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  1. NeonWolf

    new rules out

    And still had the drivers A-300 Rifle with 2x white dice, Surge->Crit, and 360 degree fire arc....
  2. Just want to point out that by Adepticon the Rebels will have Jyn & Pathfinders on the table, with Infiltrate. The grenade launcher on the AT-ST may be a lot more useful in taking them out with their Suppression/Cover shenanigans.
  3. NeonWolf

    Leia, Han and Chewy

    Not sure why but you have Turning the Tide listed twice in your Command hand. Personally I would drop it and take No Time for Sorrows along with Reckless Diversion. That extra Speed 1 move can win you the game and unless your troopers are right next to your AT-RTs, AND your AT-RTs are alive, Turning the Tide won't have too large of an effect. I would also drop at least one of the grenades and swap out Hunter for Duck and Cover on Han. Tenacity on Chewie might be useful as well since you would get 5 red dice in melee instead of 4. Maybe drop another grenade to give Chewie Emergency Stims to keep him around an extra turn. I would also think about swapping Esteemed Leader and Improvised Orders between Han & Leia. Leia will generally want to hang back while Han advances to make the most of his Reckless Diversion so having the ability to dump wounds from Han to both Chewie and the trooper units keeps Han alive that much longer as well.
  4. NeonWolf

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Maybe it got stuck in the proofreading department.... 🤪
  5. NeonWolf

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Now, just to throw it all off, FFG never released a preview article for the Imperial Specialists for Legion...so there is recent precedent that they may just skip previewing something that is new, much less a re-release.
  6. NeonWolf

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    And right during Adepticon...
  7. NeonWolf

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Don't forget the TIE/sk Striker...that could add another week The Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinders expansions weren't on the Upcoming list until they went to "Shipping Now".
  8. Correct, but that is the thing people are having an issue with, I think. If your speeder bikes end up having to take 3 damage on a compulsory move that is a dead bike, and on the T-47 that could end up the same way if you have taken some damage already. It all comes down to the table you are playing on as well. If you have a lot of terrain that doesn't have flat surfaces to place units on then this rule is a non-issue, but if you are playing with lots of flat-topped terrain then it comes up more.
  9. NeonWolf

    Secure the Drone

  10. After looking over the Maximum Firepower document for Adepticon I think that is a reasonable amount of time for a round. 15 minutes for Battle Card selection & Deployment 120 minutes for 6 rounds 15 minute cleanup Making it a two-day event should really change the round time, it will just allow those that make it into the top cut a chance to rest (or party or whatever) before they have to go into 2-3 MORE rounds of gameplay.
  11. My comments are referring the entire 62 player group, not just the top 6.
  12. I can't answer that. I did not attend nor did I have anything to do with organizing it. I can speculate with the best of them, but since we have people on this forum who did attend, helped to organize it, and are compiling data from the event, they would probably be better able to answer your question.
  13. I'm not sure it was intentional slow-play as much as unfamiliarity with the rules, inexperience with timed games, etc. It sounds like this was the first major convention, much less tournament, that a lot of the players attended. That could be some interesting data for future events, number of conventions/tournaments the players have attended in the past.
  14. In the games that I have played that have only had a 2-4 turns it has all been due to "Turn 0" taking an inordinately long amount of time. Just picking the Battle Cards and then deploying can really get away from you if you aren't paying attention. What you think takes 15 minutes can take 30+, easily. I'm not sure chess clocks are a good answer, but then I've never used them so they may be.
  15. NeonWolf

    Secure the Drone

    Wouldn't the drone just move around the AT-RT towards whichever board edge?