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  1. hello everyone, i have been away for a long time, life gets in the way, but now i am back. i would like to build a trench run table top, i have posted else where to this effect. i have some ply wood and based on what 1 or 2 of you have already said i think i will go with a total table area of 5'x4' with a trench down the center. so what i would like to know beffore i cut any ply is this, which turret modles would be the best to use? (pm me ) which would be the better option for space station printed background? ( again pm me ) i have already downloaded something that i can print onto paper but i dont think that it would last long and there is the ' how do i fix the paper to the wood ' thing. i will, as time permits, post pictures as i go. many thanks in advance for your help.
  2. hello, i would like to add that i just splashed out on 3 huge ships and i am not happy with the pegs and bases system as they do not feel stable at all, is there any thing that anyone can suggest, my tantive just wont sit level on both bases, the front is at least 5mm shorter thanthe rear. otherwise i am pleased with the models.
  3. HAWK70

    Gaming mats

    hello all, i am going to build a trench run table and would like to know what the best overall size would be? i have at my disposal an 8x4 sheet of ply i intend to make a 6" deep trench and i can make it the full 8' long. your thoughts please.
  4. well for that price they can keep them, i would rather pay the rent. too expensive. i have a small shop and i contacted the main supplier for ALL the UK retail out lets and i have the trade price for these minis, the mark up is between 50 and 70%. i wont be getting any more. sorry have to draw the line somewhere. i think that ffg should bring out new upgrade and pilot cards.
  5. HAWK70

    wot is it?

    but what has 40k got to do with X-wing???
  6. HAWK70

    wot is it?

    what is it and what stats should it have?
  7. i would like to ask if you do have these cast can they be made as a plastic kit?
  8. HAWK70

    printed modles

    now that i have some 3d printed modles,what is the best way to prep and paint them? do i need to wash them in warm soapy water?
  9. ok i did it i ordered shapeways turret and tie/d all i need now are pilot cards for the tie/d's
  10. sorry those jumbo turrets from wombat are awfull. they look like someone has been at the lego.
  11. should i get the turrets in soft white and flexible or should it all be in frosted? i may get some tie/d's
  12. HAWK70

    game mats

    how about a hair dryer to warm up the vinyl.
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