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  1. I'm a casual gamer & avid netrunner fan I heavily relied on the chrome Netrunner lookup extension that utilized NetrunnerDB. The lookup extension allowed me to participate in discussion on BGG & other sites easily, because it was so easy to reference the card(s) being discussed. Bottom line is that without these online deck builders & associated tools for players, this game is just too cumbersome for me to enjoy the game. CardGameDB is poorly laid out, and no where near as easy to use. i feel like this is the end of Netrunner for me unless some amazing tools appear in the near future. It also makes me very weary of getting involved in any LCG game from FFG for fear of similar treatment in the future.
  2. i agree, that would be much better than just a cardboard tile not a bad idea. something non-slip i ordered this with wave 3 & MM was very cool & shipped wave 3 out when i asked.
  3. wonder what happened? it was "at the printer" last time i looked. Was this a goof up? or did something not go as planned?
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