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  1. When there are a lot of CACs around you really want someone to pick Laura or new helo... also Dee is good to have around to facilitate 'just hiding the civilians from the cylons till you can jump out of there
  2. I imagine there will be a reshuffle of player abilities... there are more mafia/werewolf versions out there with 'house' characters then could ever fit into a box
  3. My group regularly ends sessions with a big game of werewolf (usually 22-28 players) so got quite excited when I saw this... but it only has a maximum player count of 18? I see how the 75+ players some commercial versions of werewolf stretch to is rather silly but for the sake of printing 15 extra cards it seems a real shame this one's being limited to smaller groups only. Also minimum players 7? that seems impossibly low for your classic game of mafia/werewolf
  4. lol yes -> I totally didn't spike the check but can I please pickup all my 'used' red skill cards?
  5. @suplex no I wasn't planning to remove those -keep it so a team only gets common pool freebooters or race specific ones (maybe they could choose between the two, or roll a dice and 1/3 of the time draw from the freebooter deck and 2/3 of the time pick from their own racial deck I was less worried about losing access to the 'entire pool' of stars as I point out each race's own stars tend to counter/fill their natural gaps anyway (ref the farblast passing dwarf example etc) Humm yes I forgot about the reikland card... maybe that needs a house rule to cut it's benefit by 50-70% or so
  6. Just wondering if anyone had tried varying the star player draft so teams only get access to stars from their own race (and the common pool freebooters)?. Seems like it'd play well theme wise -and race-matched stars often seem to fill team gaps anyway (farblast, strong branch etc etc)... Think it'd detract from anything important in the game or might be an amusing variant? (I imaging mechanically teams and common pool decks all get sorted and separately shuffled and you randomise or choose whether upgrades come from common pool or race specific decks when awarded)
  7. Yes, she could also activate a human location from cylon-side
  8. Mutineer goes in from the start, in fact it's rather unbalanced if it doesn't come out first half (sometimes we house rule rig this so it happens) Sympathiser is definitely only mixed in at sleeper. I don't usually use the sympathetic cylon so would need to look it up.
  9. No that's a pure 'adjustment for personal taste' thing if you weren't using all expansions ever
  10. Oh FYI I got a response from FFG stating you do not discard super crisis on execution if you have them.
  11. Ok, the following items comprise the core of the daybreak expansion and must be used all together or none at all ->daybreak skill cards, daybreak crisis, assault raptors, mutiny deck, colonial1 overlay, characters referring to mutiny or miracle tokens on their sheet. If you want to use the mutineer balance mechanism for 4 or 6/7 players you mist be using the daybreak stuff above Separately you can choose to use or not use the cylon leader or symphiser mechanics to balance a 4 or 6/7 player game. Why anyone would ever use the sympathiser or sympathetic cylon when they have access to the cylon leader motives or mutineer that comes with daybreak is baffling as the old mechanics were horrible and broken Sometimes I shuffle the mutineer into the start of game loyalty cards to rig the deck deliberately otherwise it can be no penalty at all.
  12. I think this was 'fixed' but only if you use All 4 expansions. The base game attach card frequency did get diluted noticeably with pegasus and exodus butdaybreak had a flood of attack cards (some of which were quite nasty) to rebalance the frequency. Obviously if you use base game plus daybreak things may be tougher. If you're worried maybe pick a ratio close to the base game frequency and explicitly build a crisis deck of around 100 cards with that ratio at random and make sure it gets a very good shuffle
  13. If you are using any combination of expansions *without* the cylon fleet board you start with eight standard vipers If you are using any combination of expansions *with* the cylon fleet board you start with six standard vipers and four advanced mk7 vipers. However the 4 advanced vipers start the game damaged. SEPARATELY IN ADDITION: If you are using the daybreak expansion (ie extra skill cards and mutiny cards), you additionally get 1 assault raptor on top of the above to start with (which ofc is a viper for all game effects). Starting game setup always entails standard vipers being deployed to the two launch tubes areas however original lee *may* start in an assault viper if he wants to -> but probably doesn't want to as it doesn't pair well with his alert pilot ability..... Unless he is really really paranoid about being targeted by a cylon whilst on Galactica and wants to stay out all the time.... In which case he should probably have picked Starbuck t play instead ;p
  14. Almost there, treat each activation as a completely independent standalone event. So if you have 4 activations you could do 4 different things with 4 different vipers. OR you could take one ship and do any 4 things you like with it (eg launch, shoot, choose to shoot again if you missed the first one, then move with the same ship)
  15. They did finally get and answer from FFG on this one over in the BGG uFAQ
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