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  1. You can't buy imperial assault at the ffg booth at gencon either. It's sold through a secondary distributor which is why it's always "sold out". It's really anoying but what can you do? You get it cheaper buying it from one of the big online game stores anyway.
  2. I store them based on what I am more likely to play. So I have a couple allies followed by an attachment followed by some actions followed by an expensive ally.
  3. Mistake, like "I didn't mean to click buy it now"?
  4. I have an extra from last year as well with alt art aragorn Update: Gone
  5. Everything I have read indicates it will not be in the pod. I do have an extra quest deck with Gimli from GenCon. PM offers. Located in U.S., so more for shipping out of country. Update: gone
  6. We already have an ally that searches for mounts. I'm personally hoping for a mount that gives ranged only because it makes sense. I mean, why wouldn't I be able to charge across the board to rescue my friend? I'd like to see Eowyn's horse I think.
  7. Lord of Morthond only works in mono-Leadership Ah, righto. Probably why I didn't have it in the deck originally. I was just doing a quick scan for other cards to throw in there and didn't read it too hard. And I have never built an outlandish deck, so...
  8. I like permanent effects over one shots so I would go with the attachment. I forgot Lord of Morthand when I made the deck so don't forget that seeing most of your allies will be lore.
  9. Sorry, I forgot to write it down before I tore it apart. It had all the the lore gondor Rangers. Only one of the uniques seeing they were cool but not needed to function. Seeing it had two lore heroes it ran the pay one draw for the amount of lore heroes. It ran ithillean pit and forest snare for traps but it should probably be more with switching out faramir for the new lore ranger hero. Speaking of faramir, his leadership ally version should be added to the deck. It had Aragorns stuff to make him leadership and plus one to everyone's will power. It ran three steward of gondor that had to go on aragorn to give him gondor, plus he was the best choice for resources. Gandalf and sneak attack were in there. The event that makes all gondor people and Rohan people get each other's traits was in there along with the event that gave everyone an attack and defense bonus for being gondor was in there. I did have ranger bow in there to put on the weak Rangers. It had the silvan guy to look at the top card just for good measure. It had a couple of the warden of healing also a bonus with the gondor trait. It was still in the midst of being fine tuned when I scraped it for a different project so this list of the basics of what was in it is the framework. I will say that I wasn't happy with the amount of thinks to spend boromir's resources on but at the same time I didn't really have enough going for him that I wanted more leadership cards. So if there is an attachment I missed that lets you spend resources to do something that would be perfect for him.
  10. I had a lore gondor deck that had leadership boromir to give all the Rangers a boost. It basically had boromir for the good attachments in leadership and his boost when he had resources. Oh, and sneak attack. The rest was pretty much lore. It origanlly was lore aragorn, lore faramir, and leadership boromir but I like the new trap lore ranger better than faramir. I would play this in combination with my Rohan deck which was fun to see the bonuses cross over.
  11. That ship is completely broken and not templated correctly. It needs vehicle at the very least, I assume you wanted capital as well. It should probably be just a with ship unless you were going for some weird forced crossover. Also, what are the final two cards?
  12. I've probably missed something but if I have two elite pilot training out and a hand full of two cost black squadron fighters do I only have to pay for the first one and the rest are free?
  13. I assume your questioning my rules question where the wording on the card says to play it from your hand even though it means put into play, which is still a huge frustration for me. As for the question about Luke, I'll have to look at it more because that is an interesting point.
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