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  1. Looks Like new bases, they have tool notches on 4 sides instead of 2
  2. Pretty sure you could use Chewie's Common Cause with this version of Luke...
  3. I run plenty of events locally, not Worlds level, but Hyperspace/RPQ level, so I understand exactly how much you don't get paid to watch and allow others to have a good time. 😉
  4. Hotel and airfare paid for? Must be nice
  5. Not spending money to travel around the country to play this game. 😉
  6. That means the big question now is do I stick with 1 unit of TTs or preorder a 2nd....
  7. Awesome! Thanks @Zrob314 I'll let you know if we get approved
  8. @TalkPolite If that is accurate then the email to the store owners is misleading, or OP has their wires crossed (again?)
  9. Can you share your confirmation? The email I read at my LGS indicated the Prime Championship application was for "season 2" of this OP year and, if selected, the Prime had to be held before the end of February '20.
  10. Wish I had seen this post sooner, would love to have picked up 4x Fleet Troopers for $40...then I could actually run the 6x Fleets I've been contemplating
  11. Keep in mind that the application window for Legion Prime Championships (new name for RPQ) just closed yesterday. These will be scheduled between September '19 and February '20 with different prize support that the RPQ. Winner still gets an invite to worlds. Something to keep in mind about a store applying to host a Prime Championship, the application states that it must be able to accommodate 32 players. That is 16 6'x3' (minimum) tables with terrain. That is a big ask for most stores. My LGS applied (I'm the TO) because we have the space, but if we get approved coming up with that much terrain is going to be interesting.
  12. I receivedconfirmation from Matt right before Legion Worlds that the Season 4 Operations will not be released. I asked about future Operations and was jnformedmthatbthe OP team would like to release more but everyone is working on getting the new seasonal and higher kits sorted out, currently. Looks like we are on our own for now.
  13. Per the RRG, if an attack pool includes Ion then an active Shield token is flipped for every Hit/Crit in the attack pool.
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