers that would save them. Do they do the maneuver even though they are not normally allowed? the HotAC rules are predicated on the idea that it's a TIE fighter doing the maneuvering, they can make most of the maneuvers they need to pull to avoid the table edge. Overall a good scenario. I don't believe it's terribly unbalanced either way. The Y-wing might have tried harder to hyper out when he started really taking damage, but he was pinned against the board edge and unable to take actions.
  11. I've searched the rules forum for information about exactly how the combined units are supposed to work and it seems that previous topics left the issue clear as mud. So: When you purchase a solo Commissar for an SSU army do you either: 1. At list creation time buy two identical squads and attach a commissar to them to form one large 11 man unit. This unit counts as a suport unit and so fills one of the platoons 1-per-2 sections support slots. 2. At list creation time buy two identical squads and attach a commissar to them to form one large 11 man unit. This unit counts as one of the platoon's sections, but is treated as a support unit for scenario purposes (literal reading of the Commissar rule from DW:CZ pg 18) 3. At list creation time buy two identical squads and put them in as sections in the platoon. Also purchase a solo Commissar. At deployment time decide to attach these two squads together with the Commissar, forming one large section and incidentally reducing the number of squads you have by 2 for initiative purposes. Has a difinitive answer been reached that I missed. I don't see anyting in the errata that clears it up.
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